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Elecraft K3 transceiver has been the main radio for 160-6 meters since October 2009. It has the KXV3 sub receiver and Elecraft and Inrad filters in each for 200, 500 hz, 2.7 kHz. The main also has a 1.8 kHz fitler. A second K3 was acquired in the fall of 2010.
An Alpha 89 is the main amplifier. The double-rack (earlier version shown below) now has four amps that use single 4-1000 tubes in grounded-grid, and another with a pair of 3-500 in GG. These are used as backups and in the all-band DX contests for quick band-changing in SO2R operation.
Some of the previous HF radios owned: Yaesu FT1000MP, Ten-Tec Orion,  Kenwood TS-940S, Kenwood TS-180S, Yaesu FT-301S, Yaesu FT-101B, Drake R4C/T4XC, Collins 75A2, Hallicrafters SX-110.

Monoband amps
Clockwise from top right: 80, 160, 10, screen PS, 20, 40, 15

There are currently five monoband amplifiers in a double rack cabinet, each producing 1000-1500 watts output. It's like having an autotune Alpha -- instant band changing -- but takes up a bit more space. And the cost was considerably less than an Alpha.  I recently installed an exhaust fan above the amps to pull heat out and that made the temperature in the 12-foot square ham shack much easier to control. The fan and blower noise is considerable when all these amps are on. A pair of noise-canceling Heil Quiet Phones really knocks this noise down.
These amps are all homebrew, built 50-60 years ago by members of the Frankford Radio Club. I obtained most of them in the mid-1980s. These originally included three grid-driven 4-400 amps that I recently replaced with two all-band amps using single 4-1000 tubes in grounded grids. The photo shows the older configuration.
160 -- A single 4-1000A tube in grounded grid. Loafing at about 1000 watts output until I build up a 5KV supply so I can get full 1500 watts.
80 -- A pair of 3-500z tubes in grounded grid.
*40 -- A pair of 4-400 tubes grid driven (now single 4-1000 GG)
*20 -- A pair 4-400 tubes grid driven (now single 4-1000 GG)
*15 -- A pair of 4-400 tubes grid driven (now single 4-1000 GG)
10 -- A single 4-1000A tube in grounded grid.
The high-voltage power supply is an old pole-pig power line transformer in a separate, small rack cabinet. A 220-volt variac is used on the input to bring the primary voltage to about 290 volts and the supply puts out about 3800 volts.

High voltage power supply
This uses an old power pole transformer. It puts out about 3800 volts.

Top Ten DX Doubler interface box for SO2R (single op, two radio) operation.
Top Ten band decoder for K3.
Dx Engineering NCC-1 phasing box
MFJ484 Grandmaster memory keyer.
Elecraft W2 wattmeter
Kenwood SW2000 wattmeter.
Daiwa CN-520 wattmeter.
Ameco preamps (PT2, PT3 and the older nuvistor models).
MFJ1025 antenna phasing box.
MFJ-434 digital voice keyer
Numerous homebrew switching boxes for Beverage and transmit antennas.