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Custom Cables
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Speaker cables $40 plus $2.50/foot
12ga foil/ air dielectric = audiophile sound

Twisted BondedPair in Teflon:
Digital cable supremacy!
Digital cable RCA : $30 plus $1/foot
Digital cable XLR : $38plus $1/foot
New! BondedPair analog cables sound explosive! Makes the Nordost sound quite tame. Same price as for the digital cables.
New! 12ga foil/air speaker cable.
$40 plus $2.50/foot
Sounds better and is less expensive than Nordost

Interconnect RCA Termination Fee $30.00 each Cable

Interconnect XLR Termination Fee $38.00

Upgrade to Cardas connectors $16.00

Each Foot In Length Of BondedPair Digital Cable $1.00

Each Foot In Length Of BondedPair Analog Interconnect $1.00

Speaker Cable Termination Fee $40.00 each Cable

Specify bananas or spades for your speaker cables.

Each Foot In Length Of Foil/Air Speaker Wire $2.50

International Shipping in units of $5.00. Email for a total via USPS global express. Most locations run about $30.00 additional.

News Flash!
The new BondedPair and Foil/Air cables sound even better than the Nordost and cost considerably less.
I've listened to a lot of different types to find the best sounding wire and have moved on from the beautiful sounding Nordost Solid Rectangular Core in Teflon to the even better sounding, and cheaper, Foil/Air or Bonded Pair without shield for the absolute in clarity. For durability, the wires are jacketed in carbon Techflex, losely fitted so as not to interfere with the wonderful sonics of the Nordost.