Natures solution of a static equilibrium problem structure in static equilibrium


Static Equilibrium: Problem Solving


      Make sure that as you solve each problem your instructor reviews your work. Be prepared to explain exactly how you got your answer. (This procedure would be reinforced in class as students solve the problems they should get my attention so I can talk with them about their problem-solving strategy and make sure they do the reflections. If a problem seems to warrant a whole-class discussion we can do that.)

      We will review the reflections on each problem together in class; please be prepared to contribute to a thoughtful class discussion.




Free Body Diagrams (Page under construction could we do 15-20 minutes just on drawing challenging free-body diagrams?)

For each problem:

  1. What difficulties (if any) did you have with this problem today?
  2. Try to remember what it was like when you first learned this material. What difficulties do you think you would have had with this problem as a novice?
  3. What did you learn from completing this problem?
  4. What would you like a student to learn from completing this problem?

ALG 7.4.5 and 7.4.6 - online (Eugenia please advise if this is OK, otherwise we can easily do without the computer)

ALG 7.4.7 in ALG

ALG 7.4.9 in ALG

ALG 7.4.12 in ALG

problems 7 and 8

Other? Prepare some more difficult problems for those students who are going more quickly? How challenging is this material really going to be for this group of people?