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Practical electronic solutions for safer, reliable, more prodictable and  enjoyable flying of  our spectacular scale ships.

Our ships are expensive and worthy every procaution to keep an eye on every aspect of flight mulfuctions. Here is some practical samples to consider.


You Tube flight with SkyAssistant

Newest and totaly Americanized version of
SkyAssistant vario - loger
TEK (Total Energy Compensation) version and Temperature sensor
with super precision Volt meter for monitoring newest crop of the LiPo and LiFe cells
     There is no need to introduce this extremaly pleasant and convinient variometer solution to listen how your plane is doing up in the sky
PitLAB site - Warsaw Official Site
Review - Australia
PP-RC - Germany
     There is no need to set anything or talk to explain anything. It is simple plug and play solution. It will talk to you as soon something is differrent then it was minutes ago. No wonder "Sky Assistant" name was given to this cute devise.
You have to use it to believe it.

For limited time only
Shipping USPS First Class included
MOTOROLA Rx extra $15 - please contact first

Klick on the picture to open it to full resolution
MOTOROLA walkie talkie and FM Rx not included


This 4A UBEC with 6V audio alarm and intended to use with 2 cells of A123 (6.6V)
Perfect also to deliver lower voltage (5V or 6V) for servos which are not able work properly at 6.6V level
This device has a loud beeper if supplying battery drops below 6V
I have use this mainly for emergency voltage monitoring on my towing Pegasus
and also as a voltage regulator for ignition system on Brison106 engine
very reliable


6V Alarm
This another gadget to maintain 2 cell A123 pack
It will beep loud when voltage drops below 6V level
At this point cells got about 7% capacity left


Voltage and Amparage monitoring device n one
very useful gadget to observe actual voltage level and amperage drain during single servo operation or of the entire system operation. Very useful eye opener how much energy do we need to control our ships or see how much your aileron hinge drain your system out of the juice.


Voltmeters in variety of forms.They are sugested samples
They could measure your total Voltage or each cell individually
I got no intention to carry them. They are available out there however I got some extra on hand right now. Jusk ask

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