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Mr friend Karl gave me a book called I HATE MYSELF AND WANT TO DIE: THE 52 MOST DEPRESSING SONGS YOU'VE EVER HEARD By Tom Reynolds.
It got me to thinking: Could I compile a list like this?
Sho' 'nuff!
So far I'm up to 80......but I will probably add some more later. 
Just so you know, the person who wrote the 52 MOST DEPRESSING SONGS book had the JOHNNY CASH version of "Hurt" on his list and the EVANESENCE song "My Immortal" on there. I'll give him his props. But because I'm trying to not repeat, I won't be putting those two gems on this list.
So, in no particular order, here they are:
1. Fade To Black - METALLICA
2. Through The Eyes Of Love - MELISSA MANCHESTER
3. Still Loving You - THE SCORPIONS
4. Save All Your Love - GREAT WHITE
5. Alone - HEART
6. Hands To Heaven - BREATHE
7. I Still Love You - KISS
9. Dream On - AERSOMITH
10. Time After Time - CYNDI LAUPEAR
11. Changes - BLACK SABBATH
12. Steven - ALICE COOPER
13. Blaspehmous Rumors - DEPECHE MODE
14. Foolish Beat - DEBBIE GIBSON
15. Love Bites - DEF LEPPARD
16. What A Wonderful World - LOUIS ARMSTRONG
17. Silent Night - BON JOVI
18. Butterfly Kisses - BOB CARLISLE
19. Last Rose Of Summer- JUDAS PRIEST
20. Alone Again - DOKKEN
21. Save A Prayer - DURAN DURAN
22. If You Go Away - TERRY JACKS
23. Sunshine - JOHN DENVER
24. Jealous Guy - JOHN LENNON
25. Screaming In The Night - KROKUS
26. I Hope You Dance - LEE ANN WOMACK
27. Thank You - LED ZEPPELIN
28. This Used To Be My Playground - MADONNA
29. Love On The Rocks - NEIL DIAMOND
30. Hollow - PANTERA
31. Every Rose Has It's Thorn- POISON
32. Creep- RADIOHEAD
33. Show Must Go On - QUEEN
34. Love Came For Me - RITA COOLIDGE
35. I Need Some Sleep - EELS
36. The Ballad - TESTAMENT
37. Drvie- THE CARS
38. That Joke Isn't Funny Any More - THE SMITHS
39. Behind Blue Eyes - THE WHO
40. Louder Than Love - TKA
41. With Or Without You - U2
42. Unchained Melody - RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS
43. Mad World- TEARS FOR FEARS
44. You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To me - GLADYS KNIGHT
45. Everybody Hurts - REM
46. Neither One Of Us Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye- GLADYS KNIGHT
48. Don't Close Your Eyes- KIX
49. Dear God - XTC
51. Black Lodge - ANTHRAX
52. It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday- G.C. CAMERON
53. Nobody's Fool - CINDERELLA
54. Million Miles Away - HANOI ROCKS
55. Why Can't I Have You - THE CARS
56. This One's For You - BARRY MANILOW
57. Hallelujah - JEFF BUCKLEY
59. All By Myself - ERIC CARMEN
60. Black - PEARL JAM
61. When It's Cold I'd Like To Die - MOBY
62. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night - BON JOVI
63. Country Death Song - VIOLENT FEMMES
64. Do They Know It's Christmas Time? - BAND AID
65. Beyond The Realms Of Death - JUDAS PRIEST
66. Before The Dawn - JUDAS PRIEST
67. Suddenly- BILLY OCEAN
69. Pissing In A River - PATTI SMITH
70. Only A Memory - THE SMITHEREENS
72. Close My Eyes Forever - OZZY OSBOURNE AND LITA FORD
73. Slipping Through My Fingers - ABBA
74. I've Never Been To Me - CHARLENE
75. Careless Whisper - WHAM!
76. When The Children Cry - WHITE LION
79. Mr Bojangles - BOB DYLAN
80. I'm Livin' In Shame - THE SUPREMES
81. Brandy - LOOKING GLASS
* Fade To Black  - METALLICA: Have you ever felt like killing yourself? Have you ever heard the METALLICA song Fade To Black? Try not to do both at the same time. Ever.
This was the #1 song for suicidal teenagers to get-drunk-and-listen-to-and-cry-along-to in the '80s. It's all about realizing your life is a total waste of time and that you probably want to kill yourself. Fun fun fun!
