Daniel Melgarejo, artist, cartoonist, illustrator and animator, was born in Argentina. He never went to art school, but always drew avidly, even as a three-year-old. Before he was twenty, his drawings were appearing in newspapers and ad campaigns in Buenos Aires. In the 1970s, he lived in Spain, and continued to create both illustration and animation. He came to New York around 1980, where he freelanced, worked for Disney and did animation, including the titles of a Madonna film. His work appeared in the Village Voice and the New York Times. He was funny, warm and caring, always willing to talk with friends and encourage other artists he met. He loved cats, Cole Porter and Picasso. He hated buttons. He died of AIDS in 1989.


Miscellaneous recollections:

1. As a teenager Daniel worked in a library and often got into trouble... for reading books when he was supposed to be shelving them.

2. He once slipped on a banana peel, and found it very amusing. Life imitating cartoon art?

3. I asked him if he wanted to do a drawing of Arnold Schoenberg for a concert program. He said yes. Of course he already knew who Schoenberg was, what he looked like and what his music sounded like.

4. When Daniel was a kid, his mother didn't let him play in the street. So he spent hours on his balcony, reading comic books and drawing. His work from that period shows remarkably mature Disney characters.

5. A Hell's Kitchen landlord discovered that his tenant was subletting (illegally) to Daniel. The landlord decided that he liked Daniel, booted out the leaseholder and gave Daniel the apartment... including a grand piano.

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