Genesis of Ocean County Applegates

This document outlines the first four generations of Bartholomew1, the eldest son of Thomas the immigrant. We have restricted our attention to Bartholomew, since the records indicate the most, if not all, the Applegates found in Ocean County during the eighteen and nineteen centuries are decendants of this Bartholomew.

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Thomas 1

Thomas Applegate is generally acknowledged as the founder of the Applegate family in the United States. He was of English descent and was born in Norfolkshire, England. It appears that he immigrated to this country with his wife, Elizabeth Wall, three sons, and a daughter. He was a member of the Massachusetts Bay colony as early as 1635. The Massachusetts records indicate that he was licensed to keep a ferry between Weymouth and Mount Wooliston. It seems that both he and his wife were strong willed and not suited for the Puritan intolerance. In the 1640's, he and his family moved from the Bay colony to a more liberal colony in Rhode Island. From Rhode Island they sojourned to the newly established English colony at Gravesend on Long Island. The records at Gravesend indicate that he and his family were among the early settlers as he bought a plantation in Gravesend in November 1646. He died at Gravesend in the year 1662.

Mary E. Applegate ca. 1900 has a different list of children and different dates. In particular, she lists Aries (b. ca. 1628) also as a son of Thomas the Immigrant. Even though there doesn't exit a will for Thomas, there are a substantial number of references to Thomas, Bartholomew, John and Thomas Jr. in the offical records of Gravesend to justify the validity of the issue provided below. A full and interesting dicussion on those references can be found in [HGA].

This document is concerned with the descendants of Bartholomew, since that line accounts for the majority of the Applegates found in Ocean County. Documents related to son, John, find him moving to Fairfield, Connecticut, where he died ca. 1704. His will was probated on 12 January 1712 leaving all his estate to his wife Avis and upon her death, the remaing part to his brother Thomas and his heirs. It is interesting to note that John's will makes no mention of his older brother, Barthlomew or his heirs; and mentions his brother Thomas who died in 1699.

Thomas Jr. made his will on 1 Fbruary 1698; it was proved 29 March 1699. His will names Thomas, John, Daniel, Joseph, Elizabeth, Benjamin, and Richard as his heirs. The will also specifies his wife by name, Johanna.

Thomas (The Immigrant), b. ca. 1600 Norfolkshire, d. 1662 Gravesend, N.Y. m. Elizabeth Wall, b. ?, d. ? Gravesend, N.Y.

1 Bartholomew ca. (1623-1690) Hannah Patrick
2 Helena ca. (1630-?)
3 Margaret
4 John ca. (1624-1704) Avis ?, no known issue
5 Thomas ca. (1653-1699) Johanna Gibbons

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1 Bartholomew 2 (Thomas 1 ) is believed to have been born about 1624 in Norfolkshire, England. There have not been found any official documents attesting to the date and place of his birth.

Bartholomew married Hannah Patrick in June 1650 at Gravesend. Hannah was the daughter of Ann Van Beyerem and Daniel Patrick.

The events listed below related to Bartholomew 2 have been extracted from [HGA] which contains a reference to the source document for each of the recorded events.

  1. 2/7/1650, charged 0:10 guilders as his share towards keeping the town hall at Gravesend heated
  2. ?/?/1650, owed 9-10 guilders to the estate of John Ruchman
  3. ?/?/1650, paid 1:0 guilder to common charges of the town
  4. 6/?/1650, married Hannah Patrick of Gravesend who was the daughter of Anna VanBeyerem and Daniel Patrick
  5. ?/?/1650, completed a tide mill on Stome Kill with William Wilkins
  6. 1/9/1651, an inventory of the estate of John Ruchman included a debt of "Barthollm Aplegate"
  7. ?/10/1653, sold land in Gravesend to Claus Poulis
  8. 22/3/1661, Bartholomew and William Goulding exchanged four-acre plots in Gravesend
  9. 31/3/1661, Bartholomew exchange land with both John Williams and John Hendrick
  10. 6/24/1662, sued to obtain a share of the estate of his deceased mother-in-law
  11. 11/14/1662, court ruled in his favor regarding the estate of his mother-in-law
  12. 10/10/1667, he bought land from Matthew Whitman
  13. 6/15/1670, sued by Richard Stillwell for debt incurred at Gravesend.
  14. 5/10/1671, James Hubbard filed a suit against Bartholomew, brother Thomas, and Thomas Whitlock for "cutting down mill wheels."
  15. 8/5/1674, Bartholomew, brother Thomas, and Richard Sadler requested permission to purchase land from the Indians situtate new Middle Towne, enough for six to eight familes
  16. 7/11/1675, Bartholomew owed Nathl Davenport of New Yor one pound
  17. 16/8/1677, Bartholomew and brother Thomas filed suit against the inhabitants of Shrewsbury for nonperformance of a written agreement made by the town clerk
  18. 10/7/1685, At a meeting of the Council of the Proprietors, Col Lewis Morris requested confirmation of a purchase of 200 acres from Bartholomew
  19. 10/12/1684, Bartholomew was in Susses County, Delaware and was cited as deliquent in working on the highway
  20. 12/5/1685, Bartholomew was summoned for a witness in Sussex County, Delaware
  21. 2/10/1685, Bartholomew was engaged in the first of a long series of suits against Henry Bomen (Sussex County, Delaware) which appear to have ended in April-May of the following year.

