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CCZC March 29th One Day Retreat


In March, Cape Cod Zen Center will have a One Day Retreat with kong an interviews, led by Dharma Master Barry Briggs JDPSN.  On Saturday, March 29th, this One Day Zen Retreat will be at Cape Cod Zen Center, in South Yarmouth.  We’ll meet at CCZC (directions, below) at 169 North Main Street, in South Yarmouth, at 8:45 a.m., for retreat orientation – MANDATORY for anyone who hasn’t sat a Retreat with kong an interviews.  At 9:15 a.m., there will be retreat registration.  Please be on time for retreat registration.  Then we’ll start, promptly at 9:30, reading Zen Master Seung Sahn’s Temple Rules; then we’ll meditate – sitting and walking – for six hours, during which we will have kong-an interviews with Master Barry Briggs.  We’ll conclude with chanting the Heart Sutra and Great Dharani, and a Circle Talk, ending at about 3:30 p.m.  There is a fee for this Retreat, and pre-registration IS required, please.  Participants are asked to please sign up with Jim or Timothy – in person, by e-mail or phone 508-362-2410 (Jim) or 508-776-4741 (Timothy).  Here are more details.


Directions to Cape Cod Zen Center: From the Mid Cape Highway (Route 6), take Exit 8 south, on Station Avenue/Union Street.  Go 1 1/2 miles south on Station Avenue.  Just after the Dennis-Yarmouth High School (and tennis courts), turn left on Regional Avenue; go 0.3 miles on Regional Ave.  At the stop sign, turn right on North Main Street.  The Cape Cod Zen Center is the first house (it’s gray), and gray barn, on the right - 169 North Main Street, in South Yarmouth.  The Zen Center and new dharma room are on the left (south) side of the barn.


Parking at CCZC: We have limited parking at CCZC, so please car-pool (or walk or be dropped off), if possible.  Besides limited parking in the driveway, several cars can be parked in the field on the north side of the house. Thanks!


What to wear: Primarily, wear loose, comfortable clothes.  Please consider wearing warm socks, as we’ll remove our shoes for the Retreat.  Robes are required, for Kwan Um School of Zen members who have taken Precepts.  Guest robes are available for those who have not taken the Five Precepts.


What to bring: Cape Cod Zen Center has mats and cushions.  If you prefer your own cushion and mat, please bring them.  We have kneeling benches, and chairs.  We just meditate – without a lunch break; we’ll go out to eat, after the Retreat.  If you have questions about, or wish to discuss, what to bring – please contact Jim or Tim.


There is a fee for this Retreat - $25 for Kwan Um School of Zen members, and $50 for Non-Kwan Um members.  Cash or check (made out to CCZC) is fine.  Sorry – we do not accept credit cards.


Signing up: Participants are asked to please sign up with Jim or Timothy – in person, by e-mail or phone 508-362-2410 (Jim) or 508-776-4741 (Timothy).

Important cancellation note: If you register for this Retreat, then need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible – so we can plan accordingly.  Thanks!

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