* Through the Eyes Of Love - MELISSA MANCHESTER: Okay, who can hear this song and NOT think of a little blind girl ice skating? Anyone?
This was the theme to a schmaltzy movie called ICE CASTLES in which a little pretty blonde teen ice skater (Lynn Holly Johnson) gets into an accident and is struck blind. She may never skate again! But wait: Her childhood love Robby Benson is going to teach her how to skate...and love....again!
"How it feels to hold you
And I can feel so much
And I found you
Looking through the eyes of love"
(wipes away tear)
* Still Loving You - THE SCORPIONS: They're Rock stars. It's their job to write sappy ballads. But something tells me this guy wrote this one from the heart, based on personal experience. He word for word tells the feelings one has when they are dumped and left in the ditch. If he could start all over he would change the things he did wrong that killed their love. But will she give him a scenod chance?:
"Pride has built a wall
So strong that I cant break through
Is there really no chance
To start once again?
I'm still loving you"
Out of all the songs I've evere cryed to (and believe me, there were many) I think I cryed to this one the most!............
* Save All Your Love -GREAT WHITE:......... But this is a close runner up!
In this one the guy and the girl are apart (Where is he? I dont know. Maybe he's at war.\) and he's telling her how he has these dreams that they are together only to wake up and find himself alone. Again. Then he begs:
"Save all your love
All your love for me
When I'm alone at night
You're all I can see"
* Alone - HEART- Maybe this one hits all the wrong chords with me cuz it was a huge hit right after I broke up with my first boyfriend (Or  more honestly: HE broke up with ME).
In retrospect, I now know the song is about a woman finally working up the nerve to tell the guy she secretly loves that she loves him (They are finally "alone" so she can tell him). (I've always put the "Lets get back together" spin on it, but I don't think that's what Ann and Nancy were aiming for)
"Til now I always got by on my own
I never really cared until I met you
And now it chills me to the bone
How will I get you alone?
How will I get you alone?"

* Hands To Heaven - BREATHE: It's another one (Like Save All Your Love!) about a guy going away (War?). It's his last night home and before he's off to that place where he'll be "lonely" he begs "Tonight I need your sweet carress, Hold me in the darkness". While he's gone he will raise his" hands to heaven and pray that we'll be back together some day" Sigh.
* I Still Love You - KISS: The guy who wrote that "52 SONGS" book picked "Beth". I say, well, he must have never heard I Still Love You, the most depressing KISS song ever written!
I Still Love You comes totally out of left field, becaue for most part KISS ususally wrote songs about having sex with some hot chick- The End. Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am. In I Still Love You they actually love this chick and seem devestated that she wants to leave!
The girl is leaving and KISS wants to know WHY. And they plead that she CAN'T leave because "I Still Love You" (as the title would imply!)
I dont readily have the lyrics onhand, but when I do I will put em down. Then you can grab the KLEENEX and read 'em!
* Joey - CONCRETE BLONDE: Didn't help matters that I went out with a guy named "Joey" when this song came out.
This song was written by the lead singer of CONCRETE BLONDE and is supposedly about her romance with Joey Ramone (although I sort of have a hard time envisioning Joey Ramone "romancing" anyone). Seems Joey was a bit of a drinker and she would often find him "drunk and passed out on the floor" (Hey, just like MY Joey! Small world!) Now that they are apart she is apologizing (!) and begging him for forgiveness:
"If I seemed to be confused
I didn't  mean to be with you
and when you said that I scared you, well, I guess you scared me too......
.........Joey, I'm not angry anymore"
* Dream On - AEROSMITH: He's looking in the mirror. All the lines on his face are getting clearer. The past is gone!
We all feel this way, huh? Feelin' old?
* Time After Time - CYNDI LAUPER- She's lying in her bed, she hears the clock tick and thinks of him. They were in love once. But "once" is gone, and now they are apart. She still thinks about him and he still wonders if she's okay. That was so long ago. But if he's ever lost he can look and he will find her : Time After Time.
* Changes - BLACK SABBATH: This ones sort of like Dream On. It's about reflecting on your life, and realizing that most of the "best days" are behind you.
