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Richard McComas

Changes in the list of Maryland Champions are based on evidence printed in the Baltimore Sun and Washington post articles supplied by the Library of Congress. It appears that Maryland Champions were decided by matches between members of the Maryland Chess Club, 100 Paca Street, Baltimore, Maryland, until the mid 1950's. I suspect Howard Ross' reference to the 1964 Md Open as the Tenth could be an accurate reference to the open tournament format.




1886 Alexander G. Sellman

1894 A.W. Schofield

1898 A.W. Schofield

1899 A.W. Schofield

1900 A.W. Schofield

1905 H. Liebenstein

1906 H. Liebenstein

1913 H. Liebenstein

1925 J.M. Barlow

1927 J.M. Barlow

1947 David Bentz


1949 David Bentz & Robert C. Simpson

1950 Lars Enequist

1951 Dick McComas

1952 Dick McComas *

1953 Dick McComas *

1954 Dick McComas *


This is NOT a list of State Champions per se

1st Md Open 1955 Herbert Avram

2nd Md Open 1956 Irving Kandel

3rd Md Open 1957 N. T. Whitaker, I. Sigmond, I. Kandel

4th Md Open 1958 Irving Kandel

5th Md Open 1959 A. Surgies, G.Thomas, R.McComas

6th Md Open 1960 Dick McComas

7th Md Open 1961 Robert Raven

8th Md Open 1962 Dick McComas

9th Md Open 1963 Russel Chauvenet

10th Md Open 1964 Norman McLeod

11th Md Open 1965 Peter Graves

12th Md Open 1966 Charles Powell

13th Md Open 1967 Phil Geffe

14th Md Open 1968 Charles Powell [Jack Kempler was State Championship trophy winner, finishing 3rd with a 4.5-1.5 score]

15th Md Open 1969 Russell Chauvenet

16th Md Open 1970 Ross Oliver

17th Md Open 1971 Larry Kaufman

18th Md Open 1972 Tim Taylor [Robert Raven was the State Championship trophy winner finishing 2nd on tie breaks]

19th Md Open 1973 Duncan Thompson

20th Md Open 1974 Barry Bayus

21st Md Open 1975 Larry Kaufman

22nd Md Open 1976 Russell Chauvenet

23rd Md Open 1977 Steve Odendahl

24th Md Open 1978 Steve Odendahl *

25th Md Open 1979 Herbert Avram

26st Md Open 1980 Robert Joynt, Jr.

27th Md Open 1981 Floyd Boudreaux

28th Md Open 1982 Mark Ginsburg

29th Md Open 1983 Denis Strenzwilk

30th Md Open 1984 Michael Bury

31st Md Open 1985 Stan Fink

32nd Md Open 1986 Alex Sherzer

33rd Md Open 1987 Boris Gulko

34th Md Open 1988 Allan Savage

35th Md Open 1989 Alex Sherzer

36th Md Open 1990 Allan Savage

37th Md Open 1991 Richard Delaune

38th Md Open 1992 Alex Sherzer

39th Md Open 1993 David Sherman

40th Md Open 1994 Boris Reichstein

41st Md Open 1995 William Morrison

42nd Md Open 1996 Boris Zisman

43rd Md Open 1997 Larry Kaufman

44th Md Open 1998 Larry Kaufman

45th Md Open 1999 Larry Kaufman

46th Md Open 2000 Dmitriy Barash

47th Md Open 2001 Paul Yavari

48th Md Open 2002 Aleks Wojtkiewicz

49th Md Open 2003 Aleks Wojtkiewicz

50th Md Open 2004 William Morrison

51st Md Open 2005 Aleks Wojtkiewicz

52nd Md Open 2006 Alex Barnett

53rd Md Open 2007 Larry Kaufman

54th Md Open 2008 Larry Kaufman

55th Md Open 2009  Tegshur Enkhbat

56th Md Open 2010  Sergey Erenburg

57th Md Open 2011  Shelby Getz

58th Md Open 2012  Tamaz Gelashvili

59th Md Open 2013   Zviad Izoria [Aaron Kahn tied for second with Elmir Huseinov, and won the State Championship trophy]


* need documentation

If you have documents that differ or support the above information please email me.