The following quote appears in [HGA]:

An unpleasant episode occured on the first Wednesday of October, 1670. Bartholomew filed suit against William Wilkins for suspicion of adultery. The case was bound over to the Assizes by the Court of Sessions at Gravesend. The case was heard in the Court of Assizes for the Colony of New York on 07 October 1670. Wilkins was found guilty of "suspicion o f illicit intercourse with another's wife." He was finded 20 pounds: one-half went to the King and one-half to Bartholomew who was to apply it to the relief of his wife at his "perill".

Another strange episode is record in [HGA] -- the quote is take from a letter dated 6 November 1671

Whereas the Governour was pleased to order Wm. Wilkins to pay ten pounds toward the release of Hannah Applegate and her child, this shewth that Thos. Whitlock received of Mr. Delavall five pounds of the aforesaid somme, of wch the said Thomas delivered five pounds to the constable and overseers, of Gravesend, in red cloth. Gravesend records as per T.G. Bergen, Esq.

Doubless she and her child had been taken prisoners by the Indians and this was the ransom demanded.

It appears that the conclusion was made by T.G. Bergen. It seems strange that the same person found guilty in October 1670, was acknowledged to have paid 10 pounds to the release of Hannah!

The latest known references to Bartholomew appear to have been during April-May 1686 in Susses County, Delaware. No record of a will or estate probate have been found in Delaware.

The issue of Bartholomew are in dispute. [HGA] has suggested that the list catalogued by [HV] be used with the addition of Thomas, since a Thomas is cited in the Gravesend records.

There is no evidence that Bartholomew left a will. Despite the lack of formal documentation, there are sufficient facts to deduce the issue of Bartholomew as specified below. To wit: a will exists for John naming Hannah, Daniel, and Mary as siblings, [HGA] has quoted a Gravesend document mentioning Bartholomew and son Thomas, and a will exits for brother Thomas Jr. mentions a son Daniel along with others not included in this list. That is, the existence of two distinct Daniels of the same time period guarantees the issue of Barthlomew must include at least those mention below.

Bartholomew, b. c. 1624 England, d. c. 1686-1690; m. Hannah Patrick

1A John ca. (1650-1688) no known issue
1B Hannah ca. (1651-?)
1C Mary ca. (1657-?)
1D Daniel ca. (1652-1709) Rebecca Tilton
1E Thomas ca. (1659-1688)

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1A John 3 (Bartholomew 2 ,Thomas 1 ) was a son of Bartholomew Applegate and Hannah Patrick. He was born ca. 1650. No official record has been located to substantiate that date.

The events listed below related to John 3 have been extracted from [HGA] which contains a reference to the source document for each of the recorded events.

  1. 1/29/1678, John witnessed a sale of land in Oyster Bay, Long Island.
  2. 3/27/1683, John was given land in Oyster Bay by the town authorities
  3. 2/19/1684, John purchased approximately eight acres from Thomas Townsend
  4. 3/26/1685, John purchased about 60 acres from the Indians
  5. 10/6/1685, John witnessed the division of the estate of Peter Wright, Sr.
  6. ?/?/1685, John was listed as a freeholder in Oyster Bay

His will was made 1-12-1687 as recorded in the Couty Clerk at Jamaica and proved 10-24- 1688. The recorded Witnesses were: John Taylor, Daniel Weeks and Anthonly Gleam. He named his brother Daniel, eldest sister Hannah and younger sister Mary as heirs each receiving 1/3 shares.

