Excerpts from Daniel's dream journal, written the year before his death. Translated by Eduardo Costa.    

Oct. 23, 1988

I dream of PD at a Coffee Shop, almost empty. Alex K. comes in. Hi!, how are you, etc. Of course the theme is AIDS and Marcelo B [dead} shows up. I kiss him lightly and say "You are back". Mario [dead] is also there, at a large table with Marcelo sitting at my side on a small rattan chair. He smiles. I look at my lesions and I do have a lot on my legs. One is horrible, has the tip of a tongue sticking out and is surrounded by small pimples.


Oct 24, 1988

I return to Barcelona and I rent a room with Fahrni or Marcelo, Colores, Dan Haskett, with many rooms, low ceilings. In the front rooms there is a huge wall, as large as a mountain, 15 flights tall and 3 blocks wide, covered in yellow stucco; far away at the top we can see a few little houses and a very starry blue sky, clean (and we into this hole). Resignation. On the rooftop I am with Marcelo and on the other side we see a cloudy sky, at daytime, little houses, an entrance to a Park. I tell him "Look at the nice people, these guys..." He smiles, I see some worn out old ladies, two of them are together and they have a dog or a friend like hers walking on its four, short legs like those of a with hands and shoes.


Oct 29, 1988

I see NYC but I believe I am in Barcelona, since I remember the Trou des Halles. That is I see a brilliant green light getting closer. It is at night, we are sitting outside, I am a kid and I sit even further away from the house. I see a small swordfish made of metal that gets closer to us. It is Evil, in the eyes a green light shines. They are scared, the fish bites me on the cheek, I catch it and it turns out to be a plastic fish like a silvery balloon. I have a pet-rat or cat, unintentionally I hurt it, I want to take a photo, years later, of the blond woman with a monkey dressed as a baby in Diane Arbus' book. The first time I see her, her face does not show, I suppose she does not want to show that she has grown older, I see only her blonde hair but she finally shows her face. I do not perceive the monkey but I am afraid that my pet-rat will scare him or be scared, I try to hold him by the neck and I hurt him, then he bites my hand. He leaves, upset. I see him as beautiful and hurt (he is now a cat). I return to the ship-frigate-laboratory-palace and am afraid of Evil, I think as I walk along ruined corridors and I fear to be locked in a small space. I pass by a physician and a nurse and I see scattered a number of objects... there is a a rusted chain that shines in the dark with strong yellow color, fluorescent though not lemon.

Dec 27, 1988

I am like a receptor, all is magnetic waves, I see and feel every molecule, I see a floor of little white stones, I travel high speed at about a foot from the floor seeing the cosmic order of the little stones. and I see very neatly the electricity around the stones, until I reach two grey stones a little bigger which have more circuits around them, some in the shape of greek borders, colored a very dark blue.


Dec 29, 1988

I am working at Disney on a holiday and the only two people who have shown up are Walt Disney and myself. I ask him if it is true that he used to smoke two packs of "Caporal" cigarettes a day and he says "Yes, that Spanish tobacco". We go out and as we wait for the elevator to come I ask him what he thought about Max Fleischer. Nothing. He saw him as an old man. He tells me an anecdote that I cannot remember.

Jan 2, 1989

Two British twins who live in a coastal town or in NYC make this sign, "last but not last", and they glue it in the streets. It is a B&W photo (retouched with airbrush) of an American suburban home whose garden is a map of the world which is a puzzle from which the figure of the twins comes out, cut like puzzle pieces.


May 2, 1989

I see a doctor without a head. When he puts his head on I see that his right hand - which he offers to me - is as small as a baby's. There are two more doctors, but I see only a third one, who is also crippled. We are in a dark corridor, with a high ceiling, almost no light, the headless doctor becomes very good looking, heavy set, as he puts his head on. Before or after I am walking along the coastal avenue in Mar del Plata or a highway in Madrid, holding my cat like a baby, and we chat. Will we be always together? Yes. I do not know how to explain death to him. A bus stops next to us and a woman, sitting on the front seat, flaunts a red Honeywell Bull logo, and asks me how to get there...



Translation c.Eduardo Costa, 1991