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Estimates, sketches and Calendar availaibility.

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To contact Mary Grace Nichol

412/953-0810 or 412/921-9236.

The Wall Surface

I ask that you prepare the surface of the wall which includes filling nail holes etc.  yourself and or have it freshly painted.

I have found the best finish to work with is Satin  or Eggshell finish..( New construction homes are normally painted with flat ) And Semi gloss is too shiny for a decorative surface.

Consultation Fee

I welcome the opportunity to work with all new and existing clients. I offer one initial free consultation with in a 30 mile radius at no charge.

If you are more than 30 miles away I will still do an estimate but will require a 25 dollar charge to visit your home.

However I can offer alternatives to a physical estimate.

If you provide me with approximate dimmensions, wall texture, subject matter, level of detail and pictures of the room that is to be painted most times I can give an approximate estimate to the work you are inquiring about.

With the initial consultation being at no charge unless you are outside the 30 mile radius, I will require a charge between 150 and 250 dollars to establish sketches for your project .depending on subject matter and detail involved. If a second meeting should be required to review sketches I will then require a 1/3 down deposit of total estimate of job this will guarantee space on my calendar for your job.


These sketches are done as a tracing paper over lay to  photos of your space in a pencil rendering. ( Full color sketch pricing may vary )


if I already have available pictures or photos of work that I have already completed that you like the look of and would like to draw inspiration from those existing pieces or pictures or photos of your own. There will be no sketch fee just a DEPOSIT of at least 1/3 down to establish space on my calendar for your project.

Color Consultations and Faux Board color sample renderings

If you are unsure of color pallete for your home I am  available for a color consultation at 75.00 an hour.

In preparation of Faux board samples there will be a 20.00 charge for each sample that is prepared for the client.



My fees are based on overall project for a mural . The  

 level of detail and subject matter will determine this pricing.

Or................. an hourly rate of $50.00 an hour for more specialized detailed painting such as Reverse glass painting on Store Windows, furniture painting,  and custom small projects or border accents etc.

I also work from home on various projects that are custom ordered. Since there will be no travel time involved I will negotiate with client for pick up and drop off of these items as well as cost to complete.


Cancel fee

In the event of a cancellation you will receive your deposit for the job back but not the sketch fee I would have already completed the artwork and the sketches would remain my property. If you call to cancel the job on the day it is booked with no advance notice I will charge 50.00

I understand sometimes things come up and it is not always possible to adhere to a schedule , but:

I will offer one additional rescheduling to better accomodate your calendar. If you should cancel again. I will not be able to complete your mural or project.

If any special non returnable custom tinted paints or supplies are required for the job that were not purchased by the client there will also be no refund for those materials as well because that dollar  figure would have been bulit into the overall estimate of the job and I would send photo copies of the receipts to the client along with the deposit refunded minus those item amounts.




Thank you for visitng my website I look forward to working with you!

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