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No matter who wins the contest, pilot or glider, there is always room to personalize your toy and put  the "Bogdan" in charge.
Look what we have done about it.

1/5 scale


In our 1/5 semi scale models we decide to use ABS molded deck for our cockpits. Instead of molding in (not natural) shallow sit, we curved posture of properly seated pilot with a separate FG head to let the builder decide the proper angle of his view. Believe it or not, it brought more spectators’ attention than the empty cockpit or cockpit with the unsupported and disfigured pilot doll. After all we created the lightweight deck with extra room under it for your radio gear and the option to present your pilot willing to win.


As you can see both decks (SZD51 JUNOR and SZD30 PIRAT) combines pilot figure and his head as separate part. After all details are properly painted and set you can glue clear canopy windshield to the deck using RC56 glue. Your paint job is protected against dust and canopy unit is rigid as a closed box. You can attach the whole thing to the fuse with small magnets (offered in Accessories) or any other preferred way. Some builders could accomplish highly detailed cockpit by using full scale body and precision instruments pannel.  Considering the fact that the cockpit is in rather small scale, having limited access to the fuse interior, is it worth the effort? 

"Bogdan" in 1/4 scale



Our 1/4 scale SZD 8 Jaskolka  requiers special treatment to set all possible details to fit style of 50's in Poland. This officer style leather jackets and berret with pigtail on top were often photographed as a symbol of being involved.



                         Price $95
                          shipping extra
                              (approximatly $10) 

    Beside the vintage look special care has been given to minimize inertia of such components like head, hands, shoes. Those parts are very light due to thin FG shell like structure and hand painted in variety of colors so there is no two pilot bodies looking alike. Additionally we do recommend and offer small, but powerful magnets which could be glued in pairs in certain parts of the doll body and keep the position of the pilot in shape. Pilots are easy to remove and go back in the sit with one single move. What is noticeable with this polarized magnets that pilot goes inside the cockpit in exact same position he was placed there at first.  Rarely corrections are necessary commonly encountered with Velcro or other method. Our pilots come with the set of magnets or they could be purchased in variety of sizes for different proposes (check the accessories page soon). FG body parts (painted or not) are available as well. As our customers pointed out body parts are primed and painted with common plastic model paints like Humbrol, Pactra and can be easily painted over or repainted, if required, with very little effort giving a modeler a liberty of personalizing body expression. All clothing pieces are changable to fit the style of the cocpit.

"Bogdan" in vintage 1/4 Jaskolka
perfect fit in 1/3.75 scale DG 800


Samples of clothing. Pieces are easy replacable to match the style of the cockpit. Pilots are 16.5"-17" (430mm) tall and weight about 5oz. (140G).


As of Februaury 2005 we offer two different faces of the pilots.
Open this picture bigger to campare.        =>
"Polo" hats, "Tour the France" hats
In responce to demand for more colorful head covers here is selection to choose from. 5/2005


Klick to enlarge
Fishing caps in 1/4 scale are available now ( 4/2007)

                   Look !!! New Item offered!

klick to enlarge
Pilot's outfit at 2005 Euro Championship in Finland

New outfit offered - klick to enlarge

Folowing modern trend in pilot outfits
at the end of  year 2005 we will offer
overall jump-suit in 1/4 and 1/3.5 scale.
They could easily go over existing sweater or
you can have pilot ordered with jump-suit only.
Offered colors are yellow and red.

                      !!!!! Jump suits are here !!!!!
I got hand full of jump suits available
                  1/4 scale intro $28
                 1/3.5 scale intro $33
shipping (for jumpsuit in envelope US only) included


1/3.5 scale "Bogdan"

Pilots in 1/3.5 scale are currently out of stock until late 2012

As of February 2005 we got glider pilots available in 1/3.5 scale now.
All are individually molded , painted, sewn and matched.
Obviously quantity is limited.

1/3.5 scale pilots in fuses of same scale PW5 Smyk and SZD24 Foka 4 models

1/4 & 1/3.5 scale pilots to compare

Pilots are about 20 1/2" (520mm) tall and weight about 7oz.(200G).
We got 3 different faces to choose from & 2 different sets of shoes.
Again clothing is changable, faces easy repaintable.
They could be used as student pilots in 1/3 scale models.
                           Price $105
                                              Shipping extra

1/3.5 scale pilots hats

Beside the berett and winter cap we offer knitted easy formable hat in bright colors.You can make Tyrolian hat, fisherman hat or drop edges down for sun protection and have a shot of hair spray to freeze the shape.
Summer 2005: Sun hats and biking hats are here. NEW



Often asked if we have harness kits for our pilots here is what we are able to offer. It is resin set of parts to fit 1/3-1/4 scale pilot. This polyurethane resin is easly gluable and paintable to desired color. Very limited quantity.
                                     $12 for a set
                                          Shipping extra 

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