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OK, here's the lowdown

LOTW Update:
12/27/2011 I finally recovered my LoTW capability after a hard-drive crash. All non-contest QSOs since late 2007 are uploaded. All contest QSOs since late 2007 are believed to have been uploaded. Older contest logs may eventually get uploaded as I have time to recover from computers no longer in service.
Mobile QSOs are only on paper log and not uploaded to LoTW.
I am currently out of paper QSLs and have a few dozen received cards on hand pending receipt of new cards.
I am very active in the ARRL and CQ DX contests and 160-meter contests, and a few others, plus regular activity from home and on the road. This often adds up to 15,000 QSOs or more a year.
My new QSLs are OVERSIZE (4.25" by 5.5") so a large SAE/SASE envelope is required or it will be folded to fit.
Cards should be sent direct only, with appropriate return postage, green stamp or IRC, to:
3765 Midstate Road
Felton, Delaware 19943
United States of America

Being in a rare state, I often am flooded with requests for a QSL. I ask that you send a LARGE SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) 4.25" by 5.5" or bigger or self-addressed envelope with a "green stamp" ($1.00 bill) or IRCs (international reply coupons). Most of these go back to you on the same day, or within a few days, of receiving.

My QSLs are done at a local printer, my own design, to keep costs down. The new cards are thick enough to be mailed as post cards. IF you send me post-card postage (instead of an SASE/SAE with postage) please include a stick-on address label to speed the reply.

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