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Studio August 2006

Long Island Academy of Fine Art One-Day Linear Perspective Lecture and Workshop [Click on this for more information.]

WHYY Creative Campus: Penna. Academy of the Fine Arts. [Click here to see the 6-minute video.]

Fall 2009
Visiting Artist and Lecturer


Linear Perspective Workshop: Saturday 24th October 2009

Institute of Classical Architecture, 20 West 44th Street, Manhattan. Please contact Leah Aron at 212-730-9646, ext. 101
This 7-hour course is an introduction to linear perspective for the beginner or for the intermediate student who wishes a review. The "delightful and noble art" of linear perspective is the flesh, heart, and soul of classic pictorial space, from placing the objects in a still life to the disposition of figures in a composition. It is the intellectual basis for representationist thought and spatial illusionism.

This workshop will cover the essentials of perspective: including one-, two-, and three-point perspective, providing a means for which the artist may improve independently in his or her own work.


"Flow, The Life and Times of Philadelphia's Schuylkill River" by Beth Kephart (for which a painting of mine was used for the cover). "Beth Kephart's Flow is just a sumptuous book - haunting, poetic, lit up with gems of beauty and history. We engorge ourselves on materialism. The legacy of our generation will be our consumerism. But Flow and its exquisite evocation of the Schuylkill River reminds us that nature still trumps everything. Which makes the book all the more beautiful and all the more rare."

-Buzz Bissinger, author of "A Prayer for the City" and "Friday Night Lights".

Spring 2007

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia awards the first "Samuel D. Gross/ Thomas Eakins for Significant Contributions to Medicine and its Surrounding Culture" to 10 honorees including the illustrious "Button Brigade" (Stanley Bielen, Charles Cushing, and Patrick Connors).

American Artist March 2004

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Link to January 2007 American Artist Online article on linear perspective

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Studio Incamminati 2010 Spring Lecture Series:

The first of four spring lectures to examine the origins, development, and studio practice of fundamentals in representationist thought and imagery.

First Lecture: 21 January, Thursday, 6:30PM:
Through the Picture Plane- The Poetry of Light

To register please call: (215) 592-7910 [Seating is limited] Tickets: $10.00 for the General Public and $5.00 for Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts students & staff.

Studio Incamminati is located at:
340 North 12th Street (12th & Callowhill Sts.), Philadelphia, PA 19107

Through the Picture Plane- The Poetry of Light:

The "visual revolution" of the Quattrocento provided the intellectual foundation for five centuries of development in representationist pictorial space. A demonstration to project a grid or checkerboard in perspective is part of this lecture.

Lecturer: Patrick Connors is a practicing painter in Philadelphia and instructor at art institutions including The New York Academy of Art, The Grand Central Academy of Art, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and Studio Incamminati.

The Creation of Adam, Sistine Chapel
Artistic Anatomy Lecture

3 March Wednesday Lecture 6:30PM Studio Incamminati Artistic Anatomy: The Manifestation of the Human Spirit. Click here for more information.

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