W3PP estate antennas and towers for sale

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Antennas, big tower etc.

5/5 20-meter optimized stacked yagis at 132/65 feet on Rohn 65

These are rugged antennas designed and built by W3PP. Items are offered as is, all sales final, and antennas will include modeling data done by Dallas when available. Measurements listed are believed to be accurate but not guaranteed.
Prices cut!
(updated 1/25/2012)

The last towers were lowered with a crane Dec. 18, 2010. The following are now on the ground available for immediate sale:
5/5 20-meter optimized stacked yagis at 132/65 feet. The upper beam has a 42-foot boom, the lower has a 46 foot boom. The lower is in good condition. The upper suffered slight ice damage when it was on the tower: Half of reflector broke off near boom but is repairable. Couple of elements have slight bend but can be repaired.  Now offered separately: $300 for 42-foot yagi; $350 for 46-foot yagi. Will sell both together for $600.
Big beam parts. This is comprised of a 3-inch OD boom that appears to have been originally 36 feet long but broke into two pieces of about 13 and 23 feet. This is the Telex style with reinforced through-boom holes for mounting elements, but has some brackets that were used for surface mounting elements. One set of two elements -- total length together about 1/2 wave on 40 meters -- starts at 1.5 inches diameter and tapers down, with guy support rings out about 2/3 of the way. Several other elements included are smaller size. Also included are two additional 3-inch OD boom pieces of 8 and 8.5 feet long. The longer one is swaged to insert into the other, making a 16-foot boom. Good components for your dream beam. Photos on request. $175 OBO.
440-mhz yagi. This was used on the packet link on 446.025 Likely commercial manufacturer but unknown. Elements are about 1/4 or 3/8 inch diameter and through-boom design. Boom had extended beyond reflector for mounting to tower but the ice storm snapped it behind the reflector. Elements all in good shape. $10.
10-foot galvanized steel mast. 1 7/8" OD and 1/8 inch wall, with a hole near the base for pinning the rotor (it was a G-2800), another for pinning the beam (a monster 5-el. 20m yagi on 46-foot boom!), and another for a bolt-through near the top. Photos on request. $50
Assorted aluminum antennas and parts.
Bundle of miscellaneous aluminum tubing from 1/4" to 1" sizes. Will be sold as a bundle only. Great for antenna projects. Photo on request. $30
Assorted parts for 70-ft. Glen Martin Hazer tower. Pieces only, not a complete tower. Includes several of the vertical angle pieces and track for Hazer and bolts. Photo and more details on request. $35
Very large guy wire insulators. These are big ones. A few dozen available.
Some photos of above antennas/towers available at http://www.qsl.net/w3pp/The%20Antennas.htm. Others available on request.
Rohn 65 tower has been sold.

High-resolution photos are available via e-mail for serious parties wishing to zoom in for even closer detail.

Offers considered.
All items are pickup only in lower or central Delaware, by appointment only, except for small items that can be shipped by USPS at buyer's expense.
All sales cash only.
All contacts regarding the above items are to be made via e-mail to AA1K at  jz73@verizon.net. Please no phone calls about the antennas/towers to me, to Lucy or to Phil, N3RRR, who handled the sale of other equipment in Dallas' estate.
73/Jon AA1K

Dallas Carter, W3PP, became a Silent Key on October 21, 2009

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Prodelin hardline 7/8 inch 50 ohm. Black vinyl jacket over corrugated aluminum shield, foam dialectric and copper-clad center conductor. These lengths without connectors: 65', 90', 100', 101'. 50-cents/foot. These lengths with homebrew adapters terminating in PL-258 each end: 80', 96'. 75-cents/ft. Also some other longer lengths > 200 feet at $1/ft..
CATV 75-ohm hardline. Black vinyl jacket over smooth aluminum shield, foam dialectric and copper-clad center conductor. 845 feet of 1/2 inch diameter with messenger wire, $550. 405 feet of 1/2 inch, $250.  110 feet of 5/8 inch, $75. All unused.  Used lengths, 90/cents per foot: 140 feet of 3/4 inch (PL-258 connectors).  76 feet w/PL-258 connector on one end.
Various other lengths of 50 and 75-ohm hardline.
Assorted lengths and types of coaxial cable, RG-8, 9913, etc. Send e-mail with your needs to jz73@verizon.net

Radio stuff

International Radio 70mhz IF amplifier board for FT1000MP series. Several available. $10 each

Straight key. Polished metal parts with black plastic knob and base. Metal key arm stamped "AA". $10.


K-com RF-2 hard-wired telephone RFI filters. $5 each

These are the original manuals only. USPS shipping charges additional:
AEA PK-88 manual with schematic. $15

AEA Pakratt PK-232 manual w/addendum sheet. $15

Collins 30L-1 instruction book with separate Peter Dahl transformer specification sheet. Fair condition. $25
Cushcraft R5 assembly and instruction manual. $10.
Cushcraft R7000 assembly and installation instructions. $10
Daiwa NS-660 manual. $3
Heathkit HA-10 Warrior linear manual (photocopy). $10.
JPS ANC-4 noise canceller manual. $5
Kam Plus manual w/addendum and schematic and separate "Getting started" manual. $15
Kam Plus "Getting started" manual. $5
Kenwood TM-G707A manual. $10
Kenwood TS-930S manual $15
Kenwood VFO-230 manual $10
Kenwood TS940S manual. $15

Kenwood TS440s manual. $10

Kenwood DP-M5560, DP-M3360 CD player instruction manual. $10

MFJ TNC-Mic switch manual. $5

MFJ-66 dip meter adapter manual. $5

MFJ-259B manual. $10.

MFJ-401C Econo Keyer manual. $10

MFJ-901B Versa Tuner manual. 5 pages photocopy. $5

MFJ -1214PC with "Jump Start" supplement. $15.

MFJ-1792/1793 manual (two available). $10 each

Realistic HTX-202 manual. $10.

Yaesu FT-212RH manual. $10

Yaesu FT-2500M/MH-36C manual. $10
Yaesu G-800s/G1000S/G-800SDX/G-1000SDX manual. One in good condition, $10. One in fair condition, $8
Tucker T-3000 manual. $5

Yaesu FT-711RH manual with schematics. $10.

Yaesu FT-1000MP Technical supplement (photocopy). Includes first 30 pages on disassembly, alignment, etc. but does not have the PCB diagrams/parts list pages at end. $5

Yaesu FT-1000MP schematics(three large fold-out pages, originals). $10/set