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Poems I have written over years and I share with you. 

I love to write poems when I feel the urge to express what is in my heart or on my mind at a given time.  To me it is a wonderful way, to express the true feelings of the moment.


Jim Graham  10/20/2012


What words we say what words we convey.

What are the words we all love to say?

What words swell our hearts and bring us cheer?

What words bring us sorrow and cause gentle tears?


Some words we encrypt to hide our feelings.

Some words we shout loudly expecting true healing

Some words escape us and make us look foolish.

Some words we remember and cherish forever.


The words “I love you” express true feelings.

The words “I respect you” are all so revealing

The words “I’m sorry” cleanses our weakness.

The words “I believe” leads to forgiveness.


Carry these words and use them freely.

Share them with others and believe in them deeply.

Love, Respect, Sorry, Believe, all words of comfort,

They’ll guide us through life.




Tender Christmas

By Jim Graham 12/20/2011


Christmas time and many long hours,

leaves little time for much needed rest.

Family calls, brings yawns and grunts,

in wild expectancy, of Santa’s best.


The thoughts of home, a simple lifestyle,

a family tradition, shared with emotion.

The stronger our love, the closer we gather,

each moment so special, embraced jubilation.


A holiday song, for those close at hand,

the words of affection, shared with beloved.

A wink of the eye, a small crooked smile,

entrusted compassion, hearts filled with love.


Our world shines a new, with big aspirations.

Our world is a new, with tender emotions.

The words of love, rings true in our soul,

Oh grateful day!…Hey!… Santa comes soon!


Merry Christmas




He’s getting so old

By Jim Graham 12/1/11


Now listen here folks, to the crabby old man,

who once was the hit, of all of the clan.

He shared and he joked, a life of contentment,

as he slowly drifted, his life no resentment.


His thoughts and his manhood, his wise intuition,

all seemingly dispersed, upon his condition.

His fun and his glory, some misunderstood,

he wonders aloud, have I done all I could.


He knows he is grumpy, about all of life,

but he can’t understand, he has so much pride.

He wants to be young, and travel the world,

to be with his friends, his life is a whirl.


But his body won’t let him, accompany his friends.

He can’t walk for long, so he can’t make amends.

He makes himself happy and longs for downtown,

none seem to care, if he is happy or down.


Come share in his blessings; come share what he taught,

allow him the warmth, of your care and your thoughts.

He’ll share his love; he’ll share his wisdom,

he’ll share his experiences, you’ll love his vision.


Remember the old guy, you see everyday.

Remember to smile, and don’t shy away.

Your days will be happier, his days will be sweet.

Remember, remember, someday will you please.




By Jim Graham 10/1/11


Rolly polly, fun and jolly.
Brown and black, his name is Rollie.
He runs in the yard, his body so nimble.
He looks for his masters, approving love symbol.

Open the door, he wants in the house.
Move out the way, he wants his food.
Gobble it down; now look for more.
Will my master relent, or is it for nor.

Give him some more; he’s your best friend.
Love him and hold him, but don’t pretend.
He is your best friend throughout your life.
Dependable always, without any strife.




Tomorrow’s worry

By Jim Graham 9/22/11


It’s morning so late, I’m yet in bed.

Eyes filled with sleep, I clear my head.

Where is my Cleo, Why did she not greet me?

It’s most unusual, she‘s always near.


She tickles my nose and she purrs in my ear.

She wakes me up, she wants to be near.

Is she hiding or playing, or maybe she’s ill.

Is she on the porch, my thoughts ramble still.


I know she wants breakfast, she wants some affection.

She’s not in the bedroom or on the porch section.

Did she get outside, is she lost or confused.

I must find Cleo, she must be pursued.


I call her by name, but she does not show.

I worry and ponder, my thoughts seem so slow.

I don’t understand, she always responds.

I’ll call her again and I’ll look all around,

But she doesn’t respond, to my bleating love call.


Is she sick or lost, concern seems to grow.

I’ll look again; I’ll look to and fro.

She must be found, she knows I care,

She must adorn, the life we both share.


Oh there she is, in the family room link.

She’s fully stretched out; she’s looks like a Sphinx.

I call her for breakfast, but she doesn’t move.

I go to her side, I give her a rub.

She looks so content, as proud as the day.