Apparently John never married and there are no known issue.

John Applegate, b. ca. 1650, d. 1688, single

No known issue

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1D Daniel 3 (Bartholomew 2 , Thomas 1 ) was a son of Bartholomew Applegate and Hannah Patrick. He was born ca. 1652 at Gravesend, N.Y.

On 12/7/1686, Rebecca Tilton (born 9/6/1667) published her intentions at the Shrewsbury Women's Monthly Meeting (Quakers), to marry Daniel Applegate.

The events listed below related to Daniel 3 have been extracted from [HGA] which contains a reference to the source document for each of the recorded events.

  1. 2/20/1678, Daniel purchased 120 acres in Shrewsbury, Monmouth County
  2. 7/16/1684, Daniel purchased land in Middletown from the Wickaton Indian Tribe
  3. 9/4/1689, Daniel served as Juryman in the Court of Sessions held at Shrewsbury
  4. 12/24/1689, Daniel again served as Juryman
  5. 10/24/1688, Daniel was made executor of his brother John's Estate in Jamaica.
  6. 6/25/1696, Daniel sold his inherited land to Edward Ketcham of Oyster Bay and later, as executor, he sold a portion of the land to Samuel Dickinson and some more to Isaac Daughty.
  7. 3/26/1689, Daniel filed suit against William leeds Jr. for a debt of two pounds ten shillings and damages of twenty shillings.
  8. 12/24/1690, Daniel was a Juror at the Middletown Court of Session
  9. 3/25/1690, Daniel was a Juror at the Middletown Court of Session
  10. ?/?/1697, Daniel and wife, Rebecca, were given 100 acres of land between the Hop and Swimming Rivers by Rebecca's father, Peter Tilton

Daniel made his will on 10/15/1709; it was proved 9/7/1710. An abstract of the will is found on p. 15 of Abstract of Wills - New Jersey Archives, Vol I. The will contains the names his children. The will was witnessed by: John Newman, Thomas Shepard, and Thomas Applegat (sic)

After Daniel's death, Rebecca married William Leeds on 1/9/1711. There is no record of any children by this marriage (she was 44 at the time of the marriage). In his will, William, left to Rebecca, Gracy and Ebenezer "children of said wife" and to Abigail Applegate, daughter of Richard Applegate some things. Jacob (4.2) and Ebenezer (4.4) were to take care of Leeds "helpless brother."

The following paragraph if taken directly from [HGA], p. III.8:

The Leeds' farm was next to Daniel's. After Daniels's death, William Leads helped Rebecca with the farm and then after a time, married her. The farm was huge and their house was splendid. The splendor of the house and furnishings lead some to say Leeds was an associate of Captain Kidd, the pirate, and shared in his loot. There is no evidence whatsoever to support this. Leeds appeared to have been an ardent churchman. He converted from Quakerism to the Church of England and left rich property to the curch on his death. The land today comprises Lincroft School property, Thompson Park and the campus of Bookdate Community College.

Daniel Applegate, b. ca. 1652, Gravesend, d. ca. 1710, Middletown; m. Rebeckah Tilton ca. 1686.

Issue: (all are listed in Daniel's Will)
1D1 John ca. (1688-?)
1D2 Jacob ca. (1689-1768)
1D3 Bartholomew ca. (1690-1749)
1D4 Ebenezer ca. (1694-?)
1D5 Susannah ca. (1696-?)
1D6 Hannah ca. (1698-?)
1D7 Marry ca. (1700-?)
1D8 Rebecca ca. (1702-?)

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1E Thomas 3 (Bartholomew 2 ,Thomas 1) was a son of Bartholomew Applegate and Hannah Patrick.

The following quote is taken from [HGA]:

This Thomas is a mystery. Noone mentions him. My two references are found in Gravesend Records:
bar aplegate
Tho aplegate his son
... tho aplegate siner
All had defective fences.

Later, in an undate entry, Thomas Applegate was arrested on suspicion of "being a night rougue in Confederacie." His father, "Barathalamew Applegate" posted bond. I have not seen the above cited records. Mr. John P. Furman kindly gave me the information.

It should be noted that Thomas is not listed in the Will of John. If infact, Thomas is a brother of John and Daniel, it would be fair to assume that he predeceased John.

