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Get the closer look at 1/5 scale SZD 30 PIRAT and SZD 51 JUNIOR kit:
 ( this page is under construction )

   These smaller model gliders are of semi scale design, but with true scale appearance. Changes against the real gliders were made to have these models to be more practical in overall handling and be better flyers in smaller size. Carefully curved fuses follow factory outlines and are tuned for proper in-flight presentation. Devoting a lot of attention to structural datails we were able to create strong and rigid airframe with unusually low all axis inertia. Models are prone to minor crashes due to elimination of wing impact. Wings are easy to separate from fuse on impact due to use of improved blade-multilocks-dissipation pins combination as a standard wing attachment (You have to see it to believe it).
   In flight both Pirat and Junior exhibit grown up performance. They both are well visible in the distance and make you feel confident like you have been flying much larger plane.
   Kits presented here never been intended to compete with current trend of superbly molded beauties. They were rather intended to explore Polish gliders fleet and reach local modelers exchange with basic parts. Those are builders kits and require significant amount of work to be completed. With the time they proved to be excellent fliers with unusual integrity of the components and solid engineering staying behind

   It might look strange but none of these kits have ever been exported to other countries.This single man enterprise is based more on the love of creating  than on commercial reality. All this kits are available on preorder - pick up at the source basis. In other  words most of this kits were ordered in advance and picked up directly from Poland.
Please contact us  to discuss  circumstances of availbility.

1/5 scale SZD 51 JUNIOR

SZD51 JUNIOR is currently flying on most of the glider fields in Poland as a club single sitter.Well ballanced and behaved with a spacious and comfortable cockpit, the Junior builds a solid reputation in other countries as well as cross country ship. Despite the closing of SZD facilities in 1999, Junior still has been manufactured. 255 gliders has been produced and about 150 are flying in other countries (USA, CA, AU, NZ, and others)

1/5 scale SZD 30 PIRAT


SZD30 PIRAT was designed at the end of the 60's as a club racer and direct competition to Ka6. It quickly became one of the most recognized first single in the world. SZD produced over 850 Pirats throughout the 70's and sold them to many countries world wide. Pirats are still kept in service and favored by many pilots and are prized for their thermal and high speed ability. Pirat in the air is unmistakeably recognized by his polihedral wing and large fuse area  allowing to be well visible in the sky. Additionally, a wide variety of paint schemes makes Pirat attractive modelling object.


Kit contains 9 pieces set of bulkheads and ribs. Those wooden part are essential  to support shell of the fuse and are nessesary minimum to make the fuse structurally sound.


Rudder and elavator cut outs give not only scale appearance but also takes about 2.5 oz.(70g) out of the tail. Important is to seal open foam properly to get back torsional rigidity of control surfaces. Pivot hinging is a must here too.


Super detailed tail of SZD 30 PIRAT in 1/5 scale build by Jan Sikora from Krakow. Take a look at that skid. Looks like real. Huge rudder has a lot of authority and  makes semi scale PIRAT joy to fly.


1/5 scale PIRAT builds in about 3-3.5 kG (100 -120 oz). It mostly depends how heavy the tail is. It puts wing loading in 14-18 oz/sqf. range making HQ2.5/12 feel here at home. Generouse side surface of the fuse makes thermalling  effortless. Penetration is exceptionally good due to unusual small frontal area of the fish like fuselage and low wetted volume of fuse-wing transition.

Here I'll describe this item.


Here is a link to one of Pirats kits being put together 
Judge it by yourself.

Axel Pirat

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