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They met in England. The ever attractive Jaskolka meets her new unpatient friend
Kits philosophy
Kits presented here never been intended to compete with current trend of superbly molded beauties. They were rather intended to explore Polish gliders fleet and reach local modelers exchenge with basic parts. Those are builders kits and require sugnificant amount of work to be completed. With the time they proved to be excelent fliers with unusual integrity of the components and solid engineering staying behind
It might look strange but none of these kits have ever been exported to other countries.This single man enterprise is based more on the love of creating  than on commercial reality. All this kits are available on preorder - pick up at the source basis. In other  words most of this kits were ordered in advance and picked up directly from Poland.
Please contact us  to discuss  circumstances of availbility.

1/3.5 scale World Class PW-5 Smyk


     This is a model of World Class glider, just recently (1993) established class in soaring comunity. In simple words this is One Design Class where all pilots fly the same glider with strong restriction regarding weight and aerodynamic improvements
Parts of basic PW-5 SMYK kit

Kit contains:
*Multidirectional 3-2 layer not painted FG fuse.
*Black poplar covered wings with box main spar and auxiliary spar in the rear pin area
*CNC curved and molded wing tips
*Molded rudder
*13 parts cockpit ensamble with full carbon windshield frame
* Nesesary bulkheads and ribs
* Decal set

David Stokes build PW5
Model Design
Model builds in 5 to 5.5 kG ( 175-200 oz).
With wing area about 1400 it gives wing loading between 18-22 oz/sqf which is bit less then most of the scale gliders of this size. To avoid excessive ballasting our SMYK runs on proprietary foils selected to match local lift distribution and Re# requirements. Thanks to this wing has widened speed envelope at initial loading and greatly improves penetration if small amount of ballast is added at CG. In result Smyk is not only able to thermal good, but would also please slopeheads as well. Inverted flight is effortless with sufficient stall margin for inverted thermaling.
   Low inertia in all axis is noticable. Controls are crisp with input oscilation almost not existent.   
   Tracking is arrow streight and coupling effect are so minimal that conpensation mixing could be ignored.



Check David Stokes build SMYK  for more details on building, flying and recent crash report.


1/4 scale SZD 8 ter "Jaskolka Z 0"

 SZD 8 Jaskolka was a first in soaring history glider designed purposely for a speed and distance rather then for a best glide ratio. 1956 WC in St.Yan (France) proved the point and followed the 17 speed and distance records placed Jaskolka high in soaring ranks and today’s vintage collector catalogs. Besides high performance abilities, Jaskolka was the sweet glider to fly with spacious and of good visibility cockpit, easy on controls at any speed and virtually no bad habits.It has been used in 14 countries around the world. SZD8 ter "Jaskolka Z 0" was a latest (circa 1958)of many versions with 95l water balast tanks in the wings.
Parts of advanced SZD 8 Jaskolka kit
Kit contains:
* Multidirectional 3-2 layer not painted FG fuse.
* Black poplar covered wings with box main spar and auxiliary spar in the rear pin area
* scale curved and molded wing tips
* Molded rudder with fabric on ribs like surface
* 7 parts super scale cockpit interior ensamble and seperate windshield frame
* Nesesary bulkheads and ribs patterns
* Decal set
* New, designeed from scratch by Krzysztof Porebski, and based on orginal Jaskolka's  kinematics landing gear is on the way. Check the Quick Time clip below.

Jaskolka LG video 2.3Mb

Model design
By following concept of the full scale glider spacial care has been given to maintain similar characteristics of this model. Due to specific shape of the wing task was not easy. We came out with the concept of maintaining lift ditribution without the aerodynamic or geometric twist and have eficient glide withwin entire speed envelope and carry sufficient stall margin for landing. For this reson inverted performance got rather limited. Our Jaskolka will do fast inverted passes, but will tip stall when slowed down inverted. Additonal continouse use of large in size flaps and ailerons would further extend speed range and allow to land in tight landing spots with confidence.
Kit history
     Model of Jaskolka has been on mind of many modelers around the world. In Jaskolka's home country, Poland, many individuals had ambition to create at least correctly scratch build model of one of the versions for years, but never done it. In the background of all the hesitations was a lack of proper drawings, photos and documents separating one version from the other. Despite not consistent reference available eng. Krzysztof Porebski had courage to convince teem of modelers to take a challenge and create 1/4 scale model based on material they had on hand. With the time and advancing in the project we receive lots of help from Aviation Museum in Krakow and we got Marian Gibas in the teem with all his knowledge about SZD gliders. His input was so dramatic that project (and the kit) became not only more complex but also full of possibilities to create other versions of Jaskolka in the near future. Look for more out of this project soon.

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