I wonder why she, continues to stay.


She loves the attention, she loves to be loved.

She yet won’t move, I wonder why?

I noticed a present, lying close by her side.

It is her first present, she’s filled with pride.

Mickey is peaceful laying flat his on his back.

Not mutilated or torn, at peace and coal black.


She would not leave Mickey, not even for breakfast.

She must be in morning, did she have some regrets.

As Mickey’s retrieved, she follows me now.

To the porch we go, Mickey’s home is not ours.


She hurriedly eats, her breakfast pâté.

She now seems content, she wants me to play.

I love my Cleo, so friendly and cunning,

She purrs and she snuggles, independently stunning.


I wonder if she, understands what she done.

Is she just like a sportsman, wanting praise for their fun.

All sportsmen and Cleo, experience the honors,

of trimming the pack, to save our tomorrows.





By Jim Graham 4/6/11


She grows oh so feeble, without much confusion.

She loves her life, in wondrous seclusion.

She worries and worries, her mind never rests.

She worships and prays, and wishes us best.


She wonders if you’ll remember she cares.

She prays we remember, without shedding tears.

Will anyone care, when life’s journey ends?

We will always remember; her love does transcend.


This loving lady, so admirably wise,

Who cares if she’s feeble, she deserves the prize.

This loving mother, we love and admire,

Shares in our blessings, which she does inspire.


She loves her family, her daughters so proud,

She wishes longevity, pull down the big shroud.

She hopes we remember her love and her pains,

She hopes you the best, in life that remains.


I know we all love her, we shared one another,

I know we’ll remember, this sweet loving mother.

The things she has taught us, we’ll ever hold true.

Our love of our mother will carry us through.


Lets join her in sharing, the love of her family,

Let’s bring smiles aglow, to her wonderful life.

She needs us to care; she wants all our love,

God finds her life worthy, as he smiles from above.


God bless you Mom.


Winter Trees

By Jim Graham 1/18/1


How dreary, how cold, so strong and so true,

so cold and wet, their limbs they do freeze.

Come hear the trees, they creak and they moan,

they frown and they bend in wistful tones.


How could they stand so proud in clear lace,

so full of ice yet full of grace?

Their limbs all sag with all that ice,

They look for sun, there life is precise.


The sun gives its strength, it warms their core,

their life endures, their life heretofore.

Could the life of the tree express and console,

could the sad, sad tree, bring love to our sole.


When doubt clogs our soul will the sun clear aggression?

Will we look to the trees as a humble progression?

Will our soul be proud and stand tall or crumble.

Will we remember the tree so cold and so humble?


The tress all watch to see our decisions,

They’ll humbly protect with all due precision.

They hope we remember how cold they once were,

They wish for longevity and hope you concur.


Some days have tears and bring you issues

Remember the tree they provide you tissues.

Be happy and cheerful; forget all your strife,

All trees bring well being and calm all of life.




"First Girl"  by Jim Graham 9/23/10


We carry the books of a girl that we like,

how foolish we are, those books are so big.

She lives far away; it is quite a long hike,

she thanks us and smiles, and say’s her good-bye.

I’ll see you tomorrow, will you do this again.

I think to myself, how did this begin.

I shout back to her, I’ll let you know.

It’s baseball time, I’m going to play.

if I see your there, I might walk your way.



“Time” by Jim Graham 9/20/10


In days gone by, time moved like a snail,

we never cared, we always had time.

School holidays, seemed fuzzy like Braille,

we care not for school, there is plenty of time.


We played all day long, with friends near and far,

never tiring we continued, till long in the night

Our feet and our faces, sometimes dark with char,

didn’t matter to mom, she made us so bright.


Oh, how we loved to be in our teens,

our friends and our foes, changed ever so fast.

Betty and Mary and little girl Jean,

all wanted to come, but we left them aghast.


As we grew older, time seemed to get shorter,

we never found time, to be home with our father.

Dirty and sweaty Dad wanted us preen,

quick into the shower, you scrub yourself clean.


Eventually we found that work everyday,

curtailed our free time to be with our friends.

Our friends are sad, not being with us,

but life for the worker goes on and goes on.

They’re sadden, they’re hurt, but say “what the hay”,

they know they are working to get a big pay.


Time flies so fast each month of the year,

we soon loose track of those precious good times.