Ozzy feels "unhappy" and "so sad" because he's lost the best friend that he's ever had. She was his woman, he loved her so but as it is in many of these songs she had to go. And now he's going through Changes. While he sings and sounds so helpless (like only OZZY can!) the depressing tear-jerking music plays behind him. They were in love and everything seemed fine, they planned on spending the rest of their lives together but soon the world had it's evil way and now they are apart. And now OZZY's going through CHANGES. Aren't we all?
* Steven -ALICE COOPER: Okay, unless I totally misunderstood this one (and I don't think I did) I have spent about 20 years or so thinking this song was about a little kid stuck in a mental hospital. ALICE COOPER sings the voice in a weird little kid way and he sings about such depressing stuff like "I don't want to see you go. I don't even wanna be there. I will cover up my eyes. Until it goes away" He also doesn't like to hear you cry or watch you die(!), And, oh yeah, he also hears voices screaming his name (In his head?)
I assume whoever little "Steven" lived with died and now he's stuck here in the sanitarium where nobody ever visits him. Except for the voices in his head. And they never shut the f*ck up, always forever screaming "STEEEEVEN!"
*  Blasphemous Rumors - DEPECHE MODE: This song is about a teenager in a coma or something (it's been awhile) and stuff like that makes DEPECHE MODE wonder about God and why he lets bad things happen to good people:
" I don't want to start any blasphemous rumors
But I think that God has a sick sense of humor
and when I die I expect to find him laughing"
* Foolish Beat - DEBBIE GIBSON: Who knows more about love, despair and heartbreak than a 15 year old girl? Nobody! And little DEBBIE GIBSON wrote this one about a puppy-love romance shattered to bits. "There was a time when dreams could come true. It started the day that I found you". But wait! He dumped her and now she's left alone with "just the foolish beat" of her heart. She can never love again now that they're apart.
*  Love Bites - DEF LEPPARD: When you make love do you look in the mirror? Who do you think of? Does he look like me?
* What A Wonderful World - LOUIS ARMSTRONG: I don't know why, but this one always  makes me cry buckets. They played it at my wedding when I danced with my father: I cryed.  My niece Kiera had to sing it for school once and would follow me around the house singing it just to see me well up. They played it at my daughter's kindergarten graduation (You ain't cryed til you've  heard forty four year olds sing it!) and every time I've ever heard it I cry my a** off.  Really: They once played it on that Tim Allen show HOME IMPROVEMENT and I sat there and cryed!
And, really, it SHOULD be a very uplifting song! But there's something so oddly weepy about it. It makes me think of an old guy getting ready to kick the bucket!
"I see leaves of green, red roses too, I see them bloom for me and you and I think to myself "What A Wonderful World".
He also sings about the blue sky, the clouds of white, the days, the nights, the rainbows, the people greeting eachother on the street shaking hands ("they're really saying "I Love You"), and babies. Yes, babies!:
"I hear babies cry
I watch them grow
They'll learn much more
Than I'll ever know
And I think to myself What A Wonderful World"
* Silent Night - BON JOVI:  Another Heavy Metal break-up son: In this one JOHN remembers "Silent Night: The Night Our Loved Died".
"It was all so simple then: You would be Queen and I'd be your King
But I guess the dream got lost cuz, Baby, you're still you and I'm still me
So let it go - it's always the hardest part to fight
Cuz we both know we're just two more victims of the night"
* Butterfly Kisses - BOB CARLISLE: Who IS BOB CARLISLE? I don't know. I don't even think he was really a singer. My friend told me he was just a random guy who wrote this song about his daughter and I'm inclined to believe it. Don't know what BOB CARLISLE did but he did something right: He wrote Butterfly Kisses, the most heart-felt tear-jerker a man ever sang about his little girl.
She goes from being "Daddy's Little Girl", to Sweet 16 to a blushing bride telling him not to cry as he walks her down the aisle (By the time he gets to the lyrics "Does my wedding dress look pretty, Daddy? Daddy, don't cry" I have tears rolling down my face. And by the time he hits us  with the "killer'" about him giving her away there won't be a dry eye in the house
* Last Rose Of Summer - JUDAS PRIEST: Play this one at my funeral, Folks. As they sprinkle my ashes in the wind I wanna hear Rob Halford's soulful singing.
He sings about giving his love a flower (The "Last Rose Of Summer") because Autumn  is coming and soon everything will be dying. This rose is a reminder of all the good things, before everything goes bad.  (Who knew Halford was such a softie?).
* Alone Again - DOKKEN: Another Heavy Metal break-up song.
