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Need a new digital source? Digital technology is moving so quickly that  upgrading your source will probably make a big improvement in your sound. I was looking for a digital equalizer, so I tried the Behringer DEQ2496. I had planned to use this with digital in from my transport and digital out to my modified Assemblage DAC 2.7 but as it turns out the analog out of the Behringer sounds even better so I ended up getting an equalizer and a new dac for 300$. If you haven't ever tried a digital eq then you are missing out . No matter what the rest of your system is you will deffinitely benefit from some room correction and eq. Add to this the fact that you are getting  a great sounding dac and you have the current no brainer in my recommendations for your next upgrade.

Behringer DEQ2496

Behringer Strikes Again.

The SRC2496 Adac/Dac/Upsampler/Jitterbox is AWESOME! The analog out is way better than the DEQ. The jitter attenuation works wonders on my dvd player. The adc in has a level control that the DEQ for some reason omitted. The upsampler provides improved sonics after increasing the sample rate (this I can see) AND word length! (figure that one out). It costs $130!  The RadioShack Gold A/V cable isn't bad  but can't match the detail of the Apogee Wyde-Eye AD for digital. My DIY design with Bonded Pair in Teflon sound even better. The SRC2496 has a great sounding headphone amp as well that could be used as a variable out in a pinch.

Need a great deal on a power cord? Check out the Volex 14ga. shielded cord at Mouser. Only $14.00. They made an audible improvement with my power amps giving me a wider, deeper soundstage with better dynamics and less grain. Very musical.Give them a try. 686-17604 and 686-17605 at Mouser.

Volex Power Cords