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1/2011...   New ladder type attenuator coming soon?

10/2010.   Favorite music recommendations... Added to the ramblings section.

10/30/2010   New amps, digital cables, Dac, Hard Drive music.   Lots of new stuff. Too busy to write. The Tripath TK2050 amps are the best I have ever heard and yet very affordable. New resistive impedance matching scheme for the digital cables sounds better. The Big Dac Board shows me there may be life beyond the AKM chips. The Cirrus V out chips also sound best direct out. Transports are obsolete. A good FireWire or USB output sounds better and is extremely versatile.

01/26/09   AK4395 vs. AK4396 Listening comparisons...Results added to the Behringer 2496 mods page.

9/8/08     The new attenuators are ready!     Surface mount resistors and Cardas connectors yeild a big improvement in sound.

11/11/07     AK4395 Dac chip swap ready for prime time...     The new chip is unbelievable! It adds another quantum leap
in sonics to the one that the direct out accomplishes. The sound stage
is wider, deeper and taller, with a blacker background. Dynamics and
bass slam are an incredible improvement. Air and acoustic decay are
increased in fine detail giving the instruments a more realistic and
musical presentation. The sound is so much better! I am Psyched! Whereas the
4393 benefited from a slight amount of ultrasonic filtering, The AK4395
sounds incredible running straight out to the coupling cap, eliminating
the last few components in the way of the most pure sound I have ever
heard at any price.

12/2/06     Modification for the Elma switch detents..... I have great news! I have developed a modification for the detent system of the Elma switches. I would estimate a 90% reduction in the peak rotational force on break away but still perfectly positive on center. This should further reduce any tendancy for audible pops.

9/04/2006     New BondedPair Analog Interconnect...  Listening tests are complete for the new BondedPair analog interconnects and I am Knocked Out by the dynamics of the new cable. It Makes the Nordost interconnects sound quite tame and is half the price. Open, detailed and ambient. A quicker presentation with better impact and more fully extended top end. The Nordost interconnects will remain available for those the prefer a robust, easy going cable which still has great retrieval of ambient cues.

9/02/2006     New 12ga Foil/Air Speaker Wire...   I have found an alternative to the now over priced Nordost speaker wire and it sounds even better! More robust and warmer on the bottom while just as pristine and open on top. These new cables are made up from high purity copper foil with Techflex shrouding the air dielectric. $20 plus $2.50/foot.

8/31/06     Nordost wiring price increase... Nordost has raised their price on the Flatline 12 bulk wire to almost double what it was previously so I must increase my pricing accordingly. Too bad for them as I have now begun evaluating cost effective replacements.

8/28/06 New Digital Cable.      New digital cable available. I have actually been using these cables for a year now and have finally added them to my products for sale. Digital cables make more of a difference in my system than analog cables and these sound better than any thing else that I have tried regardless of price. If you are using digital seperates such as the modified Behringer 2496s then a good digital cable is a huge cost effective upgrade.


08/22/06     Behringer 2496 mods and prices posted.   Step up to the liquid and detailed sonics of a modified DEQ or DCX2496.

3/25/06    Balanced Attenuator Price Increase next month.     Increased volume of production hasn't streamlined  the process as much as with the rca attenuators due to the labor intensive bonding and curing steps involved with the xlr connectors. The pricing will increase to $110.00 and $70.00 for balanced 24 and 11 step attenuators on May 1, 2006. Get yours now and save.

11/06/05     Added a description of my audio system.

9/16/05      Added Behringer A500 initial impressions to ramblings page

9/03/05     Added photos of the basic enclosure. See the stepped attenuator page.

8/11/05     New matching attenuators available. -.5db to -12db in .5db steps. Balanced or single ended. These are used when bi-amping with different amps if one amp is louder than the other.

6/23/05     Cheaper overseas shipping. USPS offers better pricing on overseas shipping. Most countries will be $20-$26 US for two attenuators. Charges will be based on the actual cost according to the calculator. Follow the link and enter your country then enter 1 pound for two attenuators or 2 pounds for six attenuators. See the price for "Global Express Mail" as this service includes tracking.

5/27/05     Added more ramblings.

5/26/05     Attenuator review at Positive Feedback online magazine! For those that have been wondering how my attenuators would rate in comparison to some of the worlds best preamps, you can now read the very thorough review by Fown-Ming Tien.

5/15/05     Buy 5 get one free. Special pricing on attenuators for multichannel users.

5/07/05     Price increase for Eleven Step Attenuators  Demand is outpacing supply so I am inclined to institute a price increase to $40.00 which will start on 5/15/05. If you have been thinking about trying them, Get Yours Now and save.

03/18/05     Added Ramblings page. I have compiled some of the comments I've made regarding audio equipment.

03/08/05     Added recomendations for the Behringer SRC2496. The SRC2496 is a fantastic sounding adc, jitterbox, upsampler, dac.

2/21/05     Added info for a great deal on pwer cords. Check out the recommendations page for a link to the 14ga. shielded Volex power cords at Mouser. Only $14.00.

1/19/05     Upcoming review in Positive Feedback online magazine. We are very pleased to announce that samples of our Shotgun Attenuators have been submitted for review. Check back soon for a link

12/03/04     New circuit for balanced attenuators.     Alows balanced attenuators with single deck switches which gives an even better common mode noise rejection and the availability of an eleven step version. The price is also reduced to $95 Twenty Four step. $45 Eleven step.

11/20/04     Added Shopping Cart   It's safe, easy and free. No need for a PayPal account. Just use your credit card at the checkout.

11/18/04  New values added. I can now offer a wider range of values for those that find the standard values to be too loud or too quiet. Choose any multiples of 2db from -4db to -70db.