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It's summertime and it's Graduation time for most of the older kids.....and for Caitlin, who took extra courses so that  she could graduate early and go away to "University"  with best friend Lucy.
Caitlin's boyfriend Joey, who still has a year of highschool left, proposes the night of The Big Graduation Party and Caitlin doesn't accept his proposal. Joey wants Caitlin to keep the ring anyway cuz that is his Graduation present for her. Caitlin keeps the ring and wears it on her right hand.
This whole thing puts a damper on Joey's evening and he goes to leave the party. On his way out he runs into Tessa Campanelli, who is blossoming into quite the young woman (what Dad used to call a "looker"!) and who has just had a fight with her boyfriend. All that guy ever wants to do is smoke pot! Who IS he anyway? We've never seen him before but apparently he's "smoking buddies" with Yick - who ALSO once dated Tessa. (Tessa's sort of like The Town Bicycle - Everybody gets a turn!)
Tessa asks Joey for a ride home and he gives her one. When he drops her off she kisses him ....and I mean KISSES him, tongues and everything!
A few days later Tessa asks Joey out. He's still "going with" Caitlin but...... well..... Caitlin refuses to put out so what's a man to do? He starts dating both Caitlin AND Tessa.
While this is all going on Snake and Joey are having a little bet to see who can lose their virginity first. Wheels apparently isn't a virgin anymore and even has a girlfriend named "Karen" who he is planning to move to Calgary to be closer to.
The summer is c-razy with Wheels working in a garage fixing up jalopies (including his own hunk of junk) and guzzling beer, Snake working at the kiddie pool as a lifeguard and going crazy over the thought that he might NEVER lose his dreaded virginity (Snake is like MANIC DEPRESSIVE in this movie!), Joey working at the drug store and juggling two girlfriends, Caitlin working as a waitress in a restaurant and wooing Joey part-time and Tessa working at the One Hour Photo with Spike and wooing Joey the other half.
Oh, and Alexa and Simon are putzing around in the background, planning their wedding.
Joey loses his virginity to Tessa and when Tessa brags to Spike that she bagged Joey Spike tells her to "be careful" cuz Joey and Caitlin have been dating eachother on-again-off-again for YEARS and Tessa confidently tells Spike that when Caitlin goes away to college she's going to totally nab Joey and make him her full-time man.
The night of Joeys birthday Caitlin's folks are going out of town so she has a romantic dinner out with Joey and slips a condom into his hand. Caitlin's finally ready to give up the ghost! They go back to Caitlin's place and knock boots. (We get a glorious butt shot from Joey!) I don't know if she's crying because it was so good or so bad or because Joey's hung like a horse or what but Caitlin's crying and that pig Joey, whose not about to admit that this wasn't HIS First Time too is all "there there, it's alright" Mr Sweet & Sensitive. That cad!
Joey leaves and Caitlin, all dreamy-eyed, switches the ring Joey gave her from her right hand to her left hand, implying that from this point on they ARE engaged.
Now that Joey is Getting The Goods from Caitlin he starts giving Tessa the brush off and this is when we find out that Tessa is pregnant with Joey's Love Child! She gets an abortion and writes Joey off.
The day of Lucy and Bronco's Big Summer House Party Caitlin excitedly tells Lucy her plans to stay local and marry Joey and Lucy is pissssssssssssed.
Joey is bragging to Snake that not only isn't he a virgin anymore, he's banging TWO chicks to Snake's NONE! The two start to fight and just as Snake is yelling about how Joey has been spending the summer "dating Caitlin and f*cking Tessa" Caitlin walks in and overhears everything. OUCH! She says "Tessa Campanelli? YOU'VE BEEN F*CKING TESSA CAMPANELLI????????" to Joey and breaks up with him (Wouldn't YOU?!)
Wheels, who has obviously had a few too many, drives Lucy to get "more chips" and they end up in a horrible car accident in which Lucy is blinded and all f*cked up and hospitalized and a kid in the other car is killed. Wheels goes to jail.
Back at the house Alison and Amy get stoned and go on the lake in a canoe that tips over. Alison can't swim and Snake dives in and saves her, giving his life purpose (Now, in old DEGRASSI HIGH episodes Alison liked Snake. Shouldn't she have given him Reward Sex for saving her? That would have solved his Angry Virgin problem, right?)
The next time we see The Gang (minus Wheels and Lucy) is at Simon and Alexa's wedding. Simon, Simon, Simon, how DID you let Alexa talk you into that hairdo? Brother has spitcurls!
Caitlin tells Spike at the reception that Lucy is getting much better through physical therapy and that she has gotten most of her sight back. Joey walks in and Spike makes an excuse to run to the buffet table, leaving Joey and Caitlin to bury the hatchet, but they dont get "back together" again, they decide to be "just friends".
Snake shows up at the wedding with his dowdy new girlfriend. He introduces her to his "old friend" Joey.
All is well (?) and everyone dances out of our hearts and into the future, never to be seen again...(at least not til DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION comes out a few years later!)  

"Tessa Campenelli? You FUCKED Tessa Campenelli?!!!!!"

DEGRASSI: It's Not Just A Show: It's An Obsession