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                           Published Compositions


Italian Hymn                           Organ                   The Organist's Companion

                                                                          (C. P. P. Belwin) June, 1987

                                                                                                 DMO 00047


Trumpet Voluntary                 Organ                      The Organist's Companion

                                                                            Aug., 1988    DMM 00054


Trumpet Tune                        Organ                       The Organist's Companion

                                                                             July, 1989    DMM 00060



Autumn Showers                   Carillon                   The University of Michigan,




To Him Who Loves Us,        SATB chorus              Wayne Leupold Editions,

     Op. 1                                & organ                        1990 WL 100013




Wondrous Love                    Organ                      The Organist's Companion

                                                                            May, 1990    DMM 00065


Victory                                 Organ                       The Organist's Companion

                                                                             Mar., 1991    TOC 00070


Pastorella                             Organ                        The Organist's Companion

                                                                             Nov., 1991    TOC 00074


Five Pieces in                       Organ                      In The Syracuse Collection

Contemporary                                                          Wayne Leupold Editions Notation                                                                   1991  WL 600011


I Was Glad, Op. 2               SATB chorus                Wayne Leupold Editions

                                            & organ;                       1992 WL 100017

                                  optional handbells and band             


Prayer of St. Francis,        SAB chorus & organ;       Wayne Leupold Editions

            Op. 3              optional treble instrument        1993  WL 200001

  "A beautiful setting of the profound prayer, 'different' but conventional.  The

   parts are not difficult, and reflect the basic simplicity of the text.  Convenient

   page turns make a separate instrumental part unnecessary.  The organ part is

   cued for the C instrument and written so that nothing need be changed to

   play its part, thus performance without it is perfectly valid and complete. 

   True SAB music (rather than an edition of something originally in four parts),

   and some lovely writing.  Good for St. Francis Day or general occasions.  A

   fine piece by an up-and-coming American composer."  - The Journal of

   The Association of Anglican Musicians


Prayer of St. Francis,      SATB version of above      Wayne Leupold Editions

            Op. 3a                                                           1994 WL 100022



Two Settings of                   Organ                       The Organist's  Companion 

"Forest Green"                                                      Nov., 1994    TOC 00092


Hornpipe                             Organ                            In First Organ Book

                                                                                Wayne Leupold Editions

                                                                                 1995     WL 600053


Septimi Tempi,                    Brass Quintet                 Wayne Leupold Editions

            Op. 4                       & Organ                       1995    WL 400003

  "This lively one-movement work is filled with scalar movement exuding joy

    and is moderately easy!" - The American Organist

  "... all fun and frolic ..." - Pipedreams  


Seasonal Hymn Preludes         Organ                        Wayne Leupold Editions

Volume I: Advent, Op. 5         (15 pieces)                    1995 WL 600048

(Vol. I of a projected

 14 - 16 vols.)

  "This excellent volume includes settings of every major Advent hymn ...

    Dinda shows what an imaginative composer can do with purposely limited

    resources: though much of the music is more interesting than many such

    chorale preludes..., several are in only two parts, and even the louder

    pieces would not require a large instrument.  With well-known tunes in

    excellent settings, it is the best chorale prelude collection I have seen in

    quite awhile.  And, with fifteen pieces included, a good value for the

    money."  - The Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians


Deo Gracias                            Organ                     The Organist's Companion

                                                                             July, 1996    TOC 9604


Seasonal Hymn Preludes         Organ                        Wayne Leupold Editions

Volume II: Christmas,            (11 pieces)                   1996  WL 600075

part 1, Op. 7

  "This composer brings a freshness to each setting through his use of canonic

   techniques, syncopation, and jazzy rhythmic qualities.  Of special interest

   should be the setting of 'Angels We Have Heard on High'.  The third section

   of this partita uses interesting harmonies and syncopation to bring a smile to

   the listener's face.  The last two pieces in this set are rousing scherzo-like

   works that will have your congregation asking for more.  This volume

   contains pieces that range from easy to moderate." - The Diapason   


Max Cat Rag,                      Four-Hand Organ         Wayne Leupold Editions

             Op. 6                                                           1997 WL 700029

  "A perfect program ice-breaker or encore, a definite crowd-pleaser.  All you

   need is another set of talented hands and good rhythm."  - OHS catalog


Seasonal Hymn Preludes       Organ                          Wayne Leupold Editions

