John Curcio

Who am I?
Linux/Unix Geek
3-season hiking leader for the  Appalachian Mountain Club  (Boston H/B Chapter)
4-season (group and solo) hiker
Member of the Ski Wheeler Ski Club in North Conway, NH
Stereo fanatic/music lover

What cool/fun things have I done recently?
Sucessfully summited  Mt. Whitney , and visited  Yosemite while driving through
   Death Valley, San Joaqin Valley, and Mojave Desert.
Completed Appalachian Mountain Club Rock Climbing Class
5-day mountaineering seminar on Mt. Rainier (Seattle, Washington),
    [ more photos  might be long download]
    followed by brief visits at   Mt. St. Helens ,   Mt. Adams and  Mt. Hood
    [a lot of my training for Rainier had me going to this area by Madison Hut  between
      Mt. Madison  and  Mt. Adams in the White Mountains, NH]
Backpacked into inner gorge of  Grand Canyon and hiked in Zion National Park
   and more photos

What is coming up?
Climb Denali (aka Mt. McKinley)! with RMI [ bonus ->up-close picts - long download ]
Future vacations to Yellowstone/Grand Teton National Parks, Nepal and New Zeland
Ice Climbing class
Co-lead AMC winter hikes

Professionally speaking ...
Looking for help with Linux on your PC? Interested in Linux but not sure where to go?
If so, "the Linux Doctor" is making house calls! More information at

My Hiking Picts 
The White Mountains

Vacation - Fall 1998 
Zion National Park 
Grand Canyon 
Vacation - Spring 2001
Mt. Rainier
Mt St. Helens
Mt Adams
Mt Hood

Vacation - Fall 2002
Death Valley
Mt Whitney
Redwoods & Mojave Desert

Puppy pictures!
[aka "The Poop Troop"]

Unexpectedly in the winter of 2003 I found myself taking care of a friend's dog and her 8, new-born puppies! While the pictures are not particularly clear, for some adoreable, low-resolution pictures, check this out.

Me at play

How do you like my winter playground - The White Mountains of New Hampshire !
It doesn't get much better than this!

Overview of Crawford Notch 

Useful Links
 Mohamed Ellozy's Web Site - This site mostly focuses on information useful for peakbagging the 4,000 ft peaks in New England (ie, suggested routes, general advice, etc, etc), but also includes info on a wide variety of peakbagging lists.
The Mountain Wander - This site is a wealth of information on the mountains that make up New England. Not only does this web-site have general advice,and information on the 4,000 ftrs, but also has info on the less strenuous and/or less known peaks in the area. If you are in Lincoln, NH, check out the store which has a nice variety of books about our mountains, and chat with one of the most friendly and knowledgeable hikers in the area, Steve Smith, proprietor of the Mountain Wander store (on the Kanc, RT 112, in Lincoln, immediately next to the Irving station) and co-author of the 27th edition AMC White Mountain Trail Guide.
Views From The Top - While this web-site has a few nice pictures in their "Gallery" section, this site is best known for their "Trail Condtions" page. Here, hikers will write a quick summary of the conditions they found on a trail, along with general comments and a list of any special equipment they felt was necessary. This site can be invalueable, especially in winter!
New Hampshire Hiking Safety Tips - This web-site was put together by the NH Fish and Game and is meant to serve as a guide (and reminder) of how to hike safely in New Hampshire.
Hike Safe - Another common sense guide (and reminder), produced by the USFS about how to hike safely.

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