Thomas Applegate, b. ca. 1659, d. prior to 1688, m. ?

No information available

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1D1 John 4 (Daniel 3 , Bartholomew 2 , Thomas 1 ) was a son of Daniel Applegate and Rebecca Tilton.

He was listed as an heir at the time of Daniel's death in 1710. [HV] believes that John died prior to 1718 since his brother Jacob (1D2) inherited parts of their Uncle John's (1A) (elder brother of their father) estate and not John who was the eldest son.

There are possibly four other John's of this generation. Great care must be taken in ascribing recorded events to any of these Johns. In particular, there are no definitive records that can be allocated to this John.

No information available
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1D2 Jacob 4 (Daniel 3 , Bartholomew 2 , Thomas 1 ) was a son of Daniel Applegate and Rebecca Tilton. He was mentioned in the will of his father and was a resident of Monmouth County.

[HGA] presents a strong argument for the existence of two Jacob Applegates of generation 4. This Jacob, the son of Daniel and a Jacob (5E11) being the son of John (5E). Jacob (1D2) residing in Monmouth County and Jacob (5E11) residing in Middlesex County. The events listed below related to Jacob 4 have been extracted from [HGA] which contains a reference to the source document for each of the recorded events. I have only included those in Monmouth County, as I believe the others belong to Jacob (5E11)

  1. 9/14/1714, listed in estate of John Bowne as "Debts due upon bonds"
  2. 8/29/1718, Jacob Aplegatge of Middle Towns ..., Black Smith sold eight acres in Oyster Bay formerly owned by his uncle, John Applegate (1A).
  3. 6/27/1729, the estate of Mathias Lain of Monmouth County, paid Jacob an unknown amount of money.
  4. 9/20/1732, Jacob purchased 52.5 acres.
  5. 1/18/1733, Jacob, identified as a blacksmith, sold 43 acres to Daniel Tilton.
  6. 3/29/1753, Jacob was deeded 20 acres of land from Alexander Johnston.
  7. 1748 and 1749 listed as a freeholder in Monmouth County
  8. 3/6/1760, Jacob and John Tilton made an inventory of the estate of James Stout of Srosberry (sic)
  9. 1/1/1765, Jacob purchased two acres of land from Jonas Solomon for 120 pounds
  10. 5/9/1768, Benjamin Johnson and James Mott, Jr. made an inventory of Jacob's estate.
  11. ?/7/1769, Elizabeth Abline file a declaration against the two Tiltons as executors of Jacob's Estate.

[HGA] presents an argument that Jacob was married twice. He quotes a Monmouth County Coffin Account includes Jacob Applegat's wufe with a date of Aapril 14, 1760. There is a marriage record of Jacob Applegate to Catherine Manless [NJArc] dated August 8, 1763.

Jacob's will was written on 10/1/1765 and proved on 5/11/1768. The will mentions two sons: Sylvester and Ebenezer and three daughters: Catteen Hart, Hanney Soloman, and Rebecca Tilton. It indicated that he was a resident of Middletown, Monmouth County. Executors were Peter Tilton of Chesterfield Township, Burlington County and Nathan Tilton of Middletown.

Jacob Applegate, b. 1682, d. 1768, m. (1) ?, (2) Catherine Manless, b. ?, d. ?

1D2A John (1735-1766)
1D2B Rebecca (?,?), m. John Tilton (8/14/1744) (NJArc, p. 14)
1D2C Ebenezer (1742-1827), m. Mary Burdge 1D2D Sylvester
1D2E Catteen (aka Catherine)(?,?) m. Levy Hart (12/9/1757)(NJArc, p. 14)
1D2F Hannah (?,?), m. Jonas Soloman (12/27/1757) (NJArc, p. 14)
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1D3 Bartholomew 4 (Daniel 3 , Bartholomew 2 , Thomas 1 ) was a son of Daniel Applegate and Rebeckah Tilton. He was born ca. 1690 in Middletown.

Bartholomew was a whaler off the New Jersey coast. He may have built some whaling shacks along the center shore area. Family tradition indicates that he married a Leni-Lenape Indian.

[HGA] records three events associated with Bartholomew:

  1. 4-29-1732 Request for payment owed him by Mr. Mott
  2. 4-11-1748 Bartholomew registered his ear mark in Middletown
  3. 1748 Listed as freeholder in Middletown

Bartholomew is the progenitor of most of the Applegates that are found in Ocean County at the time the county was established in 1850.

