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Commissions, Performances, and Recordings
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Significant Commissions and Premieres



June, 1999             Festival for Brass Quintet and Organ, performed at the

                              Region V Convention of  The American Guild of

                              Organists, Ann Arbor, MI

                              Commissioned by the Convention


June, 1999              Septimi Tempi for Brass Quintet and Organ,    

                               performed at the  Region I Convention of The  

                               American Guild of Organists, Mechanics Hall,

                               Worcester, MA


September, 1999   Night Music for piano, premiered in Kent Recital Hall

                              as part of the AmeriCulture Festival, Fitchburg State

                              College.  Written for and performed by Jane Fiske, 

                              Chair, Humanities Department, FSC


Sept. 24 &             Suite Ayla for organ, premiered at First Parish, Fitchburg,

 Oct. 1, 2000         as part of the 2000 AmeriCulture Festival.  Commissioned

                              by the Festival (the first time the Festival commissioned     

                              new music) and performed by Robin Dinda


May 23, 2001       The Battle Cry of Freedom for organ, premiered at

                             Methuen Memorial Music Hall, Robin Dinda, organist


June, 2002            Winter Wind for carillon, commissioned by Margo 

                             Halsted, University Carillonist, The University of Michigan, 

                             for the 2002 National Convention of The American Guild

                            of Carilloneurs



September 15, 2002    Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit, premiered at The

                                    University of Texas by Robin Dinda, organist

                                    Commissioned by Marilyn Mason, Chair of the 

                                    Organ Department, The University of Michigan



October, 2002             Cheer Up! for jazz band, written for the Elazar 

                                    Brandt Jazz Band, Jerusalem, Israel



March 6, 2003             Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit, first performance in

                                    the Easternn U. S. Performed by Robin Dinda,

                                    organist, at The First Parish,  Fitchburg, as part                                            of the FSC Center Stage concert series


July, 2003                    Dinosauria for organ and Narrator, first performance

                                    at Methuen Memorial Music Hall, MA, by Renea

                                    Waligora, organist, and Peter Krasinski, narrator 



October 28, 2003        Max Cat Rag and Charlie Dog Blues, first Japanese

                                    performances, by Kiyo and Chiemi Watanabe, duo-

                                   organists, at Lilia Hall, Kawaguchi, Saitama, Japan



April 2, 2004                Perseverantia, on text by Leon Weinmann, for 

                                    FSC chorus and FSC jazz band.  Performed at the 

                                    inauguration of Robert Antonucci, FSC President.



June, 2004                   Max Cat Rag, first performance in Switzerland, by

                                    Iris and Carsten Lenz



February, 2005           Incidental music for Hamlet (flute, two trumpets, 

                                   piano, percussion), produced at Fitchburg State




May 12, 2005             Max Cat Rag and Charlie Dog Blues, first

                                   performances in Mexico, by Kiyo and Chiemi

                                   Watanabe.  Performed at Teatro de Los Héroes,

                                   Chihuahua City, Mexico



July 18, 2005              Dinosauria for organ and narrator, at the national

                                   convention of The Organ Historical Society, St. Anne's

                                   Church, New Bedford, MA.  Renea Waligora,

                                   organ, with Sean Fletcher, narrator


March, 2006               Incidental music for Summer and Smoke (vocalist

                                    and bass), produced at Fitchburg State College.


2006                           Natural History for SATB chorus with children's

                                   chorus.  Lyrics by Leon Weinmann.  A Meet the 

                                   Composer grant project administered through

                                   New England Foundation for the Arts and

                                   Fitchburg Cultural Alliance.


2006                           The First Nowell for Band and Organ.

                                   Commissioned by Kernersville Moravian Church,

                                   Kernersville, NC. 


March, 2007               Overture, incidental music, solo songs, and choral 

                                   songs to Aristophanes's Lysistrata,

                                   staged at Fitchburg State College












January, 2000               Septimi Tempi for Brass Quintet and Organ is

                                    recorded on the compact disc Transformations 

                                    by The Millenia Consort with Alison Luedecke,


                                    World Library Publications CD-3070



March, 2000               Nocturne for Brass Quintet and Organ is recorded 

                                   on the compact disc Out of This World by Boston 

                                   Brass and J. Melvin Butler, organist.

                                   Loft Recordings LRCD #1022 



October, 2003            Max Cat Rag is recorded on the compact disc     

                                   Vierhändige Orgelwerke I by German Duo-organists

                                   Iris and Carsten Lenz.

                                   Lenz Musik CD 011



December, 2005         Charlie Dog Blues and Max Cat Rag

                                    on the CD Kiyo and Chiemi Watanabe

                                    Organ Duet, private release



2007                            Charlie Dog Blues is recorded on the CD

                                     Vierhändige Orgelwerke 2 by German

                                     duo-organists Iris and Carsten Lenz

                                     Lenz Musik CD 017








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