Volume III:  Christmas,         (12 pieces)                   1997 WL 600098

part 2, Op. 8


Bear One Another's               SATB chorus,             Wayne Leupold Editions

Burdens, Op. 9                      unaccompanied            1998 WL 100040


Take My Life and Let            SATB chorus              Wayne Leupold Editions

It Be, Op. 10                         & organ                      1998 WL 100041


Seasonal Hymn Preludes        Organ                         Wayne Leupold Editions

Volume IV: Christmas,           (13 pieces)                 1998 WL 600098

part 3, op. 11


Nibs and Nobs,

Rag for Organ, Op. 12               Organ                    Wayne Leupold Editions

                                                                                2000  WL 700027


Joyful,Joyful, We Adore Thee    Organ                     In Discover the Organ:

                                                                                Modern Keyboard

                                                                                Technique Level 2

                                                                                Wayne Leupold Editions

                                                                                 2000    WL 6000085


Seasonal Hymn Preludes            Organ                     Wayne Leupold Editions

Volume V: Epiphany, Op. 13     (12 pieces)               2000   WL 600134



Ev'ry Time I Feel the                 Organ                      Wayne Leupold Editions

    Spirit, Op. 14                                                        2002  WL 600159



Suite Ayla,                                Organ                      Wayne Leupold Editions

    Op. 15                                                                 2002   WL 600152



Dinosauria,                           Narrator & Organ         Wayne Leupold Editions

     Op. 16                         Verses by Robin Dinda      2002   WL 600151


Joy to the World                        Organ                    In Discover the           

Sacred Suite in B-flat                                               Organ: Basic

                                                                               Repertoire Level 3A 

                                                                               Wayne Leupold Editions

                                                                                2002   WL 6000073


Ripples                                      Organ                     In Discover the Organ:

Matins                                                                     Modern Keyboard

Joy to the World                                                      Technique Level 3A   

Of the Father's Love Begotten                                  Wayne Leupold Editions

                                                                                2002   WL 6000086 


Twilight Reverie                         Organ                     In Discover the Organ:

Little Jazz Prelude                                                    Modern Keyboard

Bipolar Order                                                          Technique Level 3B 

                                                                               Wayne Leupold Editions

                                                                                2002    WL 600161 



Charlie Dog Blues               Four-hand Organ           Wayne Leupold Editions

       Op. 17                                                               2004   WL 700034


Seasonal Hymn Preludes           Organ                      Wayne Leupold Editions

Volume VI: Lent, Holy Week   (12 pieces)                 2004   WL 600179  

       Op. 18

  "Four of these twelve hymn settings are for manuals only. Many feature hymn

  tunes with either baroque-style counterpoint or romantic-style chordal

  accompaniments, along with a blues arrangement of  “Were You There” and

  a passacaglia on the Passion Chorale. A welcome addition to Dinda’s

  series."  - Reformed Worship


Kiara Pig Jig,                            Four-Hand Organ     Wayne Leupold Editions

        Op. 19                                                               2006   WL 700042


Santa Got a Tummy Tuck,        SATB Chorus           Wayne Leupold Editions

        Op. 20                                                               2006   WL 100063

   Santa deals with his midlife crisis in this parody of Jolly Old St. Nicholas


Autumn Showers                      Carillon                      Guild of Carilloneurs

 (reprint of 1990 publication)                                       in North America

                                                                                  2006       2006-C8


Santa Got a Tummy Tuck,        TTBB Chorus           Wayne Leupold Editions

         Op. 20a                                                            2007  WL 100074


Were You There?                    Keyboard                 The Keyboardist's Year 

                                                                                January, 2007

                                                                                Wayne Leupold Editions



Easter Hymn                            Keyboard                The Keyboardist's Year

                                                                               March, 2007

                                                                               Wayne Leupold Editions 



The Five Fingers                      Organ                       First Organ Book

Once to Every Man and Nation                                (Second Edition)

Musette                                                                    Wayne Leupold Editions

Holy, Holy, Holy                                                       2007     WL600053