Bartholomew, b. ca. 1690, Middletown, d. ca. 1749, Middletown; m. Leni-Lenape Indian.

1D3A Bartholomew ca. (1721-?)
1D3B Jacob (1723-1818) m. Esther Irons
1D3C Daniel ca. (1726-1810) m. Elizabeth Hulett
1D3D William ca. (1724-?)
1D3E Ebenezer ca. (1725-?)
1D3F John ca. (1727-?)
1D3G Joseph ca. (1728-?)
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1D4 Ebenezer 4 (Daniel 3 , Bartholomew 2 , Thomas 1 ) was a son of Daniel Applegate and Rebeckah Tilton. He was a resident of Monmouth County.

The New Jersey Archives - Abstracts of Newspapers Vol I, p. 533 contains the following account: "Ebenezer Applegate and George Williams had a grist and fulling mill at Shrewsbury, New Jersey, which was burned April 19, 1738. The mill contained 100 barrels of flour, 1000 bushels of wheat, and a large quantity of clothing."

[HGA] records the following information related to Ebenezer:

  1. 6-20-1735 Ebenezer purchased the rights of John Leeds, Jerminary Leeds, Elizabeth Chambers, John Hutchings and John Bowne to legacies given all of them by William Leeds.
  2. 5-1-739 The estate of William Leeds was inventoried and seven bonds from Ebenezer were payable from 5-1-1740 to 1746 to the estate.
  3. 4-27-1746 Ebenezer registered his cattle mark in the town records.
  4. 1748 Ebenezer was listed as a freeholder
  5. 3-20-1750 Ebenezer purchased 50 acres on both sides of the Toms River (New Jersey Deeds 1:139)
  6. 4-10-1750 Ebenezer purchased 400 acres south of the Rarition River in Middlesex and Monmouth Cournties from James Alexander
  7. 1755 "Ebanez Apelgat" was identified as a freeholder in Shrewsbury
  8. 5-10-1761 Ebenezer purchased 290 acres in Upper Freehold from James Holmes
  9. 1-14-1766 Ebenezer purchased 211.5 acres of land from John Coward for one thousnd two hudred sixty nine pounds.

[HGA] quotes from a Monmouth County Historical Society Manuscript describing a boundary marker to a 1750 purchase of land along the Toms River. The quote is: chain northest from Dr. Johnson's Long Swamp, the stream whereof runs into Toms River at the end of Dr. Johnson's Island, beginning at a whiteoak near two feet through, marked in several places and on the south side with the resemblance of the face of some large creature, supposed to have been done formerly by the Indians...

His will is dated 3-8-1771 and proved 9-24-1771. An abstract of the will is found on p. 19 of Vol V. of Abstracts of Wills - New Jersey Archives. The will names his children as listed below.

Ebenezer Applegate, b. ca. 1694, d. 1771, m. Mary Imlay (7-9-1743)

1D4A Ebenezer (ca. 1745-?)
1D4B Obediah (1746-?) m. Bethenia Vaughn
1D4C Meriah (ca. 1747-?)
1D4D Sarah (1748-?) m. Richard Francis
1D4E Rebecca (1749-?) m. ? Coward
1D4F Parenthia (1750-?)
1D4G Lucia
1D4H Mary (1751-?)
1D4I Margaret (1753-?)
1D4J Francis
1D4K Coward
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1D2A John 5 (Jacob 4 , Daniel 3 , Bartholomew 2 , Thomas 1 ) was a son of Jacob Applegate and ?.

John is not listed in the will of his father, Jacob. However, the Monmouth County Coffin Accounts listed the John's intestate estate with Levi Hart, husband of sister Catherine (1D2E) and Jonas Solomon, husband of sister Hannah (1D2F) as administrator and bondsman of the estate. The Coffin Account is dated 12/22/1765 and is just 2 months after Jacob's will was written. It is reasonable to infer that John died prior to Jacob making out his will.

The following quote is taken from [HV]:

There is another reference which may be attributable to this John Applegate. In the records of the New Jersey Supreme Court, under Docket No. 11607, there is the following order, addressed to the Sheriff of Monmouth County: "We command you that you take John Applegate, late of Monmouth if he can be found within your balliwick..." to answer to a suit by Cornelius Emans of Shrewsbury for 100 pounds for trespass and damage. The order is dated, "24 Geo. II, May 21". Since the reign of George II began in 1727, the order was issued in 1750 or 1751. We have no information as to the outcome.