We wonder how time, can travel so fast,

We have just begun to strengthen our wings.


We consider a decision to marry or not,

do I want to begin having family to love.

There’s lots of time to tie the knot,

our love is strong but I need a shove.


Our family grows larger, we work very hard,

to put on the table our money for food.

The money’s not great, for all this hard work,

we pinch and we scrape and to pay our bills stewed.


It’s Christmas and Easter they do come so fast,

but happy are we, to be with our friends.

We tell all our friends, those days are a blast,

but each year it seems, we look into a zoomed lens.


The years fly by fast, will time ever slow,

we can’t keep tract, of days anymore.

We write on the calendar, all-important dates,

and hope we can read, our scribbled old fate.


We now wear glasses, our weight has increased,

we look in the mirror, we may need a priest.

We wear baggy pants and worn out “T” shirts,

because we don’t care, we love our deserts.


We’re happy and friendly and eat lots of cake,

and share our blessings with all who partake.

Come share our good times and give thanks to God,

we’ll share our lesson to family and friends.


The years are to short, as time disappears,

we yet cant believe, a new year is here.

We hunker down, in our comfortable wrap,

and hope no visits come bothers our nap.


Our golden years, begun we have read,

but it seems our gold has turned into lead.

Our life styles change and not for the best,

we visit the doctor more times than the rest.


We love our grand kids, but we can’t over sleep,

we hope in the daytime, they allow us to nap.

We’re lucky to sleep, God answered our prayers,

we praise the good lord, when we open our eyes.


It’s nice and so peaceful, so many good friends,

we love them and thank them for making amends.

We hope they remember the good times we shared,

we’re blessed by God, with more love to spare.


And now it’s time to share a goodbye,

with family, friends and even our foes.

God bless you all, love one another,

share time together, we love you all.



"From the heart"

by Jim Graham 9/13/2010  

Follow your heart.
Gods love lights the way.
He’ll help you and guide you.
He’ll comfort your soul.

Trust and obey,
his goodness will heal.
His touch and his love,
will comfort you now.

May your decisions through God,
Heal your mother real fast.
My hope is you’ll follow,
Gods bright shining light.


A poem I wrote for the acknowledgement of my new book, "Reflective Symphathy, a true-life Christian novel" to be released soon.


“I listened” by Jim Graham 9/11/2010


You walk with God, never being alone,

you reflect on you’re life, to friends at great length.

Where do you begin, thanking those you have known,

who assisted in giving you, all of your strength.


Compassion and friendship, abundance of love,

throughout the writing of this your new book.

You’re cautiously urged do take off your gloves,

present your thoughts, so they are not mistook.


Your intent must be, to assist those who whine,

retain a good outlook, and bolster your spine.

God gives you true faith, through his caring good words,

in return you will see, Gods words are divine.


You emptied your soul and shared Gods lessons,

never questioning your God, your life has less tension.

Your book is truthful; you shared your compassion,

your love and your faith, you shared your attraction.


Your writings bring comfort, what joy and what peace,

your words are uplifting, through Gods loving grace.



To our absent brother, "a Soldier"

August 2010 by Jim Graham


A brother and a friend,

he is so kind and true.

He lives in our heart forever,

God bless the USA


His spirits are exciting,

his thoughts are so intriguing.

We cannot let him down,

he shares our deepest dreams.


He is to all so kind and true,

a man that we can count on.

He never judged a single sole,

and always talks kind words.


He always fills a major void,

when spirits seem to drift.

We must agree he is sincere,

He keeps us safe at home.


A soldier knows our deepest love,

the meaning of a family.

Bar-none you are included,

he shares his life for all.


His love his faith his caring,

to country and it’s friends.

He causes us to remember,

the courage of his words.


A soldier we will always know,

his life is true at heart.

He chose his friends so closely,

but he put his country first.


He makes us smile,

he makes us laugh,

He makes us cry and cringe.

But always we remember,

he is our freedom call..


We love to be in his company,

even if we were butting heads.

He never holds a grudge for you

And always loves us all.


He always was himself so true,

never pretended to be aloof.

What others wished for him to be,

he would never change his colors..


He always did stay true and blue,

to his personal beliefs.

For that is one of his greatest qualities,

he serves the USA


We surely miss our soldiers,

but we know in our hearts today.