O filii et filiae

Ah, Dearest Jesus


Emerald Green                         

Hornpipe (reprint)


Nicea                                  Keyboard                     The Keyboardist's Year

                                                                                May, 2007

                                                                                Wayne Leupold Editions

                                                                                WL 630004


Ein' Feste Burg                    Keyboard                    The Keyboardist's Year

                                                                               September, 2007

                                                                               Wayne Leupold Editions

                                                                               WL 630006


Wondrous Love                  Keyboard                    The Keyboardist's Year

                                                                               January, 2008

                                                                               Wayne Leupold Editions

                                                                               WL 630008


Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit    Keyboard                   The Keyboardist's Year

                                                                               May, 2008

                                                                               Wayne Leupold Editions

                                                                               WL 630010


Go, Tell It on the Mountain     Keyboard                 The Keyboardist's Year

                                                                               November, 2008

                                                                               Wayne Leupold Editions

                                                                               WL 630013


Seasonal Hymn Preludes        Organ                         Wayne Leupold Editions

Vol. 7, Easter and Easter        (13 pieces)                  2008

Season, Op. 21                                                         WL 600145



Why the Chimes Rang,         Organ & Narrator        Wayne Leupold Editions

 Op. 22                                                                    2008 

                                                                                WL 600145

"The story is a winner, and Robin Dinda has worked out an excellent presentation...The whole is cleverly bound together, with just the right amount of music and story, and it's not too long, so there's no danger of the children losing interest.  What a perfect vehicle to introduce your Sunday school children to the organ."  - The American Organist, July, 2009 


Just As I Am                        Keyboard                  The Organist's Companion

                                                                               January, 2010 



Kiya Pup Strut                     Organ                         Wayne Leupold Editions

Op. 23                                                                    2010



Overture to                          Four-hand Organ        Wayne Leupold Editions

The Barber of Seville                                             2010

 (Transcription of Rossini)                                        WL700049


"This will make a real hit on any recital.  Organists and laymen will be bowled over hearing this on the organ.  It is exquisitely arranged to prevent bruising, and the independent parts are not difficult - just very fast.  In lieu of registration, the orchestral instrumentation is indicated so the players can adapt it to whatever organ they are working with."  - The American Organist, January, 2011


Wondrous Love                      Keyboard               The Organist’s Companion

                                                                              January, 2011 

                                                                              Wayne Leupold Editions



This Little Light of Mine,            Organ           In The Greensboro Collection

Variations on an American                             Wayne Leupold Editions

Spiritual, Op. 24                                            2011                                      



Organ Concerto #1,            Organ and string    Wayne Leupold Editions

            Op. 25                         orchestra           2011



Kremser (We Gather               Keyboard         The Organist’s Companion

Together)                                                         September, 2011        

                                                                        Wayne Leupold Editions



Lobe den Herren (Praise         Keyboard          The Organist’s Companion

To the Lord, the Almighty)                                March, 2012

                                                                        Wayne Leupold Editions



Casey at the Bat,               Organ and Narrator        Wayne Leupold Editions

            Op. 26                                                                         (pending)



A Visit from St. Nicholas,      Organ and Narrator    Wayne Leupold Editions

            Op. 27                                                                         (pending)




                  Other Significant Compositions

              These are available from the composer
Nocturne                       Brass Quintet and Organ
      Recorded on the CD Out of This World by Boston Brass and J. Melvin
      Butler, organist.  Performed in MA, NH, CT, TX, CA, WA, IA, NY
Festival                         Brass Quintet and Organ; three movements
      Commissioned by the 1999 Region V AGO Convention in Ann Arbor.
       Performed in MI, Il, and CA
Hot Air                          Brass Quintet and Organ
      Lively piece in Big Band/Swing style.  Written for The Millenia Consort
      and Alison Luedecke.  Performed in CA and IA


                           Works in Progress




Technical editor (errata) for Dudley Buck: Complete Organ Works (in four volumes). Volume I released in summer, 2004.  Dudley Buck (1839-1909) was the first  American-born composer to write major multi-movement works for the organ.  Published by Wayne Leupold Editions


Author of The Modern Age, a volume that will appear in the series Historical Organ Techniques and Repertoire, published by Wayne Leupold Editions.







Robin Dinda