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                Despite what technology has to offer, the biggest achievements and breakthroughs in our hobby happen due to people's interaction, passion and strong belief; dreams are possible.

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My Background   ( under construction )

   Hi All!
   My name is Zbigniew Michalczyk.
   I was born and grew in a close neighborhood of the military and civil airport Balice (Krakow-Poland). Seeing the entire spectrum of aircrafts from the 60's gave me the curiosity and confidence to ride in a military helicopter when I was 6, build my first F1A model when I was 7, get a real glider training, get a science diploma in aeronautical engineering , participate in numerous aviation science and industrial projects, and build many experimental models and model components which even now (25 years later) could look quite revolutionary.
circa 1980
It wouldn't be possible without the influence of the strong personalities of my past.
   My college colleagues:
Andrzej Praski - (curently PLL LOT pilot) designer of our first fully molded, fowler flapped F3B model (circa 1978). We left no flap unexplored.
Krzysztof Gladysz - with his "shape is the thing, not size"
Pawel Zygadlewicz - FF model specialist
Wieslaw Tragarz - with his desire to fly the "Rogallo" wing of the slopes of Bezmiechowa - has let us rediscover this magical site in the 70's for years to come. Man! They were the best summers of my life. (more JULY2004)
All of the above are working now in PZL industry
And then Krzysztof Wyskiel, who made an ultimate sacrifice to reach the limits, plunged to his death after the wings of his tired Kobuz came off loose during a high G manuver in 1989 Acro Glider Championship in Hockenheim, Germany. For Krzysztof day without flying was a day lost.

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