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        Here is a list of accesories we were not able to collect trough out common dealer and supplyer network and had to  turn directly to the raw producers or import them directly to fill specific task of this elements.
        Use of this elements proved superior in many application within model line of our make, but could be easly adopted to other projects.

Hitec servo boxes
We needed some of this servo boxes for our kits
and end up to order huge quantity directly from Hitec at attractive price.
Could be use in many application for smaller models.
Fits JR 368, 341, HS 85, 81 Air 94501 and some others.  
Box outside diameter is 50mm(2") and is 14mm (9/16") dip
$8 for one set (R+L)
$15 for two sets
shipping extra


Neodymium Magnets
This powerful magnets we found very usefull in many applications.
We attach cockpits, pilots, use them as a wing and stab retainers and prize them for simplicity and effectiveness. After two years of experimenting we found 4 sizes to be most practical in scale applictions.They could be used in pairs or used single with small steel plate (washer) if positionning is not an issue.
5mmX5mm   (N35)   set of two $0.50
1/4"X1/4"      (N35)    set of two $1.00
3/8"X3/16"    (N38)    set of two $3.00
1/2"X1/8"      (N35)    set of two $1.00
1/2"X1/4"      (N38)    set of two $3.00              N38 magnets      
1/2"X3/8"      (N38)    set of two $4.00         are twice powerful
1/2"X1/2"      (N38)    set of two $5.00          then N35 magnets
# 725142
This clever clip-on retainers serve modelers for a while.
Great for single or double (front and rear) small and medium size wing attachments.
We use them in conjuction with magnets.
Set of 4    $15       ITEM IS OUT OF STOCK
We also offer retainers tubes of of our make
These are 5/8" wooden tubes joining both sides of the fuse with matched inside diameter to tight fit MultiLocks and keep them perpendicular to the wing roots
Tubes have guide hole  for 3/16" drill bit in center of its lenght.
Tubes are 5 1/4" long. Special order for longer tubes is required.
one tube   $3
two tubes  $5 ( suits  4 MultiLocks )
We offer same kind of tubes for our 1/2" magnetic wing retainers.


2 in 1 pushrod (bowden) system.
Popular in Europe 1/32"(0.8mm) steel wire in double housing allowing to control two functions out of one pushrod set. Unit has a relatively slope free fit and smooth low friction operation. Could be use in variety of applictions: as control rod, cnuckle hinge axle, small tow release, latch cable, Landing Gear door hinging.
60"(1.5m) long    $10


Composite (truly) wing blade joiner set.
we will shortly publish article about how to make it work
Set contains:
Titanium 1/8" X 18mm(approximate) blade
Bronze machined beds
Carbon walls
Piano wire stiffeners
Kevlar and Carbon tow to wrap
Estimated cost  $75



"Permanent wheel" brackets ( set of two)


Made of 1/32" brass plates and 5/32" brass collar. Soldered
Suitable for wheels ranging from 2 1/2" to 4"
Comes with 5/32" axle, screws, wooden beams
Painting required
wheel can be supplyed also
pictured with 3 1/2" size wheel

I have made short run of this brackets on special order.
I got one set on hand and parts for onother 2-3 sets
I got no plans to do them again



                   Conopy Hinge
In the search for practical solution to have conopy hinge work the way the real PW5 Smyk conopy operates we found use of furniture hinge to be rigid and inexpensive solution.
In contrary to original system (commonly seen in other gliders), this application offers greater access and extra room needed for radio instalation in far frontal area of the fuse.
    Stock hinge requiers additional machining and furnishing  with additional parts, on our behalf, for easy installation, without confusion. Application could be easily transformed to any other  project ranging from 1/4 to 1/2.5 scale models.
                                   Price $25


Hinge operates in 4 stages

1* Closes with enough play to settle proper sit of the windshield frame
with pins, magnets, locks or others devices.
2* Fully opens (90 degrees) for better access with enough hold
3* Hinge locks safely at abot 75 degree for presentation, ventilation or maintenance.
4* Closes by lifting again up to 90 degrees and droping frame down ( locking and folding is spring activated)




10-32" clip, screw and set of nylon washer and retainer
1/2" off set ; goes over 1/8" -  5/32" (3 - 4mm) plywood
for your TUG covers, removable tail segments, power board plates, engine cowls and many other applications you can imagine of.
1 set          $1.50
4 sets         $5
This is true military specifation aviation hardware intended for years in service under excessive vibration and multiply use
As we know 10-32" screws are first out of popular size fasteners being selflocking (fine thread) used routinely in aviation industry. Prime components. They would never let you down. Use soft (6-8) setting on your screw-gun clutch. Tip protective washer is there to protect your covering or paint job. Nylon retainer is there to hold the screw in place.
I wish to have hundreds of these, but got whatever I could. Supply is limited


More to come

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