"Tryed so hard to make you see
But I couldn't find the words
Now the tears, they fall like rain
I'm alone again without you"
* Save A Prayer - DURAN DURAN: Remember when One Night Stands were FUN? Apparently, Simon LeBon doesn't. At least not in this depressing ditty about bumping uglies.
"All alone ain't much fun so you're looking for a thrill. And you know just what it takes and where to go" he sings before telling you not to say a prayer for him now (I've been praying for him for 22 years!) but to "save it til the morning after". 
Ah! The "Morning After"! "Some people call it a One Night Stand but we can call it "Paradise".
* If You Go Away - TERRY JACKS: You might not even know who TERRY JACKS is. He's this guy who did some kick-a** AM Gold type weepies in the '70s.
His most popular one is Seasons In The Sun, a song about dying. This one is about someone begging their loved one to stay and, man, is it a heartbreaker!
"If you go away on this summer day then you might as well take the sun away"
There is also a more modern version done by a chick named EMILIANA TORRINI that is even MORE depressing, if that's at all possible!
* Sunshine - JOHN DENVER: This song is about nice guy hippie Country boy JOHN DENVER. He sings
"Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy, sunshine in my eyes can make me cry, sunshine on the water looks so lovely, sunshine seems to always make me high".
I dont know why this song makes me cry, but it do!
* Jealous Guy - JOHN LENNON: He did it again. His jealousy got the best of him and he had another fight with his woman. Instead of controlling himself like an adult he flew off the handle like a baby and now she's mad at him. Maybe even threw him out of the house. In retrospect he now knows that he isn't really mad at HER, he's mad at HIMSELF!:
" I didn't mean to hurt you
I'm sorry that I made you cry
I didn't mean to huuuurt you
I'm just a jealous guy".
* Screaming In The Night - KROKUS: I always knew this was a kick-a** song (KROKUS didn't have many, but THIS one was cool!) but I never realized how depressing it was until I tryed to sing along to it one day and really LISTENED to the lyrics. Good gravy!
This lord is going through the woods trying to fight his way to his lady fair and when he finally finds her she is tied to a tree with a dagger in her heart. (What? I'm not kidding!) "Why her and not him?!" he bemoans. He vows revenge! Now he's left "screaming in the night, fighting for my life, I'd diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie for you"
* I  Hope You Dance - LEE ANN WOMACK: If you don't have a daughter, skip this one (And Butterfly Kisses too for that matter !) This is all about a mother giving her daughter words of encouragement (Mom is letting go. Sniff sniff) such as "I hope you never lose your sense of wonder" and "I hope when one door closes another opens" and stuff like that and the killer: "When you get the chance to sit it out or dance I Hope You Dannnnnnnnnnce"!
* Thank You - LED ZEPPELIN : This is either the best love song ever written or the cheesiest. I haven't decided yet:
"If the sun refused to shine I would still be loving you
When mountains crumble to the sea there will still be you and me"
* This Used To Be My Playground - MADONNA: "This used to be my playground. This used to be my childhood dream. This used to be the place I ran to whenever I was in need".  MADONNA sings about the place she used to go when she was a young troubled girl. But now that she's a young troubled adult (!), alas, the place is just not the same. All her friends are grown and gone and the playground has been  well, remodeled I guess (Or maybe they tore it down and put up a condo or another f*ckin' STARBUCKS!)
Even though the playground is not quite the same MADONNA will always have her memories. Other people tell her not to "hold on to the past". Well, that's too much to ask.
* Love On The Rocks - NEIL DIAMOND: This song could have been depressing enough but the whole "On the Rocks" thing adds another layer: It leads us to believe the guy singing the song is a bit of an alkie: And who knows more about sadness and sorrow than an alcoholic? Nobody (but DEBBIE GIBSON).
In this song NEIL DIAMOND slurs "Love On The Rocks: Ain't no surprise, Pour me a drink and I'll tell you some lies." He then tells us how at first they need you and love you and all that but after the dust has cleared you find yourself alone again and down on your luck and out on your ass. And - oh yeah- drunk! Ain't no Big Surprise. Now pour me a drink and I'll tell ya some more lies.
* Hollow - PANTERA: Friend in a coma. I loved him like a brother. I'm friends with his mother. And she crys endlessly. I watch the empty shell of a body lying there and wish he would awaken from this curse. He is hollow as I am whole.