There is no other substantive information that can be directly related to this John.

John Applegate, b. ?, d. c. 1765, m. ?,

No Information available
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1D2C Ebenezer 5 (Jacob 4 , Daniel 3 , Bartholomew 2 , Thomas 1 ) was a son of Jacob Applegate. He was a resident of Monmouth County.

Ebenzer was listed in the will of his father which was proved on 5/11/1768

The following information is taken directly from [HV]

The first record of Ebenezer is a real estate transaction in 1768. This transaction requires an explanation. This information is taken from: Tilton, History of the Tilton Family, Vol. 1, p188: "On June 1, 1697, Peter Tilton deeded to his daughter, Rebeccah, wife of Daniel Applegate (and mother of Jacob-4), 100 acres between Hop and Swimming River....This was part of a 200 acre tract originally patented to Rebeccah's father Peter Tilton, in Middletown Township, and was known as Tilton's Little Farm. This property was then occupied by Daniel Applegate and his wife, Rebecca(vide p.98). On Aug. 1, 1768, "Ebenezer Aplegate", John Mackay, and Robert Morris signed an "indenture tripartite" (see NJ Deeds. Liber E3, p.262-64) by MacKay, "All that messuage and tract of land, being that tract of land called Tilton's Little Farm lately in the occupation of David Applegate but now in the possession of Ebenezer Applegate lying between the Hop River and Swimming River..." (It seems likely that "David" is a misreading of the name Daniel, although it could refer to Ebenezer's first cousin, Daniel, son of Bartholomew. This Daniel(1726-1810) married in 1745 to Elizabeth Hulet, daughter of Robert Hulet of Shrewsbury. When Robert Hulet wrote his will in l760(see 5 New Jersey Wills p261), he left the "plantation where I live" to his daughters, Mary Potter and Elizabeth Applegate. The will was proved on Apr. 22, 1771). In 1770, the Court of Common Pleas of Monmouth County entered an order relating to eleven "prisoners for debt" including Ebenezer Applegate. Also named in the same order were Levy Hart and John Tilton, probably the husbands of Ebenezer's sisters, Catherine and Rebecca. In July 1779 and Jan. 1780, Stryker-Rodda records Ebenezer Applegate in Freehold as follows: hh; 1c (tx) (household; 1 cow). Ebenezer is supposed to have left Monmouth Co. during the Revolutionary War and gone to Sussex County, NJ where some of his descendants remained for some time. One story, mentioned by Eugene Coleman (1D2C8J3) was that "he did not want to fight against his own flesh and blood". A granddaughter of Ebenezer, Mrs. Kuhn who settled in Deland, Ill. was quoted, "he left Monmouth Co. during the Revolution because the British had seized his property and he could not live poor where he had been rich".

In addition the notes of [MEA], indicate he was a farmer and lived near Freehlold. He was very wealthy, but his property was confiscated by the British because he would not join with the Tories. [DTA] indicates that his will is found in N.J. Records Vol. 2 p. 533.

Ebenezer Applegate, b. 7-28-1742, d. 3-20-1827, m. Mary Burdge, b. 7-28-1744, d. ?

1D2C1 John (1770-1885) m. ? Newman
1D2C2 Elizabeth (1775-1786) m. Thomas Chambers
1D2C3 Jacob (1776-?) m. Mary Fries
1D2C4 Mary m. Abraham Drake
1D2C5 Asher (1783-1860) m. Ann Smith
1D2C6 Daniel (1784-?) m. Margaret VanSyckle
1D2C7 Moses (1788-1865) m. Mary Messinger
1D2C8 Ebenezer (1789-1850), m. Katherin Goff
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1D2D Sylvester 5 (Jacob 4 , Daniel 3 , Bartholomew 2 , Thomas 1 ) was a son of Jacob Applegate.

Sylvester was listed in the will of his father which was proved on 5/11/1768

[HV] provides the following references to Sylvester:

  1. 3/16/1786, Sylvester's name was on a petition to establish a Baptist Society of Middletown
  2. 1793, Sylvester's was a corporator of the Baptist Church in Middletown
  3. 1775, Sylvester Applegate served in Capt. John Cook's Co., Monmouth County Militia

Sylvester Applegate, b. ?, d.after 1793

No information available
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1D3A Bartholomew 5 (Bartholomew 4 , Daniel 3 , Bartholomew 2 , Thomas 1 ) was a son of Bartholomew Applegate and Leni-Lenape Indian.

