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Mack, Klem and Rand from Gilmanton
Hiden Valley Conservation Easement
Morse Farm Preserve
Gunstock Hiking/Biking Trails
"Over the Hill" Hikers
Map of Boy Scout Camp in Gilmanton

Boy Scout Camp Hiking Map

 Boy Scout Map has been placed as close to the top of the page as possible so it can be printed.  The Map below depicts the entire Belknap Range from an old map.  See below for descriptions of access points for hiking, mountain biking and parking.


Belknap Range Hiking Patch

BELKNAP RIDGE from Gunstock to Mt. Major


ROUND POND - Headwaters of the Suncook

MAP of Belknap Range PEAKS

ECHOS SHORES - Over the Hill Hikers

The Belknap Range

Access to the Belknap Mountain Range. Refer to the numbers highlighted in yellow above.
#2.- Belknap
#3.- Mt. Major
#4.- Manning Lake
#5.- Sunset Lake / Boy Scout Camp
Other areas of interest
1.- Locke's Hill
2.- Avery Hill

"A Walk in the Woods" - Old Postcard - 1909

#1.- Gunstock. There are a number of trails, and the slopes thmselves, where you hike right up and from the top of Gunstock you will overloook the whole Belknap Range. Drive right in to the ski area, which is a busy campground during the summer, and I am sure you can get a map and they might charge you something. They rent mountain bikes and have trails dedicated to such purposes. It is located off of Rt. 11A in Gilford. Here is their website.
right now it is all winter and ski info. In the warmer months there is a link to Gunstock hiking and mountain biking trails.
#2.- Belknap Mountain: Follow Rt. 11A to Gilford Village. Turn in and go past the General Store and then past the High School Complex and keep going up and up and up. The road turns to dirt and gets very steep and there are hairpin curves. Just the ride up the mountain is an adventure in itself. From the parking area it is a steep hike up to the fire tower. An excellent view and access to other trails and Round Pond. An excellent view of Sunset Lake from here.  
#3.-  Mt. Major: Accessible from a large parking area off of Rt. 11 in Alton near the scenic view area. A very busy hiking area with vehicles and busses parked up and down Rt. 11 on crowded days.  See below for photos/images of the view from this beautiful vista.
#4.- My favorite. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Manning Lake / Camp Bell. Avery Hill Road to Places Mill Road. Take a right. Go past the Scout Camp entrance and  up to Giunea Ridge Road. Take a right. Follow to Moulton Road (New Sign says Manning Lake Road). Take a right. Park at either the boat ramp or drive into Camp Bell. It is called Camp Leo on this map. Note that the road below Sunset Lake that is labelled Alton Mt. Rd. is now called Places Mill Road. The boat ramp is a great place to take the kayaks on a day trip. RECOMMENDED HIKE: From Camp Bell follow the Red/Blue trail up a steep hill. Take a left at the Upper Round Pond Trail. Return by the Suncook Brook Trail for views of the brook and waterfalls and excellent views from Mack Ridge looking over Gilmanton from cliffs.
#5.- Sunset Lake / Scout Camp: Enter the Scout Camp from Places Mill Road or paddle over to their waterfront on Sunset Lake. Access to all trails from here. In the summer they like you to sign in at the admin bldg.  Shannon Mountain provides an excellent view of both Hills Pond and Sunset Lake. (See photo)   Bring picnic. From the Boy Scout Sunset Lake waterfront follow the red trail along Sunset Lake. Take a left on the yellow trail which will lead you up to the top.    ENJOY!

HIKING MAP - Belknap Mountain Loop


ROUND POND - Headwaters of the Suncook River

mountain bikers click here

Old Postcard - Mt. Belknap Fire Look-Out Tower

View from Mt. Major
used with permission from Carl Hielman - see link on links page

Avery Hill - Sometimes called Bluberry Hill by the locals due to the abundance of berries at the top. Walk, drive, or bike up Frohock Brook Road from Alton Shores Road and when it turns from a road to a cartpath you'll find a hiking path somewhere on the left. Very steep but brief trail with a view overlooking the Belknap Range. This is the view you will enjoy.....

The view of Hills Pond and Belknap Range from Avery Hill

Locke's Hill - Located in Gilford in Rt. 11 near the scenic outlook. Well-marked with ample parking. A short walk to a beautiful panorama of the BIG lake. Just do it! before hitting the grocery store in Gilford...on a clear day.

view from the Glade on Locke's Hill of 40 Islands
Map of View from the Glade on Locke's Hill
view of Sunset Lake and Hills Pond from Shannon Mt.
Old Stage Road (Red/Blue Trail) coming down
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