Connors Fine Arts Studio

Oil Bozzetti

Studio with Four Figures
9 x 12 inches, oil on linen, Private Collection.

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Winter Sycamores
4 x 6 inches, oil on linen, 2000, Private Collection.

A Glass of Magnolias
7 x 6 inches, oil on linen, 1994, Private Collection.

Bozzetto (s., bozzetti, pl.) is a specific type of study or sketch. A bozzetto is a study inspiring a resultant finished work and both must be done in the same medium. I do many oil bozzetti each year- landscape, figure, portrait, and even still life. They can be done from life or from one's memory or imagination. Oil sketches are a delight to make and are useful to have around the studio to reflect on. Bozzetti are generally small as in the above examples of "Studio with Four Figures" and "Winter Sycamores" or "A Glass of Magnolias." Often times they remain simply oil studies or sketches, exploratory in their nature or they can be complete visual statements- a genuine artwork complete with an innate aesthetic. In the event that they are uninspired, I discard them. Usually, I do them on prepared paper because of that support's charm and efficacy for inspired moments.

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