Information is provided by the records of Charles Albert Applegate (ca. 1900).

Bartholomew Applegate, b. ca. 1721, d. ?, m. ?

1D3A1 Salem (ca. 1751-?)
1D3A2 Apollo (ca. 1752-?)
1D3A3 Ebenezer (ca. 1753-?)
1D3A4 Joseph (ca. 1754-?)
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1D3B Jacob 5 (Bartholomew 4 , Daniel 3 , Bartholomew 2 , Thomas 1 ) was a son of Bartholomew Applegate and Leni-Lenape Indian. He was born ca. 1723 in Middletown.

In 1748 he purchased part of the Miles Forester tract which was part of the original land grants from the Board of Properietors. He is considered to be the partriarch of the Toms River and Ocean County Applegates. He, as well as several of his sons, served the patriot cause during the revolutionary war.

Jacob lived to be 95 years of age and is interred in the Cedar Grove Cemetery where his grave carries a revolutionary war marker. He named his sons after himself and his brothers.

Jacob provided the land for the Cedar Grove Cemetry. [PM]

Jacob was listed in [DB] as Overseer of the Poor for 1783, 1785, 1794, and 1797; as Overseer of the Highways for 1785 and 1786; and as Constable for 1788, 1790, and 1791.

On June 23, 1975, Jacob registered the ear mark for his stock. The mark was described as follows: a hole in the near ear with a half penney in the underside of same ear and a slit in the off ear [DB].

Jacob was listed in the tax rateables for Dover Township as follows: 1773 - 46 acres, 17 horses and cattle; 1779 - 69 acres, 8 improved acres, 17 horses and cattle; 1783 60 acres, 7 improved acres, 3 horses, 17 cattle; 1786 - 115 acres, 8 improved acres, 3 horses, 18 cattle; 1789 - 70 acres , 8 improved acres, 3 horses, 16 cattle; 1796 - 210 acres, 8 improved acres, 3 horses, 16 cattle; and 1797 - 210 acres, 8 improved acres, 3 horses, 16 cattlet

Jacob's wife, Esther Irons, was the daughter of James Irons (b. ca. 1690, d. 1761, in. Shrewsbury Township) and Martha Birdsall (b. ?, d. ca. 1733) Martha Birdsall was the daughter of Stephen and Mary Birdsall, Quakers, who settled in Little Egg Harbor ca. 1716.

Jacob, b. ca. 1723, Middletown, d. Oct 6, 1818, in. Cedar Grove; m. Esther Irons, b. 1732, d. 1803, in. Cedar Grove

1D3B1 Bartholomew (1757-1846) m. Mary Miller
1D3B2 Daniel (1759-1836) m. Elizabeth Parent
1D3B3 Hester (1761-1847) m. Garret Irons
1D3B4 William (1763-1835) m. Hannah Warner
1D3B5 Joseph (1765-1845) m. (1) Catharine Tilton (2) Mary Tilton (3) Rebecah ?
1D3B6 John A. (1768-1830) m. Sarah Hudson
1D3B7 Jacob Jr. (1767-1851) m. (1) Mary ?, (2) Margaret Luker
1D3B8 Ebenezer (1770-1857) m. Sarah Byrd
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1D3B Daniel 5 (Bartholomew 4 , Daniel 3 , Bartholomew 2 , Thomas 1 ) was a son of Bartholomew Applegate and Leni-Lenape Indian.

He was a resident of Salem County. His will {NJArc-Wills, Vol XII, p. 14) describes him as of Upper Alloways Creek. An inventory was filed on 2-12-1810 and administerd by Samuel Applegate as recorded on 3-7-1810.

Daniel Applegate, b. c. 1726, d. ca. 1810, m. (1-31-1745) Elizabeth Hulett

1D3B1 Jacob (1746-ca. 1819 Mason Co. Ky) m. Mary Prudence Wallingford (1756-ca. 1860)
1D3B2 Samuel (1747-1824)
1D3B3 Reuben (1749-?)
1D3B4 John (1750-?)
1D3B5 Daniel A. (1758-1840) m. (1787) Esther Taylor (1769-?)
1D3B6 William (1759-1850) m. Mary Polly
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1D3D William 5 (Bartholomew 4 , Daniel 3 , Bartholomew 2 , Thomas 1 ) was a son of Bartholomew Applegate and Leni-Lenape Indian.

