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This is an ultimate solution to all your charging needs.


                              PIOTR PIECHOWSKI 


Elprog PULSAR charging line is not a gimmick or exotic. It is the real deal as it has been for the last 8 years. Now with the independent multifunctional EQUALizer balancing device and EQUALizermini it will treat your batteries with unprecedented precision, speed and convinience not met in conventional all in one units
Elprog concepts employ unique and proprietary hardware/firmware and software ideas allowing the group to be extremaly acurate and eficient. Currently it is a fastest charging system in 350W category
1*charging is a low frequency deep cycle pulsation method allowing

serial Rapid pulse charger
for PROs
350W 60V 12Amax charge
350W 12A reverse discharge rate
with:  1.PC interface and software
        2.Under the load V-meter
        3.Thermostat input
        4.EQUALizer interface                                      * regular price $459
   5.Charger is PC uprgradable
   6. LogView comparable

For super datailed English descrption of PULSAR 2+ go HERE

Currently it is a most innovative professional single pack charger in the world.
This state of the art unit contains no compromises for safe, reliable charging of variety of cells as well  excelent diagnostic tool especialy important in high current, multicell, hi load installations.
Charger has been awarded many prizes and has been kept on top shelfs throughout the Europe for over 6 years
Charger operates best out of car or any 12V high capacity battery (minimum 30Ah, 75Ah preffered)
Any DC power supply must have at least constant 5A capability (constant 30A preffered)
ELPROG - detailed description
@Piotr Piechowski site - detailed description
Comments after 2 months of intensive use
This is a powerful and reliable unit capable to do the job every single time with silky precision. You might need a week to learn (or get use to) a programing, but after that it is simple and logical
It's lab like perfarmance quickly builds your confidence in charger as well in battery pack you are working on. If battery pack is controversial use of PC interface is able to detect the smallest misbehavior which would not be detected otherwise.
On the Field
On number of accasions PULSAR proved to be extremaly handy field charger I have ever had. Its audible performance separates Pulsar from rest of the herd. In crawded enviroment it is important to know this is your charger biping and what your charger just has done for you so you can slowly finish your conversation with friends or close flying session without the hurry. Besides that PULSAR is very small(1/2 size of others) and light, easly transfarable from car battery to field battery. Its ability to reverse discharged energy back to the field battery makes it real winner against heat disipating dischargers. PULSAR is not getting hot while on reverse discharge mode. It does not even have a heat sink. It simply puts energy back to the main battery with high effciency at constant 15.3V

PULSAR 2 ( v2.10 only) is intended to cooperate with EQUALizer (below) to fully use its potential to FAST charging ability of LiXX cells
The other Recomended aftermaket balancers to work with PULSAR 2 (v2.10)
Non of them could use (v2.10) balancer interface and will only bleed off higher cells 

Hyperion LBA10 balancer

Bantam PB6 balancer


4/2005 ElectroMODEL article

6/2005 Aufwind article


PULSAR 2.07 Forum


12 cell "In Line" Independent balancer  
with PC interface             
PC upgradable
Available NOW

INTRO Price $299




EQUALizer - Detailed description with all the screen options

Pulsar EQUALizer balancer works on a different principle than most of the balancers on the market. When hooked up to a unbalanced battery pack it will charge lower cells in expense of higher voltage cells so there is no capacity loss. Current is determined based on the number cells and DeltaV between high and low cells. The lowest V cell will receive highest charge while highest V cells will be discharged at a lower rate according to the number of well charged cells. Only this principle allows currents to be lessened acordingly to the DeltaV. This alows packs to be tuned with extreme precision and low currents when pack is near the stage of balanced saturation. For this reason it is better to describe this device as an equalizer not a balancer.


EQUALizer has 3 working modes
1. TEST -  Voltage monitoring for all individual cells in the pack under the load.
This real time option gives you an excellent diagnostic tool for your battery pack performance. 
2. EQUAL - Independent precision equalization of cell voltages. Device is powered from the battery pack. Uses extraordinary concept and algoritm to charge lower cells and discharge higher ones. Currents are related to differences between cells. Progressing equalization makes these currents diminnish. This is probably the most refined way to tune your battery pack.
3. FAST - Fast/Coarse balancing is especially important during the charging stage.
There are 3 current ranges you can set the balancing process onto: 250mA,  500mA,  750mA. Additonally each channel (1-12) has its own adjustor ranging from a 10%-100% value of each range. At 250mA value, it ranges from25mA to 250mA. At 0.75A value, from 75mA to 750mA. Of course real current flow is dependant on momentary DeltaV between cells and you just set the limit. It is a usefull feature to set proper balancing values to match the capacity and type of cell you are working on.Usually the balancing current should not exceed 1/8-1/10 C

SLEEP command
Beside the current setting (I) the Equalizer has a timer built in so you can set balancing process to:  
1. OFF   2. 2 Hours   3. 4 Hours

EQUALizer services 3 type of cells
1. LiPo     2. LiIon    3. LiPh

How the EQUALizer communicates with a charger ( V2.15)
It does through the temperature sensor port.
1.First command reduces the charging current
2. If voltage keeps rising it shuts off charging process
*Temperature sensing is still possible trough a Y connection


ModelAviator reference article - German only


Top notch balancer

New EQUAL-izer from Elprog

                                                     EQUAL mini


EQUALmini is an economical solution for up to 6 cell battery packs.
    MINI is a dissipating balancer and does not have an emergency switch OFF circuitry but it still employs a Power Management algoritm and a powerful discharge rate of 750mA/cell for a total power of 15W for a very fine tuned and quick balancing proccess. Independent PC software with a clever indication of capacity loss in each indivudual cell during the balancing period. Works only in specific voltage ranges to cope with specific (3) chemistries of a given cells. In other times just monitors the voltages. Dispite being a dissipating balancer EQmini is very efficient and the quickest balancer on the market. It has very accurate fuel gage as soon you plug you batteries in. Coarse (FAST) and fine (EQUAL) balancing modes to choose from. PC upgradable. Acustic alarm.
EQmini will work with any serial charger with automatic CV phase, however to the best of the charging procces it is capable to comunicate with Pulsar's line of chargers to moderate the slope of CV curve. Detailed description


* Elprog offerings are European products and are strongly affected by not stable exchange rate between Euro and US$.

 PULSAR users expressions

But this charger does so wonderful things that it let's me scratching my head... and off course the makers tell there is no harm done to the cells, etc etc.

Anyway an interesting and great charger, I am more than happy with it as stated, and still discovering his "tricks" (some fresh air, nice).

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