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Mary Grace Nichol

Wearable Art
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( New 2010 ) Black line drawing of roses on Cotton
This shirt was designed with just detailed black line drawing of roses and vines.

( New 2010 ) Red Roses on Cotton.
This shirt was painted for Wear red for women event.

( New 2011 )) Peacock Jeans
Right on Trend.These jeans feature whispy colorful peacock weathers w/ cobalt blue gem centers.

( New 2011 ) Rose Corset Top
This denim corset top features hand painted white roses.

( New 2011 ) Silver accent florals
These jeans feature just sliver paint and gems.. bling bling.

( New 2011 ) Butterfly Denim
Butterflies and florals accent this pair of faded blues.

Denim and clothing items are  available by custom order only.
 You must supply the jeans or the top that is to be painted. Prices vary on project details.

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