William Applegate, b. ca. 1724 m. (10-28-1747) Hannah Potter

1D3D1 John (1768-1835, d. Willsburg, WV) m. (1) Hannh ? (?-1796) (2) Christina Hann (1790-1861)
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1D3E Ebenezer 5 (Bartholomew 4 , Daniel 3 , Bartholomew 2 , Thomas 1 ) was a son of Bartholomew Applegate and Leni-Lenape Indian.

Ebenezer Applegate, b. ca. 1725, d. ?, m. ?

No information available
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1D3F John 5 (Bartholomew 4 , Daniel 3 , Bartholomew 2 , Thomas 1 ) was a son of Bartholomew Applegate and Leni-Lenape Indian.

John Applegate b. ca. 1727, d. ?, m. ?

No information available
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1D3G Joseph 5 (Bartholomew 4 , Daniel 3 , Bartholomew 2 , Thomas 1 ) was a son of Bartholomew Applegate and Leni-Lenape Indian.

Joseph Applegate, b. ca. 1728, d. 1824, m. Margaret ?

1D3G1 John ca. (1779-1861) m. (1) ? (2) (11-23-1806) Sarah Taylor (1790-1860)
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1D4A Ebenezer 5 (Ebenezer 4 , Daniel 3 , Bartholomew 2 , Thomas 1 ) was a son of Ebenezer and Mary Imlay.

He was the executor of his father's estate and received more than the other heirs. He may be the Ebenezer Applegate whose death was reported on Mar. 20, 1802 in the Apr. 6, 1802 issue of True American.

Ebenezer Applegate b. ca. 1745, d. ?, m. ?

No information available
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1D4B Obediah 5 (Ebenezer 4 , Daniel 3 , Bartholomew 2 , Thomas 1 ) was a son of Ebenezer and Mary Imlay.

Obediah Applegate, born c1750; died before May 26, 1821 at which time his estate was divided. He married (1) on June 26, 1772 to Bethenia Vaughn, born ; died c1810; (2) on June 5, 1811 in Beaver Co., Pa. to Rachel______, born ; died . The first record of Obediah is found in the tax rolls of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co., NJ where he is taxed on 4 acres, 2 horses, and 3 cows in May-June 1778. He was taxed for 2 horses and 1 cow in July 1780; 2 horses, 1 cow and 2 slaves in Mar.1781; and in 1782, only 2 horses 8 cows. He apparently moved to Dover Twp., Monmouth Co., NJ where he was taxed in Aug. 1783 for 8 lots, 2 horses and 1 cow. The final record in NJ shows him taxed for 2 horses and 3 cows in 1786 in Monmouth Co., NJ. In 1790, they were living in Washington Co., Pa. and in 1800 and 1810 in Beaver Co., Pa. In 1807, Obediah was listed as an appraiser in Hanover, Beaver Co., Pa.

Obediah Applegate b. ca. 1750, 1821, m. (1) Bethenia Vaughn (?-ca. 1810) (2) (6-5-1811 Beaver Pa.) Rachel ?

1D4B1 David ca. (1780-1848) m. 1-31-1800, Beaver Co. Pa.) Elizabeth Kennedy ca. (1782-1855) 1D4B2 Leodosia ca. (1781-1850) 1D4B3 William (1785-?) m. Mary Ellen ?, (1787-?) 1D4B4 Elizabeth m. Alexander Reed 1D4B5 Nancy m. John Shay, 1D4B6 Rachel m. James Hammond 1D4B7 Coward
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1D4K Coward5 (Ebenezer 4 , Daniel 3 , Bartholomew 2 , Thomas 1 ) was a son of Ebenezer and Mary Imlay.

No information available
Thomas (The Immigrant), ca. 1600-1662 sp. Elizabeth Wall
1. Bartholomew (c. 1624-1690), sp. Hannah Patrick
1A. John (ca. 1650-1688), no known issue
1D. Daniel (ca. 1652-1709), sp. Rebecca Tilton 1E. Thomas (c. 1659-prior 1688), unknown