Depressing, depressing, depressing.MORRISEY WISHES he could write songs like this!
* Every Rose Has It's Thorn - POISON: He knew the end was near. When they would lie together they felt "miles apart inside". Was it something he said? Something he did? Did his words not come out right? He tryed NOT to hurt her but, well, Every Rose Has It's Thorn.
Later on after they break up he runs into her and finds that that she's moved on and met a new love and that he himself never meant that much to her and the heartbreak comes right back at him like a punch in the face. To hear it tears him up inside and to see her cuts him like a knife. When will the pain ever END?!
* Creep - RADIOHEAD: Safe to assume we've all been there: We are in love with this perfect angel of a person and it depresses the Hell out of us because why would they EVER be interested in a dirtbag like us?! They are so f*ckin' special. I wish I was special!
* Show Must Go On - QUEEN: I don't know if Freddie Mercury wrote this one BEFORE or AFTER he found out he had AIDS.....but whenever I hear it now all I can think of is poor Freddie dying of AIDS and still performing, ever the trooper, because "Show Must Go On!"
* Love Came For Me - RITA COOLODGE: This song plays at the end of the movie SPLASH when Tom Hanks jumps in the water to be with the mermaid of his dreams, Daryl Hannah. It if the deepest, cornyest, schmaltzyest love song ever written. And it makes me cry my a** off.
(lyrics coming soon)
* I Need Some Sleep - EELS: I don't know what exactly it is about this one that bums me out. Is it the music? The guy's voice? Whatever. Sounds to me like the guy is in the middle of a really deep depression. Or maybe he just needs some sleep!
"I need some sleep I can't go on like this
I try counting sheep but there's one I always miss
Everyone says I'm getting down too low
Everyone says "You just gotta let it go"
* The Ballad - TESTAMENT: TESTAMENT did kick-a**  90 miles per hour jams, and then there was THIS: The Ballad. And like most ballads it's really moody and weepie.
* Drive - THE CARS: They broke up (Don't know if he dumped her or she dumped him) but now he worries about her. A lot! He keeps asking whose gonna do this for her, whose gonna do that for her (Obviously not HIM!) and warns "You can't go on thinking nothings wrong" and then asks "Whose gonna drive you home tonight?"
On second thought, maybe this song ISN'T about a couple who broke up. Maybe it's about a friend watching another friend who has a drinking problem. "Whose gonna drive you home tonight?" Cuz, you know, like obviously you're wasted AGAIN. And it's time for an intervention, my Friend, cuz you CAN'T go on thinking nothing's wrong!
* That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore - THE SMITHS: Oh, yes, Dear Readers, THE SMITHS means MORISSEY...and MORRISEY has penned a PLETHORA of moody melancholy hits! I don't know why I picked That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore. I mean,"Depressing SMITHS songs"? Pick one!
In That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore MORISSEY talks about how some people get their rocks off making jokes about other people's misfortunes. He wishes he could laugh too but "That Joke Isn't Funny Any More." It hits too close to home and it cuts to the bone. MORISSEY has troubles of his own (Gee, Ya think?!) and the best he can wish for is that maybe if he's LUCKY he might die with a smile on his face after all! Chin up, Dude!
* Behind Blue Eyes - THE WHO: No one knows what it's like to be the madman. To be the sad man. Behind Blue Eyes. Yeah, judging by the lyrics this guy knows what it's like to be morbidly depressed, angry at the world, hated and just all around f*cked up!
He begs his friends (Does he have any?!) to keep him in check, to put their finger down his throat if he swallows anything evil and to lend him their coat if he's cold. You just know the selfish b*stards wont, leaving our protaginist to lament once more that no one knows what it feels like to be the poor schmuck "Behind Blue Eyes".
* Louder Than Love - TKA: I used to think Metal bands wrote the saddest love songs. Then I heard this Freestyle song by TKA. Oh My God! It's about a couple that broke up because they just couldn't get along. He tryed to calm her down but she wouldn't listen and so he left and now he knows it's her love he's missin'. They must go their seperate ways, because even though he loves her he knows how fragile love is and that when they fight like cats and dogs they are "Louder Than Love".
* With Or Without You - U2: Ever had one of these? One of those tormented romances where you're miserable WITH the person but you're miserable WITHOUT them too? You just keep putting yourself through the misery over and over again because, well, it beats being alone, right?
