Biomedical Database Indexing Services




Increase Productivity and Improve Information Retrieval with Customized Database Indexing



Effective database indexing allows your staff to spend more time solving problems and less time searching.

We provide:

Comprehensive indexing of published and unpublished product literature, regulatory documents, internal reports, images and other materials

Database indexing using customized or standard controlled vocabularies including MeSH (National Library of Medicine's Medical Subject Headings) and MedDRA (Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities)

Customization of standard controlled vocabularies or de novo design of a vocabulary to better serve your specific needs

Testing, training, and supervision of database indexers

• Ongoing
quality control of database data entry and indexing

Can you afford to waste time searching or miss important data concerning your products? Do you need to track a particular parameter reported on your product and/or competitor agents that's often missing from authors' abstracts or standard indexing?

A centralized collection of journal articles, regulatory documents, images or internal reports has limited utility unless its content can be rapidly and reliably retrieved. Indexing database content using a controlled vocabulary comprising a defined set of terms decreases the time it takes users to locate the information they need, ensures accurate retrieval, and renders information from one group accessible to all other groups. Use of a customized vocabulary facilitates retrieval of documents concerning your specific interests, including published data which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to identify.

We specialize in offsite indexing of biomedical databases for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We are familiar with the information retrieval needs of different groups within a research & development organization.



Shelley Greenhouse has thirteen years’ experience indexing journal articles in medical and biological sciences. She has an M.S. in Zoology/Neuroscience, has coauthored papers on melatonin and photobiology, and has written articles on database indexing for publications produced by the American Society of Indexers. She completed training in database indexing using MeSH at the National Library of Medicine (NLM) in 1996 and is currently indexing medical literature for the NLM, in addition to indexing animal behavior journals, and providing editorial services to medical journal publishers. 

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