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1968 GTO Radio Pictures Installed

1967 GTO Stock AM - With Hidden FM Stereo and Aux Input

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Would you like to have FM Stereo playing out of your old AM Radio?

Would you like to play a CD or iPod or even SAT radio through your old AM Radio?

We can help

It Looks like a stock AM radio but also plays FM Stereo too.
And if you Hide the AUX Cable, Nobody will know where the AUX Music is coming from.



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A reasonable way to have FM stereo with CD and iPod capabilities in your old 60’s Classic GM Car


For 25 years I have been putting up with my old AM/FM mono radio until one day I couldn’t take it anymore. So I came up with this Stereo for

my 68 GTO and I love it!

Still can’t believe the sound that comes out of it!

Send me your radio and here is what I will do:


          Strip and clean old radio right down to the bear chassis.

          Add a new stereo system to your old AM radio.

          Maintain the stock faceplate, mounting and look of your original radio.

          Add AM-FM decal if specified.

          Replace face plate glass, knobs and or bezels if needed. Knobs bezels may cost extra.

          CD or iPod input connection box hard wired to a 5’ cable from the radio that you could mount under dash or beside console to hide it. (CD player or iPod not included)

          Supply a 6’ Stereo input cable to connect your portable CD player or iPod to the CD input box.

          Supply hook up instructions and wiring circuit.


This is the radio for the person that wants their radio to have that AM stock look to match their Car’s build sheet and be able to cruise in style with the hidden FM/CD option.

But still is just for anyone that wants to keep his or her Dash Intact!

What you would have is a great looking original AM radio that plays beautiful FM stereo by clicking one button to take it out of the AM besides being able to play your CD’s or an iPod!


There are a few different options that can be done to these radio’s. You can make it completely stock in appearance or go with the custom version


Please note that in order to perform this modification to these radios, the preset buttons must be disabled because the modern style tuner (Screw type), is not compatible with old sliding type tuner set up that originally was in the radio. They will still look original and push in and pop out but they will not move the needle.

The first old preset button is now being used to switch you from AM to FM and vise versa.

The dial in the faceplate will not flip. I will either retain your stock AM face numbers or if you don’t care about the stock look, I can put on an AM/FM combo Decal. (See Picture)


There is also a speaker fader bezel to adjust front to back with this radio.

It will be under the volume knob on left side.

You can still use your old tone bezel to adjust speaker balance and hide the fact you have the speaker balance adjustment altogether. Please ask if you want the speaker bezel.

The right side tuner knob will still be set up for your select bezel to be under it.

The tone is also preset to one setting.


This radio also has amplifier provisions, (if needed).

It also will have a 12-volt power source to connect to the remote terminal on your amplifier to turn it on with the radio.

Or you can use the same 12-volt source to send signal to a power antenna relay.


Note: The seller will not be responsible for any damages or injuries that may result in the use of this product because he is not personally installing this item, so buyer takes full responsibility.

And once your radio is converted it cannot be changed back.


 You will be amazed by the sound this old radio will put out!



1969 GTO Stock AM - With Hidden FM Stereo and Aux Input

1968 Camaro Stock AM - With Hidden FM Stereo and Aux Input

This conversion can be performed on most 1964 -1972 GM Delco radios.
Email me with what year you have and I will give you the options we have for that year.

1965 GTO Custom AM - FM Stereo with AUX Input

AM - FM Combo Decal (GTO and Fullsize Pontiac only)

What you will need for your car, (if you already haven’t done yet), when you get this radio:


          Good set of speakers – Minimum for 100-Watts peak. You can either set up your system to balance the speakers side to side or you can set your speakers to fade from front to back. The speaker output impedance is 4 ohm.

          Run new wire for your speakers. 18 Gauge. You will need 2 wires for each speaker because these speakers cannot have one side connected to the car or chassis ground. They both must be connected to the radio.


1969 Camaro Stock AM - With Hidden FM Stereo and Aux Input

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