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This is something absolutly new:
                           Polish soaring fleet in miniature
       "Precision scale" resin glider models in 1:48 size
   for your office, club banner, trophy or refference to your project or painting scheme



         Natural consequence of having a good set of blueprints of the ship of your dreams is to have small handy model to look at and enjoy its lines and proportions. Would be good if that little model has all the details of real ship properly placed and colored for your most esthetic desire
  Andrzej Dziechciarz (head of Ardpol ) to express his nursing love to the machines he has been flying in  took the challenge couple years ego to create probably the most sophisticated hand made product in our time to make the beauty of soaring ships even more enjoyable.
  Resin body is allowing you to wipe out any imperfection with lacquer thinner without affecting the surface of the model. Practically you can use given model over and over again to check paint schemes or test particular lacquer finishes.
  Use of CA glues speeds up the construction and allows building up the joint for future curving and polishing into the shape.
  Cockpits are  sheet blown shells (not injected) giving it an absolutely stunning look after a detailed paint job of the frame bracing  is done
  Shapes of all ( currently 7) models are of  museum quality and could be use as reference guide in building bigger model or compare to other ones. Andrzej used mostly comprehensive drawings of Marian Gibas. What strikes me the most is use of scaled down authentic airfoils on all offered ships. Wings look extremely realistic at every angle you look at it.
   Super quality decals designed for multiply version of painting.
   Precision etched brass pieces for cockpit interior for some bigger models
   Instruction booklet not falling short of any top shelf plastic model kits with good drawings and well written English.


           Assembling the resin model is similar to putting together plastic injection models. After cleaning and matching joint we can use any kind medium and higher viscosity CA glue, but proved the best is odorless PLASTICa++ZAP (orange bottle) from Pacer Technology. Dried joint is easy to shape and polishes without pealing and sag holes.

Tools most handy to use are knife, medium and fine sand paper, needle files, scissors, soft brush or mini spray brush

Painting is most rewarding part of finishing because is able to bring some life in our little project. In search to find the perfect paint to match specific character of glider surface we went trough with couple of the applications with sufficient results, but we are still in search for perfect match here in USA.

            Paints to consider are:

Humbrol semi gloss (is excellent for vintage gliders).

Pactra, Krylon (both spray cans) can do good on modern molded ones like Junior and Jantar.

Humbrol and Pactra flat are good for cockpit interiors.

Parts of SZD 24 Foka 4 kit
Check details of wing, fuse and cockpit interior. Klick to enlarge.

      To enphasize detailing of cockpit interior on certain kits producer reached for etched brass elements. Brass leaf like parts of cockpit equipment brings 3 dimensional expression to the entire picture.
     To enhance the structural character of cockpit windshields we offer variety of solid brass wire which could be softened in propane flame and shaped to desired curve when cold. Precisly soldered parts in following stage could bring stunning effect after thin Plexiglass like shell of the windshield is attached to the frame.

SZD 9 Bocian cockpit at close up
more of the finnished 1:48 scale Bocian  model


   Interesting is to see how others are making similar models.
   Link below brings you to Japanese manufacturer with some Polish planes in his line.       

This page is still under development

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