He lives for us that someday we,

will once again be brothers.


To our absent brothers.



"A Summer Wish"

by James Graham August 2010


I want warm weather,

cooped up for to long.

I want a warm breeze,

as soft as goose down.


I want the trees,

to fill with leaves.

I want the birds,

singing their song.


Lets hasten the flowers,

arrival in spring.

Lets gather the kids,

for a ride on the swing.


Lets all fill our baskets,

and have a great picnic.

Lets all trade our tactics,

for a world that’s not mythic.




By Jim Graham, 02/28/2010


I decided to post my writings,

upon a very nice website.

I wonder if those who are taught,

will understand my thoughts.


It seems from first observations,

there are those who do agree.

I wonder if all of my frustration,

will make them laugh or flee.


I hope they give and take my errors,

I have no collage degree.

I’ll write and I’ll write,

my brain is a smokin.

I’ll stumble, I’ll fall,

my thoughts must be rite.


Its part of the learning process,

is it, we, or I, or they.

It doesn’t really matter much,

as it feels so good to write.


The words just keep on tumbling,

as I keep typing, and mumbling.

But soon it’s so sweet,

my work is complete.

I can now enjoy the sheets.





 "Friend Forever"

By Jim Graham 2006


Your wisdom has guided our paths.

Your sincerity has spread through our souls.
Your courage consoled our wrath,

our darkest fears made whole.

You are my dearest friend,

today, tomorrow, and forever.

We will meet again my loved one,

in the land far beyond the sun.

My prayers and love for you,

will keep you close and true.

May we all rejoice and sing his praise,

may you walk with us all,

in your home so far away





"Happy Anniversary"

By Jim Graham 2004


It’s been a long time, since we first met.

The years we cherished, not lacking regret.


Let’s laugh and be happy, and cherish these days.

I love you my Juju, my heart does obey.


May your days be happy, and filled with delight.

It’s our anniversary, may our day be bright.


May your thoughts of our family, remain in your heart.

May the Gods of happiness, raise our love off the chart.


Your smiling face and cheerful blue eyes,

your warm glowing smile, console and advise.


I will always remember your soft tender touch,

your love of our family I’ll use as a crutch.


No one will replace you for the rest of our days,

I love you my Juju the best is to come.




I cried in my Edsel

I cry in my Wrangler

Gosh what a hassle.

I must be bungler.


To cry that often

Without knowing why

Is Gods given notion

You will kiss me goodbye.




"I love you my Juju"

By Jim Graham 2004.


May your days be happy, and filled with delight.

It’s our anniversary, may our day be bright.


May your thoughts of our family, remain in your heart.

May the Gods of happiness, raise our love off the chart.


Your smiling face and cheerful blue eyes,

your warm glowing smile, console and advise.


I will always remember your soft tender touch,

your love of our family I’ll use as a crutch.


No one will replace you for the rest of our days,

I love you my Juju the best is to come.



"My Love"

By Jim Graham


My Love my life my everything

You are to me a true blessing.


Throughout these years

I marveled at you

our love and compassion

you unselfishly shared.


My single wish would surly be,

that all could see your love for me.


I love the way you look at me
your eyes so bright and blue.
I love the way you kiss me
your lips so soft and smooth.

I love the way you make me happy
and the ways you show you care.
I love the way you say, "I Love You,"
And the way you are always there.


May our love together continue to grow

May family and friends share what we know.

May the Gods of health and friendship continue

too bless our life and relationship.



"My Heart"

By Jim Graham August 2007


I love you with all “my heart and association”,

the words of our son when yet a child.

We will never forget that wonderful elation,

of praying and singing and being so mild.


I will never forget you on our special day.

our 39th anniversary will always remain.

We’ll hug and we’ll kiss and have a great time,

now and forever I’ll pledge you my love.


May you always be mine to share a good time,

may we hug or kids to show them we care.

We’ll always be true to our heart and our family,

and never forsake the vowels we have taken.




"So Sad"

By Jim Graham September 2006


So sad, so sudden, was the call.

Your death surprised us all.

Perhaps some day we’ll understand,

The reason why, your life was short. 


We often sit and think of you,

And think of how you died.

But oh how hard it is to remember,

We could not say goodbye.

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