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Upcoming Events

July 2005
June 2005
I am going to JR aerotow this year.I will fly 1/5 scale SZD51 Junior again.Lots of other stuff is coming with me.
Come to see. ZM
July 2004
Legendary Polish Zar invites pilots to annual Aero Tow.
This time everybody wants to be there. Page is in Polish and German only.
Contact me for help.
Summer 2004
LSF is planning to organize on NATS 2004 Cross Cuntry Racing with participation of scale gliders. Can you see that?! Our glider of choice for XC is Bruckmann SZD 24 FOKA 4

Recent Events

November 12 2005
1/3.5 scale SZD-55-1 maiden flight
We test flew for first time in USA new model in 1/3.5 scale of SZD 55-1.
here is short film of take off, thermaling and landing of Ben Diss model
I have flew 55 together with Ben ( the only two in USA) with lots of camera takes.
This palticular clip shows incredible dynamic of this feather weight glider.

click here to play 55AcroFlight video

I will shortly present full description of this model on this site
Unfortunatly further orders are postponed to the end of the next year.

October 2004
Our Smyk has a good press comments in QF&E International.
Beside slight off tune data, over all, feeling of Chrises comments seems appealing.


August 06 2004
32 Vintage Glider Club International Rally 2004 is a history, but stil worth the look

July 2004
My beloved Bezmiechowa mentioned in "History and Background"  this year got the chance to disclose her modern beauty.
Bezmiechowa is the most historic soaring place in Poland.
Thank you Piotr for using your takes
This place is very close to my heart.
Check what Old Bezmiechowa was all about.
Hundreds of gliders in service, hundreds of pilots trained annually until WWII destroyed it unrecoverable for genarations.
Zar Meeting is a history
Check Photo Album for pics
Hi Resolution site on Polish server
from this meeting
If you thirsty of more scale reality
check this double towing trial
Thanks Piotr for usng your spectacular video takes
Spring 2004
We flew again at Horsefeathers field
Tegoborza 2004 got new face now
November 2003
I have towed 50 lb. SROKA with my Pegasus 6.4
* Look how easy is to loose speed with heavy glider
*Frank shows how to correct this mistake and get back on speed again
*JUNIOR goes vertical - helicopter style

click here to play video. 2.8Mb

July 2003
Antonio Quesada won USA Nationals with his own build SZD 15 SROKA in 1/2.466 scale. Antonio used Marian Gibas drawings to complete his project.Bravo Anonio, Bravo Marian.

What is new on the Net

April 2005
Diana 2 has a Personal Towing Machine to match her performance.
Fast and graceful tow, 1/3 of the fuel used what Wilga needs to reach same altitude of  2350m in the same time of 17 minutes however.


January 2005
Diana flew its maiden flight
October 2004
Check the updates
on DIANA 2
February 2004
Diana 2 has a new wing
December 2003
Vincent Cockett is getting excited with his new SZD-8 Jaskolka kit.
Check RC Groups for details on Scale saiplane discussion page.
Search forum  for "Jaskolka Christmas"
October 2003
Lee Estingoy builds his 1/3.5 scale SZD 31 Zefir 4
Use search engine to look for "Building (really) a Zefir 4"
What a treat!

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