Performance Tips and Errata
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Performance Tips and Errata

Performance Tips and Errata

   The pictures of the velociraptor and the T-Rex are switched.
   The T-Rex Rap has developed its own performance practice.  Numerous performers have dressed up for this movement, with sunglasses, gloves, baggy pants, etc.
Kiara Pig Jig
   The main melody is based on a song we sang to Kiara, "Kiara, Kiara, the Mighty Capybara" (the capybara is the world's largest rodent, looking like a gigantic guinea pig).
   Other melodies (jigs and rodent songs) include:
     Bach Jig Fugue
     The Irish Washerwoman
     When Johnny Comes Marching Home
     Three Blind Mice
     Hickory, Dickory, Dock
     The Mickey Mouse Song (not a true quote; a copyright-free reference)
     Pop! Goes the Weasel
Max Cat Rag
    The pedal solo section has been registered in various ways.  Some duos play the solo with an 8 reed and its repeat with a 4, for instance.  That was not my intent but I do like it.

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