My ASUS eeePC 701 Slipcase


Fred Welland ( f.welland at verizon dot net )
Created on:   Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Last update on:  Sunday, March 23, 2008
  1. Introduction
  2. Materials
  3. Basic Steps
  4. Bunch o Pics


The 701 comes with a rather flimsy  slip case.   It appears to made out of 2mm black neoprene.  It doesn't have much 'gush' and after lots of use it can wear out.  Oh it is pretty bland too....

So I could buy one and there are several out there.  Go spend some time on the eeeuser forums and you'll see many threads and topics about cases.  

For whatever reason, I opted to try and make one.....

NOTE:  I will put/post more details soon


  1. neoprene 
  2. glue
  3. needle and thread

Basic Steps

  1. carefully snip stitches holding the old case together.
  2. use old case 'halves' as template and trace out new halves on your neoprene
  3. cut out new halves
  4. put the halves together so that the desired exterior color is actually on the INSIDE of the pocket formed by the halves
  5. with the halves together as a test fist,  trim things up a bit to make good alignment
  6. put about a 1/8 to 1/4 inch bead of glue around the perimeter of both halves.  Don't put a bead of glue on the opening seam.  
  7. place on wax paper big enough to fold over and cover the entire case
  8. but a piece of wax paper in pouch are to prevent un-intended glue-age shuttage.
  9. put the halves together - align neatly
  10. place on wax papaer and fold over to cover the entire case with wax paper
  11. put some heavy books on top of your wax paper sandwich
  12. let dry for some time;  I left mine overnight
  13. now stitch the glued seam
  14. fold inside out.
  15. put back under books for another overnight press -- helps form shape..
  16. eyebal position the velcro pieces for shutting the case
  17. glue one velcro  piece down, cover with wax paper & press under books for the nite
  18. check alignment and adjust the 'free' velcro piece
  19. glue the other piece down, cover with wax paper & press under books for the nite
  20. put some stitches around perimeter of velcro strips.
  21. do some more stuff..

Some Pictures

Disected old slip case

trace and cut

the cut out halves

glued and stiched up

the full thing

side view

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