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Director Harry Cohen reports:
The fourth and final round of the 2013 Maryland Chess League was played yesterday at Bloomsbury Community Center (sorry again about the late start).

The Fells Point Fischermen defeated the Past Pawns to win the Open Section for 2013.  Morphy's Mojo defeated the Coral Reef to tie for second place.

The Fells Point Pirates defeated :Laurel to win the Under 1900 Section on tie breaks.  They scored 10.5 points in their four matches vs. 9.5 by Laurel).  They also won their head-to-head match.  (I should have made clear the tie break rules at the start of the season.  Lucky for me, the same team won on both points and head-to-head.  Next year, we'll use head-to-head as the first tie break and points scored in matches as the second tie break if the teams did not play or drew their match).

The Knights Who Say NIH won their match to come in clear third in the Under 1900.  Also, the Quaker Woodpushers, which started the season with four unrated players, won their match.

If the font in this email is too small for you to read, there's a good chance you qualify for the Maryland Senior Championship on May 18and 19.  It's open to those born before May 18, 1963 and will be played at the Bloomsbury Community Center.  See the Catonsville Chess Club web site for details.

Have a good summer and hope to see you again in the 2014 Maryland Chess League.