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HalfStep Yesterday

HalfStep 1997

HalfStep Yesterday:  Larry Chropka - Chuck MacElroy - George Strauss - Jim Bradley - Dave Staude
Photo by Rich Pace, 1997

The original members:
Larry Chropka - Bass
Chuck MacElroy - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Harmonica, etc.
George Strauss - Guitar
Jim Bradley - Vocals
Dave Staude  - Vocals, Drums

Other dubious members from over the years:
Dan Owen - Vocals, Guitar
Jay Viola - Bass Guitar
Vinnie Lorino - Drums
John "The Bop" Cullin - Guitar, Keyboard
Bob Adams - Guitar


HalfStep has morphed over the years with several band members coming and going and coming again and staying a while and then going again (...they'll be back).  The band started sometime in 1979 as the brilliant idea of Chuck MacElroy who along with the vocally endowed Jim Bradley, decided to see if they could pull together some friends and make some... uhhh, music.  They recruited Dave Staude, Larry Chropka and George Strauss as the rhythm section and started to jam... and jam they did!  That year, practices started in Jim Bradley's basement and have continued to this day in many a fine smelly basement around the area.

Jim's Basement 1980

July 5th 1981 Jay Wetzel's Benifit

Ad for the Bridgeview May, 1991

Dan Owen on guitar at the Bridgeview 1991

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Jim's Basement 1980

July 5th 1981 Jay Wetzel's Benifit

John "The Bop" Cullin on piano 1990

Benifit for Jay Wetzel's headstone July 4th ,1981

Jim with daughter Becky July 5th 1981

Flyer for Katie O'Briens's Pub 1994


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