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Welcome to The Ambient Review!

This is Brian Bieniowski's dedicated review site dealing only with ambient music in its many forms. Here you will find well-written, extensively detailed, positive reviews of the best of today's modern ambient music.

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I am dedicated to exploring and writing about the ambient genre as best I possibly can. I feel that Ambient Review is my small contribution to aid the ambient genre in reaching a larger audience of listeners. My overarching intent is to confidently and informatively aid listeners in finding what I feel is the best modern ambient music has to offer.

Thank you for visiting!

My reviews are also featured on Bill Binkelman's fine ambient/electronic webzine, Wind and Wire.

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Archaic Oceans—O÷phoi & Tau Ceti

Four Short Pieces—Tau Ceti

Somnium—Tau Ceti

Todstimmung—Tau Ceti

Todahnlich—Tau Ceti

Sounds from Space—Perceptual Defence

Favo di Fiele—Sostrah Tinnitus

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It is my solemn promise to provide thinking person's ambient reviews with no critical agenda other than having good listening experiences! It is my intention to keep this site as fun and friendly as I am able.


since July 15, 2003