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For safer and more reliabe towing.
Towing accessories presented here are the results of continouse reserch to find simple and reliable equipment to deal with specifics of towing large scale RC gliders. Those are not neccesary ultimate solutions. Applications of those have to be thoroughly analized to given circumstances. Your expiereince might be different than mine.

Observing Aerotow events for many years I have gathered quiet hafty chuck of unexplained accidents and happenings which have never been brought out to public discussion or have been discussed with rather small outreach or faulty interpetation. As a result certain mistakes, lack of awareness, faulty equipment brings new generations of flyers to the same dilemnas over and over again dispite technology in model building being so advanced
More... soon

Towing lines, ropes, tapes and bits.


"Best So Far"
towing line


In our opinion it is a "Best so Far" towing line we have tested.
This state of the art technology offers hard to imagine performance
Line is:
very thin ( less the 2mm) and strong - this is 600 lb test
totaly floatable and super light ( 100 feet weights 2 oz.)
fully water resistant - weight stays the same regardless runway condition
stiff like wire when not under tension. There is no bange effect upon release.
very low surface friction due to teflon coating
not tangable
$36 for 100 feet long piece.
Orange or Yellow

Dacron brided line


Common brided Dacron in 90lb test
Could be used as main towing line with small safety margin
Most of the time we use this line for safety loops for a larger models
Call for a quota
Colors available: Red and Yellow



Commonly used fishing net swivels.(Plain and with the clip)
This particular ones (no ball bearing, just plain brass coupling) we found most practical. Found in most fishing stores around the country do not need presentation. We got some of them on hands, but if there will be interest I am able to order them in large quantity for super low price

Nylon brided ropes


The most common towing rope around.
This nylon  brided  rope has been used for towing porposes since day one of tug towing. It has some stretch and bangee effect and thicker size is more preffered, but moisture could make them real heavy on wet grass.
It comes in variety of colors and thicknesses
I got some bundles of 3 and 4mm available
call for a quota

Nylon Tapes


This is something new.
We have been trying to tow glider with entire tape just once. Well. Do not try to do it again.
I have spot use of the tape in some Euro events at first 4-5 feet on tug side of the line. This is due to better visibility ( if the line is under or above the tail on take off), protect line to being cought in tail bracing and protect the tug tail area being rubbed off or scratched from high tension lines.
I have spot tape being used on last 3 feet ( just next to the glider), but our initial testing did not proved it usefull.

nylon shutlecock


Asked by some, who got the "The best so far" towing line from me recenlty togehter with that cone included, why I do not list this item.
Here it is.
Found in any sports store for about $12 for pack of 6
It nicely houses the swivel and protects it from being cought in bushes
easy to find in the dip grass
Stretches the line for safer landig approches
You must:
Drill smooth 1/8" hole trough the cork and let the cone spin frelly with knot before and after the cork housing.

Towing hooks


Solid housing towhook
      "Tugs Only"



This is high tech of all towing hooks

"Tugs Only" tow release unit is intended for tugs in particular.
Intention of this hook was to keep face to rope loop open +280 degrees and be screwed to the back of the bulkhead. 
Same FORTAL body
$60 with 1/4" hardened dowel, SS cable, servo pivot and  8-32 screws
First Class Mail included
Priority Mail extra





It goes Universal now.
        With side mounting holes it can be installed in the front of the bulkhead as well in between bulkheads on ply rails ( highly adjustable toward CG )

 Tow Hook for TUGS

      In the search for simple, budget type towing hook we run trough the variety of concepts. Decision to use very hard (64HRC) polished 1/8"dowel in soft brass housing as a standard couple made an grown up unit with minimal friction, but it can not be called " Budget" type anymore. Calling it "Generic" is more appropriate. Intended to be installed to the rear , but has a slot for reversed operation.
 All neccesary hardware included.
First Class Mail shipping included
Priority Mail - Extra

Solid housing towhook



"Universal" means it could be used on Tugs as well on gliders as a belly (floor) located towhook. Universal means also, you can place the housing in front or behind the bulkhead with no major changes to the attachments in the plane. You can place the hook on top of the fuse (tug or glider) flat with servo clearly exposed and have a full control of bolt being properly engaged.
Engaging slot is cut perpendicularly to the gliding bolt
Housing of this hooks are made of Silicon fortified aluminium known in Aviation and Mold Injection Industry as @FORTAL
This high silicon content aluminium alloy is extremally hard, selflubricating and prone to disformation during machining process.Finnished surface is very stable and stain resistant and if polished has a lasting shine.
$55 with 1/4" hardened dowel, SS cable, servo pivot and  6-32 screws and nuts.
First Class Mail shipping included
Priority Mail extra
Solid housing towhook
     " Gliders Only"



"Gliders Only" unit is intended for gliders in particular, but could be cleverly placed under the skin of the tug's turtle deck horizontally for those who don't like anything sticking out of the plane
In the contrary to the "Universal" unit it has slanted slot to allow hook to be placed as far forward in the nose of the glider as is possible. The same unit could be installed at the floor (belly) with sevo - forward configuration if desired.
Same FORTAL body
$55 with 1/4" hardened dowel, SS cable, servo pivot and 6-32 screws
FCM included
Priority Mail extra
Ben Diss Tow Hook


Towing hook instalation on the 1/4 scale Piper

Tow line release unit
Pin in rugged housing mechanizm
designed by Ben Diss
Good for tugs as well for gliders
Unit comes with set of screws,
compresion dowels, matched rod

Ben Diss hooks are sold out

Belly tow hooks on glidrs allow smoother and safer take (2.66Mb)

Following full scale aplication
we have been using belly tow hook instalation exlusively
floor (belly) instalation on the glider

more to come.

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