Medicare Resources

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Medicare: Law, Rates and Comment

Center for Medicare Advocacy, Inc., web site.  Includes program summary and detailed information regarding program benefits, premiums and related matter.

Medicare Resources

bulletMedicare Secondary Payor Regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations via GPO
bulletGeorgia Medicare Intermediary Attorney Web site for MSP Issues
bulletMedicare Hardship / Good Conscience Waiver Request (CMS/SSA Form SSA-632-BK)
bulletVirginia Medicare Intermediary: United Government Services, LLC Resource for Attorneys
bulletCenters for Medicare and Medicaid Services Memorandum Regarding Worker Compensation Settlement and Set-Aside Arrangements (Medicare Medical Expense Trusts)

Medicare Secondary Payor

Medicare statutory provision (42 USC 1395y(b))  and regulatory provisions (42 CFR 411.20 et seq.) specify the claim which Medicare asserts against settlements for personal injury and worker compensation commutations (see especially factors set forth in 42 CFR 401.613).

The MSP Coordination of Benefits Contractor (COB) for MSP issues in Virginia is United Government Services, LLC, P. O. Box 12201, Roanoke, Virginia  24023-2201, attention: Margie Spillen (540-767-7069), or toll free, Toll Free 1-877-768-5471.