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The Purpose of this Site

I created this site for two reasons.  The first is that in 2008 I applied for a DISC scholarship, and I elected to create internet content to submit with my application.  The second reason is that I really enjoy the Instant Challenge portion of DI, and I hope to help Destination Imagination Team Managers by sharing my knowledge and experience. 
Who are you?
My name is Ben. I am currently a senior in college, double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Entertainment Design & Technology. I have been actively involved in Destination ImagiNation in the Southside region of Virginia since the fifth grade.
I have competed at the regional tournament 6 times, moved on to the affiliate tournament 4 times, and competed at Global Finals once. Around 2006, I developed a strong interest in Instant Challenge. I acted as an assistant Team Manager for 4 Elementary Level DI teams over my last two years of high school, primarily focusing on Instant Challenge training. I have also provided direct assistance with Instant Challenge training of about 3 other Elementary teams.
During my senior year in high school, I decided that I have competed in enough Destination ImagiNation events for now, and decided to help out by appraising. Since then, I have appraised the Instant Challenge numerous times at various regional, state, and global tournaments.  I am also the Challenge Master for the Instant Challenge at the Tidewater Regional Tournament, as well as the Virginia affiliate tournament.  I usually volunteer at about six tournaments each season.
What else do you do?
Well, for one thing, I make roller coasters out of pretzels.
I have also been known to write scripts, build sets, execute special effects, and make puppets.

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