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Site devoted to scale glider enhusiasts
If you are tired of seeing ASH, ASW, DG, Ka6 gliders on your flying field this site is for you.    If you are familiar with Foka, Swift, Fox or Wilga and would like to know more about other less known Polish gliders and soaring related planes this site is for you.

      In only after II WW history Poland has produced over 5000 (5K has been reached on 10/30/2004) gliders in over 75 different types. If we consider another 75+ pre-war designs there are almost unlimited possibilities without fear of repeating yourself. Take a look in amateur and experimental designs list and you will get other unexplored options to consider for your new scratch build soarer or electric motor glider. Click at the banner and enjoy. Sorry, this site is in German and Polish only. We believe, one day we would be able to offer similar site in English.

THEN . . . NOW ! ! !
Klick here to get first flight report and spectacular pictures of DIANA 2

Only two seasons
9 wins


  has been added

1/5 scale Pirat tail

Axel's Pirat in details

NiCd, LiPo, A123... it does it all up to 12A
                                        New !!! 2009/10
                                  Pulsar 2+v10D 350W 12A charger
                                          NOW with Pulsar EQUALizer and EQUALmini

            ZAR 2007/Bezmiechowa pictures

Historic site under new managment
                                             Gentle Giants in Bezmiechowa
                                     Pictures & Movies of this reborn site in fall scenario
                                                How did it look like 70 years ego
Welcome !

       Popularity of building and flying big scale model gliders recently got to the level never considered before. Large in size ships require to be build and flown more like their real counterparts. This appealing modeling style brought up a group of loosely connected people, sharing  the love of soaring and a dream of building perfect scale glider, to take the long way to drive Polish soaring heritage to the new scaled down dimension of RC and exhibit models. Scroll this limited site and tell us if we go in the right direction.

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                                Our Pilots have new Jump-suits to wear now
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As long I've tried to use pictures from my personal colection  there is small number of pictures taken from internet. In most cases I got permition from the website owners to be here. If by any chance you see picture of your make and wouldn't like to see it here please contact me. ZM

Scale soaring enthusiast site
Hosted by Zbigniew Michalczyk