* Unchained Melody - RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS: This is a nice love song and it probably shouldn't even be on this list. But towards the end of the song where the guy starts pleading "I Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed Your Love". Wow! Does he emote or what?! It's heartbreaking!
* Mad World - TEARS FOR FEARS: "I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad, the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had" (!)
* You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me - GLADYS KNIGHT: GLADYS looks back at her life and reflects that he's the best thing that ever happened to her. This one's more touching than sad.(But wait, cuz GLADYS also did Neither One Of Us Wants To Be The First To Say "Goodbye" and that one IS sad!)
*  Everybody Hurts - REM: Title says it all.
* Neither One Of Us Wants To Be The First To Say "Goodbye" - GLADYS KNIGHT:They're in a troubled romance. They should have called it a day long ago. but they stay together cuz bad as it is neither on of them wants to be the one to pull the plug.
* My Way - FRANK SINATRA: An old guy lies on his death bed knowing that the end is near and it's almost time to face the final curtain. He looks back on his life. He made mistakes. A few. But so what? He did it His Way, damn it.
* Don't Close Your Eyes - KIX: Young girl trys to kill herself cuz Mama can't solve her problems and Daddy's never home.
* Dear God - XTC: One of those songs where the singer asks God why he does such f*cked up things to good people. War, poverty, disease? Gee thanks! A real "What Have You Done For Me Lately?" song aimed at The Big Guy and made all the more touching when the song is started and ended by the singing voice of a small child.
* Hurt - NINE INCH NAILS: "I hurt myself today to see if I could feel" the junkie in this song sings. He's been on The Stuff for quite awhile now and is waaay past Comfortably Numb. All his loved ones are gone (Dead or just fed up with his bullsh*t?) and now his only friend is the needle.
* Black Lodge - ANTHRAX: Friend in a coma (like Hollow!) He visits her in the hospital hoping she'll wake up or at least show signs of life. Being the husband of "the victim" is just as bad as being the one in the coma because each day you have to watch them lie there and wish they would come out of it. This guy even goes as far as wanting to be wherever the person in the coma "is", begging "Take me to the Black Lodge where you live". (The video for this one's a "killer" too!)
* It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday - G.C. CAMERON: This song is from the movie COOLEY HIGH. In it one of the main charactors best friends dies, making this song all the more poignant. It's about remembering all the good times we once had and now that we are grown ups and have to move on having to say "Goodbye To Yesterday".
* Nobody's Fool - CINDERELLA: He broke up with her and now she's calling him up on the phone asking for a second chance. Well screw that! He's "Nobody's Fool"! He'll take his path, she'll take hers and never the two shall meet. He had loved her once, but now he's changed his mind. He's not her fool! (Or nobody else's for that matter!)
* Million Miles Away - HANOI ROCKS: He smoked a lot of sky, drank a lot of rain, anything to ease his pain. He was a troubled youth and now he's paying the price: He's serving hard time in prsion. She warned him but he wouldn't listen! And now she's A Million Miles Away. He'll never get a chance to hold her. Now his message is the wind, he prays it will get to her.
* Why Can't I Have You? - THE CARS: He can't have her and it's breaking his heart in two.
* This One's For You - BARRY MANILOW: BARRY tells us that he's written a lot of songs (After all, he writes the songs that make the whole world sing!) but this one is different because it's personal and so real to him that it's HIM that it makes cry. But he sings it every night, and he fights to keep the tears in because "This One's For You" wherever you are. It's been a long time since you broke up and he still hasn't gotten over it. And probably never will.
* Hallelujah - JEFF BUCKLEY: Oh Lordy. You know this one, right? That "Broken Hallelujah" song from SHREK? Pass the KLEENEX!
* All Cried Out - LISA LISA AND CULT JAM WITH FULL FORCE: All alone on a Sunday morning, she can feel the rain falling. Inside she's slowly dying but the rain won't hide her crying. They had a relationship once (Her body never knew such pleasure, her heart never knew such pain!) and now they are apart because she's tired of his lies. He never wanted to see things her way, he always went astray, why was he such a fool? Now he sees the grass is greener and wonders if it's too late to find his way back home. (Damn right it is! When she tryed to say "Hello" to him when she saw him on the street the other day he pretended he couldn't hear her cuz "the traffic was so nosiy". Yeah, RIGHT! Apology not accepted, add her to the broken hearts he's collected!)
