Confessions of a Mail-In Rebate Junkie

My Struggle To Pry a Mail-In Rebate from a Reluctant Fulfillment Center

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Sent the rebate form in along with all required documentation.
No problems so far.
Went on the rebate status web site, which indicated that the rebate was processed on August 5, and that I should expect to receive a check within eight weeks.
Three weeks to process the rebate, and another eight weeks to send the check??  Ridiculous, of course, but par for the course in the mail-in rebate world.
The check was supposed to have arrived by now, but hasn't.
This is cause for some alarm.   The check usually arrives within eight weeks, even for the most snail-paced fulfillment center.


I send two e-mails through the rebate status website, with no response.  I attempt to call the phone number, but repeatedly slog through a difficult and confusing menu of options, then have to hold for so long to reach a human being that I finally give up.

Okay, this is getting serious.  It's been well over two months since I've sent in the rebate information, the check is nowhere in sight, and all of my attempts to contact the rebate fulfillment center have been ignored.


I send this letter to the rebate fulfillment center (using the address on the rebate form).  No response is received.

Seldom in my experience have so many attempts to contact a company about a rebate been so ignored.  This isn't a good sign.


Bypassing the rebate fulfillment center for the first time, I send this letter of complaint directly to the manufacturer of the product.

I received my rebate check on November 12.  Could my letter to the manufacturer have had anything to do with it?