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(New 2010) Marbled Blue Bath
This faux was created to enhance the Marble look in the flooring.

New 2008 Brush Pearl
This faux finish adds a touch of class and elegance.

(New 2008 ) Marbled dining area
Top of wall is a marbling technique and bottom is a cheesecloth pounce.

(Napolis Restaurant) 2008
2 color faux finish ( Whooley )

(New 2008)
This is a cross hatch color wash technique in a master bedroom.

(New 2009) Marbled Master Bath
This Master bath marble technique was rendered in coffees, taupes & shades of cream w/ white veining

(New 2009) Colorwashed accent wall.
This accent wall was rendered in color wash technique in a warm shade of brown .

( New 2009 ) Red Antique Leather Faux Finish
This kitchen was given a sophisticated make over with a rich Antique Leather Faux Finish.

(New 2011) This is the Master Bedroom before

(New) 2011 After a 4 step color Faux Finish.
What a difference this Faux finish made to this elegant Master Bedroom.

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