* Black - PEARL JAM: Ugh. My friend (And you know who you are!) broke up with his girlfriend (A troubled young lass!) and played this song over and over again ad nausea. If I NEVER hear it again it will be too soon!
* When It's Cold I'd Like To Die - MOBY: Sometimes you can just tell by the title a song is gonna be a weeper!
* Someday I'll Be Saturday Night - BON JOVI: This song is about poor young Jim. he's broke and living in his car. He has it pretty sweet compared to little Billie Jean though: She was raped by her stepfather and now is a prostitute. She figures if she has to be man-handeled by dirty old men she should at least "get paid".
This song seems to abandon Jim after the first verse and just concentrate on the plight of Billie Jean who is only 16 but feels "a hundred years old". Right now she's feeling like "a Monday" but hopes that one day she'll be feeling like a "Saturday Night".
* Country Death Song - VIOLENT FEMMES: There is this poor old hick living in the country with his wife and gaggle of children. He has no money and the family is miserable. Nothin' to eat, nothin' to drink, nothin' to do but sit around but think.
Then one day he gets a "bright idea" (Not really). He takes his youngest daughter for a walk that night. He walks her to the well and then tells her "God saves" and that "good children go to Heaven" (Uh-oh. I don't like where this is heading!) . Then he throws her in the well, killing her. "One less mouth to feed" I guess he was figureing. By the time he gets back home he's so overwrought with guilt that he hangs himself.
* Do They Know It's Christmas? - BAND AID: Nothing says "Holiday Cheer" like a bunch of wealthy Rock stars reminding us that while we're home in our nice warm houses opening presents with our loved ones there are a bunch of starving babies DYING in Africa! 
There won't be snow in Africa this Christmas. Hell, they'll be lucky if there's RAIN, cuz there ain't no clean water to drink and there sure as Hell isn't any food!
U2's Bono sums it up best "Tonight thank God it's them instead of YOU!"
* Beyond The Realms Of Death - JUDAS PRIEST: Guy has nervous breakdown and totally "shuts down". Now he's in a hospital being bathed and fed. Pretty much a vegetable. The day he died was the happiest day of his life!
* Before The Dawn - JUDAS PRIEST: Another one (sort of like Hands To Heaven) where the couple is having one last night of love before the guy goes off (War? Death?) to maybe never return. Before The Dawn he hears her whisper "Don't let the morning take him". But go he must. And it's a shame too, cuz it's been a long time that he's been looking for someone who would love him and want him to stay. And NOW that he's found someone guess what? Yup: He has to leave!
* Suddenly - BILLY OCEAN: Weepie love song. "I used to think that love was just a fairie tale" NILLY OCEAN croons "Until that first 'Hello'. Until that first smile". If he had to do it all again he wouldn't change a thing: This love is everlasting. And every day he prays that this love affair will last forever:
"Suddenly - Life has new meaning to me!
There's beauty up above and things we never take notice of
You wake up and Suddenly you're in love".
* Hello - LIONEL RICHIE: This one's about worshipping someone from afar (A little blind girl? That's what the video suggested!)  You watch them move so gracefully and wish you had the nerve to tell them how you feel. Sometimes you think your "heart will overflow". But, yet, you never can bring yourself to tell the person how you feel. Hello?
* Pissing In A River - PATTI SMITH: You ever been in a relationship that was so draining that you felt totally empty inside? Like there's nothing left to give?! Well, thats' Pissing In A River'.
* Only A Memory: - SMITHEREENS: They were a couple once. But now that's Only A Memory. Broken bits of you and me. Now he's got nothing left to give and he feels much to weak to live.
* Missing - EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL: She takes the train to the street he used to live on. He doesn't live there. In fact she doesn't know WHERE he lives now. Could he be dead? He always was two steps ahead. Well, wherever he is, he's clearly moved on. But SHE can't. And she misses him like the desserts miss the rain.
* Close My Eyes Forever - OZZY OSBOURNE AND LITA FORD: This is a rarity: A Heavy Metal duet! In it LITA FORD wonders it's love on OZZY's mind or is it fantasy. he assures her that Heaven is in the palm of his hand waiting for her but also wonders aloud "What am I supposed to do with a childhood fantasy?" Then one of them (Or both!) throws the idea of suicide out there :"If I Close My Eyes Forever would it all remain unchanged?"
