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Listen to 7O6T early May 11

This audio clip was made about 0118z on May 11, 2012. Jeff K1ZM was the operator at 7O6T and he is heard working NO3M, VE3EJ and N2TK. Jeff was transmitting on 1824.5 and listening down 3 or so; the other stations are not heard in this clip, but note how loud the signal is from 7O6T -- strong enough to be copied through a brief carrier that came on his frequency. I was listening on an Elecraft K3 with a broadside pair of phased Beverages aimed at 45 degrees. The signal was even stronger at other times this morning. This has consistently been the best antenna to hear them this week, although occasionally wires and phased pairs at 37, 60 (the direct path from here to 7O) and 70 degrees have been favored. Sometimes the path shifts rapidly and each of these may be the peak antenna during one transmission. This morning I also copied Jeff's signal well on a pair of short phased verticals (W8JI style) 1/8 wave spaced, endfire to Europe with a DX Engineering NCC-1 phasing box, as well as my two transmit vertical arrays aimed at 45 degrees. But on previous nights all of the verticals were pretty worthless for hearing 7O.
Jeff told me in an email their "new 160m location is 13KM from town - and right on the beach with a 57 foot top loaded vertical (helically wound on a fiberglass pole) with 36 radials and two 600 foot bevs - one at JA and one on NA. The xmit ANTENNA is about 10 meters from water's edge with a clear open shot to JA/Europe and USA/SA. Radio is a K3 and a small ACOM - about 700w out. We are totally isolated in a locked property with two armed guards. There is NO electricity and no services at all - out there - just several concrete, uncompleted structures and we are set up in one with a roof, open windows and a clear view of the ocean and SR as it occurs."
AA1K DX news:
May 10, 2012 -- 7O6T worked by AA1K at 0032z on 1824.59, QSX 1820.6.
March 8, 2012 -- 3C0E worked at 0522z on 1825 khz for no. 316.
Jan. 12, 2012 -- After several years of trying, BU2AQ on 1815 kHz in the log at 1150z. No. 315 on Top Band.
12/30/2011 -- The December Doldrums are officially over.

For the second day we had good long path/skewed path conditions in the pre-dawn hours.

This morning's excitement started with VK3IO (579) calling in at 1018z and VK3ZL (599!) at 1037z. Often when the VK's are this loud it's a sign the band will be poor to the tougher paths in Asia and the Pacific, so I didn't get my hopes up.

But then KH2/N2NL came through nicely on the direct path at 1100z.

And a few minutes later, Hiro, DU1/JJ5GMJ, showed up on 1811.5 and was being heard in New England. And I could copy him here in Delaware! DU has been a long, hard chase for me, having heard my first (a US station portable there) around 1980 when I was in Connecticut. I heard a few others over the years, including a 5-year pursuit of DU9/N0NM, who I heard many, many times with no QSO. And I've heard DU1IST both in our morning and LP in the evening the past two years.

But unlike some of the others, Hiro manages to hear stations quite well. And his 300 watts and inverted L put out a good signal. I was fortunate to get him in the log at 1110z (no. 314) and numerous others also had success. Thanks Hiro for your persistence!

About this time BU2AQ also started coming through, peaking due south though later shifting sometimes to SSW. I was copying him up till 1200z. No prize for me today but Allison did work several East Coast stations.

DU1IST also started CQ'ing, and while his signal was stronger than Hiro's, he has difficulty hearing and no QSO's were observed though he had many callers from the USA East Coast.

Peter, XU7ACY, has had a strong signal here on the long path the past two days, and he gave many a new one today.

Ross, 9M2AX, also was coming through again today but had some trouble with local thunderstorms there.

In other years with these long and skewed path openings, as sunrise approached the Asian signals often would shift around to the short path. But that hasn't happened this week.

10/10/2011 -- H40KJ was number 313 on Top Band.
11/22/2010 -- ZD9T was No. 312.
The ST0 operation over the summer found us on vacation in Maine, and while we heard them on Top one night our TX antenna was poor and no luck.
Conditions this fall and winter have been fair with many openings to Asia and the Pacific.
QRV daily from 0900z through sunrise, often on 1820.6 CQing.
73/Jon AA1K

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