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Gilmanton Iron Works Market - December 2010

Have you been over to the Gilmanton Iron Works Market lately?  If you have, you found that new display with all of Simone Lord’s famous Christmas Cookies and holiday baking.  Simone is a fantastic German baker, who is constantly amazing our taste buds.  Previously the only place to buy her goods was in the summer at the Gilmanton’s Farmers’ Market, or at her home at Christmas time.  So if you were wondering where all those goodies went, they found their new home on the shelves of the Iron Works Market.  Hurry in for the last of the Christmas Cookies, you have to try these to taste how great they are.

After taking over the market, Sean and Simone scrubbed and polished and restocked everything.  You can find just about anything you might need, especially during those bad winter days when you don’t want to travel too far.  A deli and other fresh foods are available in addition to the normal market items.  On Fridays and Saturdays, Simone is delivering her fresh baked breads and goodies around 1 pm and she is there as well if you have questions.

Another special item is bulk sales of potatoes.  You can save some money and pick up a 50 pound bag!  And there is always great hot coffee for a good price to keep you warmed up on your way home.

Let’s support this hard working family, and help them make it through the winter at the market.  We want their market in our town, and it can only be there if we stop in now and then.  If there is something you would like stocked for you, let them know.  Their job is to keep us supplied, our job is to keep them going!

Crystal Lake and Manning Lake are located in the foothills of the Belknap Mountains in beautiful Gilmanton Iron Works

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