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Castanea PA

Ken's Hometown

Ken Poorman & Jay Young
Lock Haven 1968
Hugh Scott & Ken Poorman
Washington D.C. 1971

Jaycee President Ken Poorman with Lock Haven Mayor J. Arlington Young at the City Hall, working on a community project in 1968.

U.S. Senator Hugh Scott welcoming Ken Poorman, Clinton County Chairman of Young Republicans, to a National Republican event and reception with President and Mrs. Richard Nixon.

Lock Haven City Hall

Remember the "Teen Canteen" upstairs on Friday nights!  WOW!  Live Rock - Ha!  The '50's!  Philly had Bill Haley and The Comets!  Lock Haven had Howard Straley and The Vomits!  Sorry Howard, I know you're not that old - but it sort of rhymed.  I think Jay Frazier & I played there with the Teen Tones, John Caskey's group - and we played the old Renovo elementary school. Teen Canteen was quite a bit different than the dances going on down at the "Y".

7th Street School, Renovo PA
This photo taken in 1910


Yep, in the 1950's John Caskey's TEEN TONES were traveling to Renovo in Clyde Caskey's 57 Pontiac stick shift, real fast, to play at the 7th Street school dances in Renovo.  I don't think the building was being used as a school at that time though.  I think they were using it as sort of a community center.  Then in the late 60's and early 70's I was going to Renovo a lot again - different bands.

LHU by Air

Lock Haven University! 


LHSC then.  Remember the dances in Rogers Gym & the Student Union (and the parties at the Lambda & TKE houses! Wow-ha!).
Lock Haven YMCA
Remember the Saturday night dances at the Y?  Remember Pop Ford?  Alma Jean & Carthy dancin?  Chugin quarts & crusin the circuit?  I mean, playin ping pong downstairs.
Lock Haven B.P.O.E.
Hey, where's the rest of the building?

Played a lot of gigs at the Elks for the Best People On Earth. Glad to see they’re still hanging on.  So many clubs and fraternal organizations are not doing well in these modern times.

Lock Haven Junior High School

This was the Lock Haven Junior High building when I went to 9th grade there in 1957, but in the 1920's it was the Lock Haven High School.  I hated this school - didn't like one single teacher I had here.  Maybe it was just the stage of life I was going through, you know?

Lock Haven Senior High School

Does this look distorted to you?  It always seemed that way to me too - inside and out!  I really liked LHHS - especially between Friday & Monday!  What I liked most about LHHS was cutting it to go to the pool room . . . . . or Luigi's Sub Shop, or Greco's, or The Sputnik Shop!  I hated this school too - and most of my teachers.  Maybe it was just the stage of life I was going through?  HA!

Central Mountain High School

But those days are gone forever.  LHHS no longer exists.  LHHS merged with BEN and is now Central Mountain High School (CMHS).  So Lock Haven High and Bald Eagle Nittany lost their identity.  They think bigger is better, but I'm here to tell you it's not!  PS:  Loved the teachers at WACC & PSU.

Our House
My Grandfather, John Sylvester Poorman, built our house at 15 E. Brown St., and Dad finished it off when he and Mom moved in after Grandfather died.  Gram moved back to Jessamine Street in Lock Haven.
Castanea Railroad Station
This is the Castanea train station, about two blocks from our house.  We used to play around it when we were kids, e.g. putting pennies on the track for trains to squash them.  No trains running on this track now.
Piper Airplanes
I used to enjoy watching the Piper planes take off and land in my back yard when I lived on Island Route by the airport in Castanea Twp.  I bought the Dale Masters house, next door to Bobby & Grace O'Donnell, one door from William T. Piper, Sr.  Now instead a beautiful view of the Susquehanna, it has a view of the DIKE!
Clinton County Courthouse
Lucas Brewery
We used to play in the old brewery.  There was a big old safe on the second floor that we always tried to break into trying different combinations.  HA!
Castanea Brewery
I tell my granddaughters stories about how we went into the dark brewery and tossed stones down into the vats to see how long it took them to hit bottom . . . SPLASH!  Moral: Don't play in brewerys, or you might fall in the vats and die!

Here's something I never knew about Castanea.  Isn't the Internet something?  Does this mean that Casteena is going to slur off into the Bald Eagle Crick?  Or, maybe we'll be able to skree down the Bald Eagle Mountain?


Summary of Citation: Castanea

Swartz, F.M., 1934, Silurian sections near Mount Union, central
   Pennsylvania: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 45,
   no. 1, p. 81-134

Usage in Publication:
Castanea sandstone

Modifications: Geologic Province: Dominant Lithology:
 Appalachian basin

Named for Castanea, a suburb of Lock Haven, Clinton Co., central PA. Replaces Howard sandstone, proposed for this formation in 1933 but is pre-occupied. In previous reports, formation was included in Tuscarora sandstone and would have been considered a member except for difficulty of treating it in section descriptions without naming rest of beds. Occurs through central PA. Consists of a body of red and green, argillaceous sandstone that overlies white sandstone beds of Tuscarora sandstone. Many beds pierced by SCOLITHUS tubes. Bedding surfaces marked by irregular lumpy masses. Thickness is 58 ft at Mount Union, 75 ft in Lock Haven-Williamsport area, 20 ft near Altoona. Underlies Rose Hill shale, basal formation of Clinton Group. Age is Silurian (early).

Castanea School
I couldn't find a photo of the Castanea School (now occupied by the Big Woods Bible Church) or I would have put it here.  i left there in 1957, I think.  I wonder if I can remember my teachers and classmates from Castanea?  Here goes: 
Teachers: Miss Harvey, Miss Brown, Miss Long, Miss Shaffer, Mrs. Poorman, Mr. Evers (Principal) . . . Mr. McCulley, Janitor, Mrs. Dot Fredericks, Cook.
Students: Jay Frazier, Steve Eyer, Ann DeGarmo, Peggy Conklin, Charlie Clukey, Dick Stabley, Shirley Conklin, Deanna McCloskey, Albert Emel, Anna McBride, Sharon Hale, Dick Toner, Patty Bauman, Delores ?, Paul Jacobs, Sharon Hale, Butch Quiggle, Larry Adams, Dick Fenton, Dorothy Straub, Dave Masters, Sharon Hill, Rex Haines,  . . . ok, I give up.  If you can think of any more, send me an email and I'll add them to the list. . .  

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