SSA and SSI Resources

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Social Security Administration
bulletSSA Period Life Table
bulletSocial Security Handbook
bulletSSA Program Operations Manual System (POMS)
bulletQuestions and Answers From SSA Online
bulletThe Social Security Representative Payee Program
Supplemental Security Income
 for the Aged, Blind, and Disabled

Understanding SSI

bullet Income and Resource Guidelines
bulletSSI Regulations
bulletNew Medicaid Eligibility Category - 
80% Federal Poverty Level
bulletSSI Federal Payment Amounts
bulletSSI Program Operations Manual Systems (POMS)
bulletProposed Elimination of SSI Limitation on Value of Tangible Personal Property, including Motor Vehicles (January, 2004)
bulletTable of Excluded Resources
Social Security SSI Transfer of Assets and Trust  Rules (42 US 1382b)
bulletVirginia Provisions
bulletNotice of Reconsideration Denying Eligibility
bulletPOMS SSI Trust Decision making Grid for d(4)(A) (single beneficiary) d(4)(C) and (pooled income) Trusts
bulletUnited States Magistrate's opinion in Thompson v. Barnhart, Commissioner