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Ross Oliver was several times the Baltimore open
champion in the "60's. He played in the Bay Region Chess
Club in Dundalk. Four times his highschool  team won the
state championship under the leadership of Albert
Starner, also a member of the Bay Region Chess club at
the Dundalk Ymca, then Saint Georges Episcopal Church.
Here is a memorable game from the 1960 Bay Region
Chess Club Championship tournament at St Georges.
C47 The Belgrade Gambit
White: Ross Oliver                              
Black: Joe Fanzone
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.d4 exd4 5.Nd5 Nxe4
 6.Qe2 f5 7.Ng5 Be7 8.Nxe4 fxe4 9.Qxe4 0-0 10.Bd3
g6 11.Bc4 Kh8 12.h4 d6 13.h5 Bf5 14.hxg6! Bxe4
15.Rxh7+ Kg8 16.Nf6++ mate.


Joe Summers has developed this club into a reliable place to play tournaments.

Lew Hucks won the 2013 Catonsville Chess Club Championship with a score of 4.5-0.5; while making expert for the second time in fifty years!


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Favorite Quotes:
Viktor Moskalenko: "Those who have no time to study, and who do not have an opinion of their own, follow the fashion."
Andras Adorjan: "...never keep your Queen if you can give it away!"
From Leif Johannessen's preface to The Ruy Lopez: A Guide for Black comes a quote of Emanuel Lasker: "Chess is only a game and not to be classed with business, science, technology, not to speak of religion, philosophy or the arts. No one desires to see players devote to chess such time as they need for serious purposes."  Ooops!
Jan Pinski says, "3...Nf6 was already played in 15th century, which makes the Two Knights defence for chess what Rome is for the Western civilization!"
Favorite Sports Teams:
Orioles  and Ravens

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