* Slipping Through My Fingers- ABBA : A song about a mother realizing her little girl isn't a little girl anymore and wondering where her little girl has gone. SOB!
* I've Never Been To Me - CHARLENE: Remorseful tale of middle aged party girl who didn't stop partying and sleeping around long enough to stop and get married and have kids who now realizes she is going to die alone. She laments "I've been to paradise but I've never been to me".
* Careless Whisper - WHAM:
* When The Children Cry - WHITE LION :
* Mr Bojangles - JERRY JEFF WALKER:  I have heard many different people sing Mr Bojangles over the years. JERRY JEFF WALKER. BOB DYLAN. SAMMY DAVIS JR. HOMER SIMPSON.
I have always sort of favored the BOB DYLAN version because the story here takes place in a jail cell and it seems highly probable to me that BOB DYLAN had a few brushes with the law in his lifetime. Like when he participated in Peace rallys that got broken up by The Fuzz. Drug busts*. Beating the sh*t out of that "Soy Bomb" guy....
So BOB DYLAN is in a cel in New Orleans (maybe he got brought in for doing lewd things for beads at Mardi Gras?) and he meets this old, scraggly looking black man in there (And no, I am not being racist by assuming Bojangles is black. He tells his cell mate that  he used to work in minstrel shows. And WHO used to work in minstrel shows? That's right : Black people! And also - I don't know many white guys named Bojangles, Do you?). The old man is pretty much a bum, but he's got a good sense of humor about it and he also carrys in his withered old soul the wisdow of the ages. Bojangles starts out telling funny stories ("laughing" and slapping his leg "stale") and then - Look out! - Bojangles starts to DANCE! And Brother, can he cut a rug! He's flyin around the cel, kickin' up his heels and jumpin' so high it looks like he might never land! So Bojangles is dancin, and laughin' and havin' a gay old time ........when suddenly this story takes a turn for the somber.
It seems that Bojangles used to entertain the folk at minstel shows and county fairs in his heydey. He would travel around the South with his faitfhul pet dog. For 15 years they lived and loved and showed the people how to laugh. But then the dog "up and died, he up and died" and it hit Bojangles like a ton a bricks and took the spring out of his step. Bojangles grieved forthe dead dog for  twenty-something years and along the way became a hopeless drunk. Now he spends his nights doing the old soft shoe for people who hang out in bars  that most likely throw nickles at him and yell "Dance, Rummy!"
* I assume BOB DYLAN has had a few drug busts in his day because I know for a fact he used to do drugs in the '60s. And how do I know this, you ask? Because my mother used to know him. She told me she "used to smoke doobies with him". Then she asked me if I knew what a "doobie" was. Classic!
* I'm Livin' In Shame - THE SUPREMES: This is the story of a poor girl (here  DIANA ROSS) who grew up with a poor, hard workin' Mama who walked around in rags looking like a bag lady, totally embaressing her. The daughter goes away to college (presumably with the money Mama made "on her knees". House cleaner or prostitute? You tell me) and hooks up with the hoity toity high society crowd who have no idea about her humble po folk upbringing.She tells them that her mother died while vacationing in Europe which is a freakin LIE cuz Mama had never even been on a train, hardly ever left the house and -oh yeah- is still very much alive! . Daughter  marrys and has a son,  never once picking up the phone to call Mama and tell her any of this stuff, still livin' the lie that there ain't no Mama. Mama is dead.
Then the grim day comes when the telegram arrives s that tells DIANA  that Mama died! She dies making jam! Oh, the humanity!  Oh, what a way to go! And now Diana can't even go to the funeral because....well, her husband and everybody else thinks that Mama been long dead for years now!
Need more SUPREMES grief? Listen to Love Child! In that one DIANA grew up in a poor, disadvantaged home with a po Mama too!
* Brandy - LOOKING GLASS: In that book of Depressing Songs they had a Country Western song about a waitress who works at a diner, waitin' on truckers, a middleaged gal who has never wed and whose only wish in life is to marry a good old boy and be his wife. Got me thinking about Brandy. Brandy is a female baretnder who works in a harbor town. She serves all the sailors and waits for her one true love to come home from his mistress : the sea. Brandy is a fine girl. What a good wife she would be. But his love, his woman, his lady is the sea and so Brandy waits in vain for the day Salty Sam will retire from his days at sea and make her rapidly aging a** his wife.